My name is Alex, a very hardworking citizen that likes to educate and help people by doing some work before them.

What work, you might ask?

Help you avoid all the bad, rusty, cheap bunk bed products, so your kids or twins can enjoy spending a MAJORITY of their childhoods in a comfortable and reliable bunk beds.

See, I am a parent myself, I have 2 kids, many different jobs, and seeing all the hassle that can come with designing your room, I can see the problem with my own eyes. I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and help you choose the bunk beds that will serve you and your kids for ages.

There are SO MANY kids’ bunk beds available that it’s sometimes even hard to pick the one that suits you. I’ve checked if there are any dedicated kids’ bunk bed review sites, and I haven’t found a SINGLE ONE. That is why I am here to fill the void.

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