Searching for bunk beds for 4 year olds? Maybe you are not sure if bunk beds are really suitable for your children? I know bunk beds and have not only been using them from the age of 3 but reviewing them for quite some time now.

Even my own children have bunk beds despite having enough room for 2 single beds.


Convenience, comfort, spacious, safe.

That’s right, safe. If you are thinking of buying a bunk bed for your children that are young, you probably are thinking of safety. You google about it and you probably read all those horrible stories about kids getting hurt – someone climbed and fell, or got stuck, or tripped.

You have to be aware of the fact that there are stories of everything, and people love to share the most horrible things while the ones who are safe and nothing happened to their children, oftentimes don’t even bother commenting. It is sometimes good and makes you aware of dangers, but it doesn’t really paint the whole picture.

Still, it is better to be safe than sorry, so I won’t be recommending bunk beds from the usual pool. I’ll pick the ones that are on the safe side while still having enough room for your children to grow till their teens and beyond.

I am sure you don’t want to buy beds for every age group; you want to buy one that serves your children years to come. That is why these ones that I recommend below are not only safe but are flexible in terms of age and weight. Different price categories are also included.

Here are my TOP picks:


Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft

bunk beds for 4 year oldsDimensions: 99 x 41 x 93 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin or Full

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 375lbs

Color: Lavender

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

I love designs like this. We see a lot of regular bunk beds that are an exact replica of another, but this time they made it unique and awesome.

But this bunk bed is not picked because of its looks. It is picked because it protects your children a lot more compared to usual guard rails. Since it is built like a house, there is no danger of falling from the sides. I would still recommend your elder son or girl to be on the top bunk, but if it’s not possible, it won’t be a big deal.

bunk beds for 4 year olds

They also have windows embedded to the side so you can look inside whenever you want.

The fact that they went with making stairs greatly reduces the risk and discomfort of going up and down through a ladder.

Two things you have to keep in mind though with this one:

1. Make sure that you have a ceiling that is at least 93 inches high. This whole bunk bed structure is rather large so you don’t want to wait for the shipment, assemble it, and only then find out that you don’t even have enough space for it.

2. It doesn’t come with the bottom bed so you’ll have to buy a separate one yourself. There are a ton of single beds available to purchase, you just have to make sure that it is twin sized, and fits inside well. The bed itself has to be less than 75 inches long. You can see the measurements in the first picture.

Although I don’t really want to pick the bed for you, if you are really unsure which one to pick, this one might be good. Another option besides single twin bed is going with a full sized bed. You can position them any way you want, they don’t have to be parallel with the top bunk.bunk beds for 4 year oldsIn terms of quality, you don’t really have to worry about that. Although they aren’t using pure wood, medium density fibreboards are being used almost everywhere except stairs, and as much as it has been reported, customer return rate because of broken parts is relatively low.

Drawers are embedded inside the stairs, and luckily they made it in the sides. In my experience, those who make them in front are oftentimes in trouble with kids that trip accidentally. You leave them open, someone forgets and doesn’t really look around and that’s it, not much is needed.

Fortunately, everything is fine with this one.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

However, as you can see by the color itself, it is made mostly for girls. If you want something for the boys, you might like this one:



HOMES: Inside + Out ioHOMES Houser Loft Bed

bunk beds for 4 year oldsDimensions:43.8 x 78.2 x 79.9 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 85lbs

Color: Walnut/Oak, White/Pink

Material: Solid wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This one is more for boys. This one is picked because of the position of the lower bunk. Even if you upper kids would fall, there is a high chance he will fall on the bottom bed. Also, the top bunk bed isnõt really that high, so it’s not like all the other ones.

It fits young children perfectly.

Coupled with an awesome design, it can really make your children fall in love with it. My 4 year old only plays like a monkey everywhere, and although it’s difficult for me to stop him, he manages to do it safely. This one is specifically picked to be safe.bunk beds for 4 year olds1If you want this one but different color, and pink-and-white version is also available, although I do recommend considering the previous one for girls.

This walnut/oak color blends well with every room design and can give the room a special cozy appearance.

Definitely consider this one!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


House Double Bunk Beds with Camouflage Tents

bunk beds for 4 year olds2Dimensions: 99 x 41 x 93 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin or Full

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 375lbs

Color: Lavender

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This Camouflage bunk bed was picked because of its height.

Few articles ago I was talking about the dangers of having a bottom bunk completely flat on the ground, but this one is not on the ground. It does have slats and is hovering few inches above the ground. It prevents from creating mold and letting bug beds on your bed.

Since it is so low, top bunk is marginally lower also, and that is perfect for kids who aren’t old enough to be on standard sized bunk beds.

bunk beds for 4 year olds3Your 4-year-old is going to climb up, and all the sides can be covered with a tent, preventing your kid from doing any monkey business 😉

I’d wish for the ladder to be diagonal but it can work also and is less dangerous in terms of accidentally stepping in-between the rungs.

I would advise buying a bunkie board also because apparently the material for slats isn’t the best and is susceptible to breaking. After all, I am a bunk bed reviewer and don’t want to avoid mentioning things that can be harmful. Also, make sure that your ceiling is higher than 90 inches – otherwise you’ll have to cut the top off.

Other than that, it is actually perfect. It’s not as expensive, it’s safe, sturdy, and will serve your kids for years to come because the mattress itself is twin sized, and everyone fits into twin sized mattress.

Have fun!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle

bunk beds for 4 year olds 4Dimensions: 91in long 51-52in wide and about 43in high

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: Very heavy

Color: Merlot

Material: Solid Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This one is my personal favorite. Rarely do I see all 5 stars on bunk beds that have more than 10 reviews on Amazon.

It deserves it.

As you can see in the picture, it is positioned a lot lower than any other bed. In fact, it’s height is at around 43 inches. It absolutely nothing. Falling for a four-year-old at that height won’t do anything for him. It is safe. Not only that but he won’t even fall on the ground. bunk beds for 4 year olds 4How, you may ask? If you’ve noticed, there is little room for the bottom bunk sleeper. That’s not because it was designed that way, it is because the bottom bed is pullable. You need to pull it out if you want your child to sleep on it. That in and of itself creates an additional safety for a child that sleep upstairs. Should he jump or fall, he’ll fall right on the bottom bunk.

The material feels solid and strong, so you won’t feel any swaying left or right.

Here is what an Amazon reviewer had to say about this bed:

We’ve had our bed for about a month, and my 4yr old absolutely loves it!!

And I love it also. It is easy to assemble, it’s strong, it has stairs (that not many bunk beds have at this price), drawers are included and it is very suitable for younger children.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest Bunkbed

bunk beds for 4 year oldsDimensions: 93 x 40 x 54 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 192lbs

Color: Black, White

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

mazonThis one also has a similar reason for the suggestion. When we are talking about 4 year olds, we do need to keep in mind that they are small and they need small beds.

That’s why I picked this one.

Compared to most bunk beds, its height is only 54 inches. Most are in their 60’s. That would definitely limit the risk of your child hurting himself somehow.

I talked about this bunk bed a few days ago and I have determined that it is not as bad compared to some beds. It has slats underneath and some space to breathe, so things like mold and bugs won’t be bothering your children.bunk beds for 4 year olds 5It also has unique drawers and a chest slot. Most either put them inside the stairs or in the trundle slot. This one, however, decided to be different.

I also like the color choice – white is nothing special but the fact that the black one is an alternative is interesting. Typically they love to add walnut or natural wood color in the mix, but not this time.

Its uniqueness is why I like this bed and respect it, so that is why I added it here.

Check it out!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Max & Lily Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed, Natural

bunk beds for 4 year olds 6Dimensions: 80 x 58 x 50 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: 400lbs per bunk

How much weighs: 140 pounds

Color: Black, White

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This is another one I like. The reason for picking it is its simplicity. It’s like any other bunk bed, but it’s low enough so your kids are safe and sound. Even changing sheets is going to be super easy on either level.

Max & Lily, the company that made it, are even saying that it is perfect for ‘younger children’. Safety guardrails are made a bit higher so there won’t be any accidental falling.

Curtains are available. If your children are young, you may want to consider buying those additional curtains they offer – camouflage ones are in stock, as well as purple ones for girls and blue/red/yellow ones for boys.bunk beds for 4 year olds 7Another reason for picking this bed is its ladder. Although it doesn’t have stairs, which is preferable, it does have angled (diagonally placed) ladders, and that is good for climbing since it’s a lot more comfortable.

It is made of New Zealand Pine, which is quite strong by itself. Pine is softwood indeed but New Zealand one is more comparable to the hardwood. Definitely, nothing to worry about here. But be careful not to leave dents or scratches on the wood itself because it is easy to do.

The wood itself is coated with a non-toxic finish, so it is perfect for not only your children, but everyone in your house or apartment.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon



This was my long 2000 word article on various bunk beds that are good for 4-year-olds. If you have any younger children, I would recommend them to use the bottom bunk because they do love to do whatever the older brother or sister does, so it’s better if they don’t get any ideas.

All of these listed are from the most expensive to most affordable. Unfortunately, there aren’t many cheaper bunk beds that are for kids such age. If you still want to check the cheaper ones out, I would recommend seeing this article. You’ll find beds that are at a price range of 200 and even less. Not the best ones for long time usage but they will do the job. Compared to most trash out there, they are even good.

So that’s it. If you have 4 year olds, don’t hesitate buying bunk beds. You, and most importantly, they will fall in love with it for sure.

I have.


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