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13 Reasons NOT to Have a Bunk Bed in Front of a Window!

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Is it really a good idea to have a bunk bed in front of a window? Are there any things you should know?

Placing your furniture right is crucial, especially when you have a certain idea in mind and have to execute it. Oftentimes you can’t even do it exactly because either the measurements aren’t right or the lighting is off.

I review bunk beds and advise people about buying the best bunk beds, so because of that, I am fortunate enough to know how to design the room the best way when it concerns bunk beds.

If you want to place a bunk in front of a window, there are a few things you should know:

1. Room Will be Darker

Obviously, if you place it next to a window, your room is going to be darkened due to a huge wooden thing blocking the light from entering your room during the day. At night, you won’t feel much difference, but the daylight is definitely going to suffer.

There is a chance that you are planning it on purpose, but most of the time people don’t really want to have a darker room.

2. Sun Shining in The Face

bunk bed in front of window

Another problem your kids may encounter is that the sun and all the lights from the outside are going to be annoying.

Of course, it also depends on which side the window is on.

If you are still placing the bunk bed next to a window, at least make sure that the window isn’t in anyone’s face during the morning because it will mess with your sleep schedule. Whether in a good direction or not doesn’t matter.

So that is always something to keep in mind.

3. It is Colder

An obvious one, but sometimes overlooked.

In Russia, there is this word called ‘skvoznjak’, which isn’t really a big thing but they fear it A LOT. If we were to translate it into English, it would mean drought.

Russians aren’t afraid of many things, but they truly, and I am not exaggerating, blame almost any sickness that you feel in the mornings on open windows. This breeze of air you feel when one window is open on one side, and another on the other side, sometimes creates a wind effect inside the room, and many believe that to be the cause of everything.

Whether you should believe it as well is completely up to you, but we cannot deny that windows are the source of cold. Even if you close them you can feel the cold creeping up on your hands when you place them on the window panel.

So keep that also in mind. We don’t want anyone to get sick, and placing a sleeping place next to a source of sicknesses may sometimes be a bad idea.

4. Wrong People Sometimes Peek

That, of course, depends on if we are using curtains. However, we are talking about bunk beds in front of windows, so I am assuming there is no space for closing curtains, and even if there was, it would be extremely uncomfortable.

I have lived in an apartment where the window is low enough so that any person who walks by can see inside my room. Unfortunately, the curtains that were installed there were too transparent so sometimes I had no privacy.

Placing a bunk bed so close to windows can definitely raise that issue IF you have an apartment with the kids’ room just near the sidewalk.

Been there, done that. Not fun!

5. Children May Play With Windows

bunk bed in front of window1

Children have curious personalities. They will look at everything, touch anything, and play with anything.

Having windows so close may ich the curiosity of your boy or a girl, and considering that a bunk bed is a natural ladder to getting higher, they may climb on a window stool and open it.

It may not be such a big issue if your kids’ room is on the first floor, but if it’s higher, there is always a risk of them falling from it.

There have been stories of children falling through windows, so having them closer than necessary may not be a good idea.

But like I said, it really depends on where that room is and how it is designed.

7. In Case of Fire, Bunk Bed Will be in a Way

Windows are often used for escaping rooms that are on fire. It may be that the whole room is on fire for whatever reason, and a window is the only option. Since the bunk bed is usually made out of wood and has flammable material on it, it can be an issue because you cannot touch it or move it.

Of course, this example is very situational but it’s an issue nonetheless. Unless you are living somewhere very high, using windows to escape is common, so you definitely don’t want to block it with ANY furniture.

8. Window Leaves a Gap That Children May Fall Into

bunk bed in front of window

Although there are many bunk beds with full 360-degree protection, oftentimes the wall side does not have guard rails. They purposefully leave it out because they expect to have a wall on that side.

With the windows, the issue may be that your child may fall into the gap or get trapped somehow.

We don’t want our children falling when they sleep or when they play and jump around, so accidentally stepping the wrong way may lead to unwanted accidents.

9. Condensation

Not really a health issue as it is but it is something that you may experience. As previously mentioned, windows are a source of cold, and our bodies are a source of warmth. All that mix coupled with our bodies releasing moisture leaves condensation on windows.

BUT, the condensation on windows and all that is a perfect condition for the mold to grow, and THAT is definitely not good for health.

If you see your windows being foggy in the mornings, I’d definitely recommend you redesign the placement of the furniture in your room.

10. Breaking The Window

Now, out of all the reasons not to sleep next to a window, accidentally breaking a window is somewhere near the bottom of my list.

However, if you have children, you do know that they get creative. Beds are a natural playing ground for our kids, and it may turn out that they somehow break the window.

A damaged window itself isn’t the worst thing but if it breaks completely, shards of glass can definitely cut or injure your children to the point that you need to take them to a hospital.

Make sure to educate your kids on that.


11. It gets very hot in summer

Just like you experience cold in winter in front of a window, the heat in summer makes it very hard to take a nap during the daytime.

The child will only experience it during the day, but the heat from the sun is a lot more uncomfortable – a child gets sweaty, concentration is off, and overall unpleasant experience for a prolonged time.

But, if the window is at such an angle that the sun isn’t shining directly inside, it’s bearable.

12. The size of the room will feel smaller

Interior designers usually leave the window-side open, just because the natural light and the overall feel are improved that way.

The frame of the bunk bed is probably the biggest piece of furniture that can be inside the house. Even closets don’t come close.

The only time when it “might” fit nicely next to the window is when the frame of the top bunk is high enough that the sun from the windows shines right through the open space. Be aware though that it still creates a slight tunneled light effect and the room is darker either way.

13. Curtains are harder to open/close

When something as big as a bunk bed is in front of the window, the accessibility to a window is reduced. That means it will be inconvenient to push the curtains open.

Even if the curtains are with some kind of lever mechanism, you still need to access them – and the bunk bed is still in the way.

It’s a small quality of life problem, but a problem nonetheless when you open/close curtains every day.


We have a responsibility to protect our children, so it falls on our hands to make sure that they are as safe as they can be.

Unfortunately, whatever your reason to place the bunk bed in front of a window may be (either looks or convenience), it really isn’t worth it, not only from the safety but the aesthetics point of view as well.

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There are many things to look out for, especially when it concerns toddlers and kids. Stay safe and keep them safe!

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