So you are looking for some bunk bed ideas for your small room? You are in the right place, as I have years of experience with bunk beds, and as a 3D designer, have designed a lot of rooms to specifically save space.

I will not barrage you with tons of pictures, which you can find online any day. Instead, I will show you bunk bed ideas that are ultimately designed to be space-savers. YOU choose which one fits your needs the most.

1. Corner bunk beds come in many forms

Corner bunk beds – One of the most fun pieces of furniture that every kid likes.

I would recommend a corner bunk bed if you have either 3 or 4 children, as it utilizes the space masterfully, compared to the usual long bunk beds, which can look awkward in the wrong setting.

If you have 3 kids, this is the kind of bunk bed I would recommend. Don’t buy the ones that stack beds on top of each other. At that point, it’s becoming dangerous to sleep on.

But what if you have 3 kids?

Then I’d recommend this design. Not only does it look stylish, but it also utilizes the space underneath the third bunk by placing a desk there.

It creates this cozy feeling underneath the bed, that can be used for study, or/and as a PC desk.

2. Some triple bunk beds are useful

On the topic of having 3 children, there are also triple bunk beds that are stacked on top of each other.

Not all of them are recommended by me. Some are just too high, and I can’t with clear conscience endorse these bunk beds.

But, certain triple bunk beds are low enough due to their design, so everyone in your family has a spot to sleep on, and it saves a lot of space.

If you already have your eye on a certain triple bunk bed, make sure that it doesn’t have the legs (or trundle space underneath), so it maximizes the vertical space.

3. Small bunk beds are a thing

If you have limited space in your room, you should also know that there are bunk beds specifically designed for children that aren’t big enough for a standard twin size.

Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft

As you probably gather, these types of small bunk beds are usually styled in a not-so-typical way. Meaning they will usually have a theme to be more fun for children.

Whether it suits your taste or not depends on you. There aren’t many of them, but you can definitely find a small bunk bed with an appropriate theme that you and your children both like. Just make sure it fits in with the style of the room in terms of design and color.

4. Futon bunk beds eliminate the need for an extra couch

If we can’t make the bunk bed smaller, transform it.

Most futon bunk beds can be transformed from twin/full bunk beds into twin/futon bunk beds. Futon, itself, is essentially a type of bed made for the Japanese style of sleeping on the ground. It can be folded as a bed mattress into a seated cushion for your butt and your back.

futon bunk beds for small rooms idea

It’s a nice option for those that don’t have enough space for an additional couch but still want one.

So basically people can use it as a bed at night, and when you want to make a movie night with your friends, it’s easily reshaped into a comfortable couch.

If you want my opinion as to which futon bunk bed I feel safe to recommend, it’s this one:

5. Built-in bunk beds exist

This variant of bunk beds is rare, but they do exist. If you are low on budget and your room is already set, it will most likely not fit you. It is just not worth it to go through all that trouble unless you are in the pre-building phase, or you seriously want to redo the room.

In that case, check out these bunk bed ideas:

built-in bunk beds for small room
credit to woodmasterwoodworks
another built-in bunk bed for small room
credit to woodmasterwoodworks

In case you do go with the built-in option, one of the places to start is checking out WoodMasterWoodWorks. They have experience with making custom bunk beds and can mold the parts to fit your exact room space.

These custom builds can get quite expensive though, no matter who you choose for a contractor.

But you do get to make your exact dream into a reality this way!

6. Bunk beds that convert into loft beds

Apart from the corner bunk beds that I mentioned above, there are also L-shaped bunk beds. They are similar, but not quite.

The advantage of the L-shaped bunk beds is that you can easily take away the lower bunk bed whenever you need it. That will essentially convert it into a loft bed.

If you get the right L-shaped bunk bed, you can also use the sides for the desk placement, just like in the picture:

This one here comes from the Max&Lily shop. I’ve been dealing with those beds for quite some time, and I can recommend them safely. They produce strong and high-quality bunk beds for a fairly reasonable price.

If you are interested, you can check it out here:

7. Cool ideas for a suspended bunk bed on ropes

Does it actually save space in a small room? Well, if you plan on using the space the frame would typically take, then sure. But it’s more of an idea that you could implement for a small room.

It won’t leave you necessarily more room, but it will definitely clean the visual clutter that you could get with regular bunk beds. For the eyes, it just looks cleaner, simpler, and if the design is appropriate, more stylish.

bunk bed on ropes idea
Image credit to

As you can see in the last picture, you can also make a hanging bunk bed. These are really rare, of course, and your ceiling has to be extremely strong to withstand two people. But it’s doable with the right planning. Plus it looks really cool.

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Hopefully, I inspired you with some bunk bed ideas for your small room. If you have any questions or ideas to share, leave them down in the comments for others to see!

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