So, you probably are looking for twin beds for your toddlers that were just born or will be born soon.


Now, even though I am a reviewer of bunk beds, I simply cannot recommend the ones I usually review. In fact, infants really shouldn’t even be on bunk beds.

They can only be on bunk beds if the top is closed and they both are sleeping on the bottom bunk.

At least until they are 4 years old. Then, AND ONLY THEN, is it a good idea to start looking for something. For example, I have created a list of bunk beds that I can recommend. They are recommended ONLY because of how safe they are. Because safety is always number one priority.

The reason I don’t recommend bunk beds for children under 4 years old.

See, toddlers aren’t as spatially aware, they struggle to see the dangers that can happen.

kids camping bunk beds for toddlers
Kido’ Bunk Bed

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The biggest dangers have always been either falling or accidentally choking yourself. The falling part is self-explanatory, the just lost the footing and the falling ensues. The amount of time I’ve fallen in my youth is comedic almost.

The choking part can come from the lack of rails. Always make sure that you have the safety rails on both sides. Even on the side that the wall covers. Toddlers are small and the can accidentally fall in that small crack between the wall and the bunk bed. There head is usually bigger than their body so the body may fall through but the head doesn’t.

I am not trying to scare you, I am just telling how it can be, however small the chances for it are.

The Best Bunk Beds for Youngsters Are…

… those that:

  1. don’t have a lot of height to them.
  2. are railed up.
  3. preferably use a slider. (optional)
  4. bottom bunk is bigger. (optional)
DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

All of these points don’t have to be met, but the first ones are required.

Also, the first two are self explanatory. The height lowering helps with worst scenarios where somebody falls. That way your child doesn’t get hurt. I’ve fallen from top bunk bed quite a few times when I was little. My bunk bed was a regular one with the standard height. Luckily, I was not heavy and falling was just a momentary scare. Nothing happened to me, but I did wish that the rails were installed properly.

The rail part was already explained above. Just have them on either side and make sure they don’t break under slight pressure.

Now the slider is good for children in may ways. If you are a parent, just try to help them get on top. That way they don’t have to play Tarzan when they aren’t ready for it. When they wake up, all they need to do is to slide down the slider. It is not only safer, but extremely fun for the children to have their own playground in their room.

Make sure that the one sleeping below doesn’t get too jealous ;).

If you want my recommendations for suitable beds, I’ve narrowed down the options to these few:

Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide

bunk beds for toddlers

I have chosen this one because it’s quite universal. It suits boys, as well as girls.

If you prefer some other color, it has many different ones available.

As you probably see on the picture, it does not come with bottom bunk. That is done on purpose since if we were to add a bottom bunk, it would be too high and the risk is too great for youngsters. Staying close to the ground is the safest option, and even if you want to have someone below, you can fit a mattress there.

The slide will make it a fun way to come back to the ground, and if your child doesn’t need it, it is super easy to remove. If I were a child, I would hold on to that slider with my bare teeth, since I’d love it to bits.

The fact that it’s made of wood is also a nice bonus. There are metal bunk beds and wooden ones, and the wood have been confirmed to affect psychology of people a lot better compared to metal furniture. It is especially important with children that haven’t been on earth as long as we.

See at Amazon

Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

bunk beds for toddlers

This one, as you can probably guess from design, is better suited for girls.

It is a nice design that works well in any room, and at you can see from the door that is next to it, it is fairly small.

That’s the thing with professional fotographers. They know how to make everything seem bigger than it actually is in reality. They lower themselves up to couple of feet lower, and then take the picture. That’s why when people search for new apartments, they are oftentimes surprised by how small it is compared to online photos.

That is the case with bunk beds as well. You’ll be surprised by how small it actually is. The aesthetic protection dome and walls that cover the top bunk is more useful than it appears. It helps with giving it an extra safety, so no one falls from it easily. What I like is that the tower is just around the top of the slider. So no accidental falling, and no awkward down-climbing that children experience with regular ladders.

All in all, a very good choice for those who are looking for a toddler bunk bed.

See at Amazon

Currently, there aren’t many bunk beds options that suit your needs, so I am not going to recommend more than these two. Safety is my number one priority, and I don’t want to recommend something that does a poor of it.

If you have any questions regarding toddlers and bunk beds, or if you would like me to review a certain model, let me know down in the comments and I’ll look into them.

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