Let me show you the most unique bunk beds for boys, that are available to purchase in this current year!

I am a bunk bed reviewer, so for some of them, I’ve done a lengthier review should you wish to check it out.

Here is a list of unique bunk beds in no particular order:

# 1 – Coaster Home Metal Bunk Bed

Dimensions: Length 82″, Width 61″, Height 65″ (Full on full)

Weight Capacity: At least 400lbs on top and bottom, otherwise you won’t even challenge it.

Shipping Weight: 265 pounds

Colors: Dark gray “Gunmetal”

Material: Metal

Full Review: HERE.

Not only is it unique, I actually gave it a very high rating, and I don’t like to sugarcoat things, especially when bunk beds are metallic.

But, this Coaster Bunk Bed won me over. It looks very stylish, has a high weight capacity, and is built incredibly strong so it can withstand anything your boys throw at it.

best queen over queen adult bunk beds

The way this one is built, it can fit any room and look very distinctive and unique.

Just as a tip though – it looks darker in real life compared to the picture above.

#2 – Log Bunk Bed


Dimensions: 48″ W x 87″ L x 77″ H (twin on twin)

Weight Capacity: 600lbs for top and bottom

Colors: Light, dark, rustic

Material: Wood aspen

Even though it may be a bit awkward to climb onto, no one can deny that this bunk bed looks very unique. Boys will love this style.

rustic log bunk bed 2

If the last bunk bed was very modern-looking and suitable for a modern style room, then this one adds more warmth and “home” to the overall feel. On top of that, wood has positive psychological effects if we, as human beings, are surrounded by wood.

As we spend half of our lives on one piece of furniture, it is not a bad idea to invest in a bed that’s beneficial to us.

#3 – Twin Triple Bunk Bed with Ladders

Dimensions: 80″ L x 46.5″ W x 92.25″ H

Weight Capacity: 400lbs on each bunk

Colors: Natural, Chestnut, White

Material: Hardwood (Maple, Birch, Aspen)

I wouldn’t call this bunk bed the most practical bunk bed, but it did win me over with its design and uniqueness. See, most bunk beds that want to fit 3 beds, go with the L-shaped design. But, this one takes the cake by stacking all the bunks on top of each other.

I’ve seen such designs before, but I haven’t recommended them (apart from one), mostly because they are just too shaky. This one, however, uses a patented rock-lock system that removes the swaying altogether.

A child has to be careful while climbing down from the top bunk bed, but since the rungs on the ladder are wide enough, it helps with stability. If your boys love the thrill of height, this bunk bed might be what you are looking for.

Just make sure that you have at least 10ft/3m of space from floor to ceiling, otherwise waking up will give your top bunk child a decent ‘headache’.

This bunk bed can be converted into a double bunk bed or into a loft bed.

#4 – Twin Quad Bunk Bed

maxtrix quad bunk bed

Dimensions: 178.25″ L x 42.5″ W x 70.75″ H

Weight Capacity: 800lbs on each bunk

Colors: Natural, Chestnut, White

Material: Hardwood (Maple, Birch, Aspen)

In the spirit of more than two children, let’s go even higher than triple bunk beds: QUAD bunk beds.

This is the point where I definitely wouldn’t recommend bunk beds that are stacked on top of each other (not that there are many of those).

This one is very unique that utilizes the space very well. It is long, but ultimately, looks very cool and rare.

Yes, you can find two bunk beds with stairs and then stack them together like this, but you won’t find one that’s blended together as smoothly as this one. It uses hardwood, Maxtrix’s hard-lock patent system, and customizable parts, which in end, reflect in the price as well.

It is comparatively expensive, so this kind of beauty demands financial sacrifices:

#5 – Donco Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 77 x 42.88 x 89.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 800lbs on each bunk

Shipping weight: 63 pounds

Colors: Rustic wood (blue and pink tent)

Material: Softwood (Pine)

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to own a house, and with this bunk bed, your kids will feel as if they have their own house.

This bunk bed is very easy to customize with its own bunk bed accessories (like tents and shelves), which adds to that cozy feeling.

One big advantage of this unique bunk bed is that it’s cheap compared to others. The material is not the best (softwood pine), but the design is very distinctive.

#6 – Everiz Twin Loft Bed

Dimensions: 72” H x 63” W x 78.75” L

Weight Capacity: 165 pounds

Shipping weight: 150 pounds

Colors: White, Expresso, Grey

Material: Rubberwood

What if you want something similar to a bunk bed, but you have only one child? This is where loft beds come into play. Many call them bunk beds as well, but it’s not entirely true. They are in the same family but in a slightly different category.

If I were a boy, I would love this kind of bed. It saves a lot of space by utilizing height. Go up when you want to sleep, and crawl down if you want to study in a cozy environment.

If I were living alone, I’d be tempted to buy this unique bed myself. I love furniture that’s combined together, and this one really creates that compact feeling.

If you are interested in this one, you can get it at Wayfair:

#7 – Foshan Linerbang Bunk Bed

Dimensions: On the picture(mm)

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Shipping weight: Unknown

Colors: White, Espresso, Grey

Material: High-Density Fiberboard

This is like fitting every single bunk bed accessory into one bunk bed – It has stairs, shelves inside the stairs, a cupboard under the stairs, a ladder, a shelf for the top bunk, an additional trundle bed, trundle storage under the trundle bed, and an additional shelf for the bottom bunk.

Let me tell you, it is very rare to see that many components on one piece of furniture. This one looks like a transformer of bunk beds.

However, it is very common in China, where compact fullness is in style. That’s where this bunk bed originates from as well. Alibaba/Aliexpress may not seem like the most trustworthy sites, but they have a huge following across the globe and many like to purchase random items from there due to their cheap price.

If you are interested in this one, check it out here:

#8 – Billi Bolli Bunk Bed


Width = mattress width + 13.2 cm
Length =
   336.3 cm (if mattress is 190 cm in length)
   356.3 cm (if mattress is 200 cm in length)
   391.3 cm (if mattress is 220 cm in length)
Height = 228.5 cm / 163.5 cm

Required ceiling height: approx. 250 cm

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Shipping weight: Unknown

Colors: White, natural wood (with many different oiled versions)

Material: pine (softwood) or beech (hardwood)

This is a very unique bunk bed that cannot be bought straight out of the shop. When you order it, it has a lot of custom options, so you need to talk to them about what kind of ideas you have for your room.

As you can see, they have many different structural designs available (6+), and the material can also be either a cheaper softwood or the more expensive hardwood.

#9 – Maxtrix Bunk Bed with Slide

unique maxtrix bunk bed with slide

Dimensions: 100.75″ L x 122″ W x 66.25″ H

Weight Capacity: 800lbs

Shipping weight: Unknown

Colors: Natural, White, Chestnut

Material: Hardwood (maple, birch, aspen)

It’s time to add a bunk bed with a slide to the list. This one is from the Maxtrix shop. Slides are fairly unique, and not many sell them. The ones that do are usually of low quality, and can easily break under a certain weight. Why I chose Maxtrix is due to its high weight capacity, so your boys won’t have to worry about breaking it.

After all, who wouldn’t want a bed with a slide? Even if the boys get tired of it, they can use the stairs and ditch the slide altogether.

If in the future, you will do that, then it will just be a regular strong bunk bed that fits any room design. There are different bed end options available as well if you want to make this bed suitable to your taste.

#10 – Rafa-Kids Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 205cm W x 95cm L x 162cm H

Weight Capacity: 90kg/200lbs

Shipping weight: Unknown

Colors: Natural, White, Black

Material: 100% Finnish Birch plywood

This one is more modern looking with being made of metal. The advantage of this bunk bed is that the lower bunk can easily be rolled away, or positioned in a way that you like it more. You can even swap it with your own bed.

The lower bunk is meant for smaller children, but as was said above, it’s easily replaceable once they grow older.

The curves and seamless design on it are not often seen on bunk beds, so your kids will definitely enjoy playing on them without the dangers of getting stuck between the rails or hitting any sharp angles.

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