Looking for bunk beds for a girls room? Want to have a nice bed that matches the design of your children’s room?

I’ve certainly been there back when I was searching for specific bunk beds for my 2 kids. I was searching frantically and couldn’t really decide on what I should pick, especially when my wife had different ideas.

No worries, however, as I’ve done most of the work now and have picked only one of the best bunk beds that are out there. All the crap that breaks down instantly has been eliminated. As a reviewer of bunk beds, I’ve noticed that stumbling on horrible bunk beds is super easy so I definitely wouldn’t wish for parents to make the same mistakes most do.

So, here are the best bunk beds that fit your girls’ room to perfection. Choose these for your own budget:


Inexpensive Bunk Beds For Girls

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed, White

Dimensions: 78.4 x 42.6 x 58.3 inches (twin on twin)

Weight Capacity: Upper is 165 pounds; lower is 200 pounds

Item Weight: 120 pounds

Colors: White

Material: Wood (Solid Rubberwood)

Best Price Here: Amazon

This one I picked mostly because of its price. Considering other bunk beds, this one is pretty sturdy. I’ve known bunk beds that break immediately upon using it for 2 weeks, and when you see stuff like that, you tend to not trust beds that are under 200 dollars. This one, however, brings it home.

The company that manufacturers these bunk beds say that the material they use for it is much denser, sturdier and more durable than the “commonly” used cheap bunk beds. Although it may be true, “pinewood” material is not as popular as it once was. Rubberwood has been one of the top choices for furniture for years now, and it’s kind of a safe bet unless they aren’t completely honest and are using pressed wood (which tends to crack over time).But, as I checked this bed out, I don’t have many problems with it: Material is decent (not the best) and it’s environmentally healthy due to non-toxic finish.

Personally, I would work on their assembly instructions because from what I’ve seen, reading Chinese for the first time would be easier than understanding whatever they wrote. Luckily, there aren’t many bunk bed parts there so you should be able to get a hang of what part belongs where.

Apart from that, I’d definitely recommend this bunk bed for your daughters. White is a very generic color and can fit into any room, but if the room is already girlish, it will enhance the look even more.

Best Price Here: Amazon

What if you don’t like the design? Then check out these ones then:



Affordable Bunk Beds For Girls

Dorel Living Vivienne Over Bunk Bed, Twin, White

bunk beds for a girls roomDimensions: 44.1 x 79.2 x 67 inches (twin on twin)

Weight Capacity: 150lbs top; 180lbs bottom

Item Weight: Unknown

Colors: White

Material: Wood

Best Price Here: Amazon


This one is quite similar to last one, with the exception of the ladder placement and the look of it in front and back.

Full panel headboard gives the bed its unique style that can give the feeling of more privacy. Although ladder angle isn’t something I openly support, it can benefit you if you want to save as much space as possible.

This Dorel bed also has an ability to convert itself into two beds if your kids need to be separate or if you’ve got an extra room. This transformation ability is something that I benefit a lot from. My two boys love to scuffle with each other from time to time, so making a timeout by separating beds saved us a lot of nerves. Definitely a useful function.bunk beds for a girls room 2Compared to previous bunk bed recommendation, this one is fairly easy to assemble. Instructions are super clear and bunk bed parts are well organized. Since there aren’t a lot of extra parts to this bed and material itself is quite light, bunk bed itself is easy to transport. The whole weight of this bunk bed is only 70 pounds.

The style of this bed is really simplistic. The white color really makes it a suitable bunk bed for your girls, and by looking at how it is designed, it’s pretty safe to use compared to other lower priced bunk beds.

Best Price Here: Amazon

Not your type? Check out this one:



Mid-Tier Bunk Beds For Girls

Furniture of America Brenna Twin-Full Bunk Bed, White

bunk beds for a girls room 3Dimensions: 58.1 x 81.9 x 65.4 inches (twin over full)

Weight Capacity: 250lbs of the unit

Item Weight: 79 pounds

Colors: White

Material: Wood

Best Price Here: Amazon


This one is great if you don’t want to spend too much money on top-tier bunk beds, but want to be comfortable knowing that this bunk bed will serve you faithfully for years.

Compared to the ones above, this one is a twin to full, which means that bottom bunk is bigger in size. That gives a lot of options if one of your daughters wants more room, or if you want 3 girls sleeping on the bed, whether it’s a guest or your 3rd daughter. I would advise keeping the weight limit in mind – although 180 pounds is recommended weight capacity, you can go over that. But it’s not advisable for longer periods of time.

What this twin on full bunk bed design allows is also a more comfortable ladder. I have hurt my feet so much when I was little, that I skipped ladders entirely and jumped on the top bunk bed. That’s how uncomfortable it was to climb up and down from vertical ladders. So if you see diagonal ones, go for them.

What I love especially about this bed is that it’s incredibly sturdy. It basically doesn’t move at all when someone is on top. That is a big issue, mainly due to a lot of weight transfer from one spot to another on the top bunk.

So if you want a good, solid and strong bunk bed with some extra space that fits well with girls’ room, this bunk bed might fit your needs. Be aware of the sticker though: People who bought this bed were often complaining about this sticker that is not allowed to be removed. Check more here:

Best Price Here: Amazon



High-Tier Bunk Beds For Girls

Woodland Staircase Bunk Bed with Urban Trundle, White, Twin Over Twin

bunk beds for a girls room 4Dimensions: 93.1 x 42.5 x 66 inches

Weight Capacity: 200lbs per bunk is official (has been safely tested up to 400lbs)

Item Weight: 285 pounds

Colors: White

Material: Wood

Best Price Here: Amazon

Here we are going to step it up a notch. Although the price has jumped up quite high from the previous bunk bed recommendation, I didn’t see anything good that I could safely recommend. This one is, however, definitely fits the criteria of what I would look for my kids.

The biggest eye catcher for this one is probably that it includes stairs. Stairs are a lot more comfortable to use for getting up or going down, and a lot safer. On top of that, it gives you some extra space in-between the step for clothes or whatever you want. Stairs also have handrails high enough so that your girls will not be harmed in any way.bunk beds for a girls room5Another great addition to this bed (that not many have) is the trundle underneath the bunk bed. That allows you to either place clothes there, or even a mattress, which basically results in having 3 beds in your teenagers’ room. Be aware though that this bunk bed is quite big. 93.1 x 42.5 x 66 inches is needed at least, so be sure to size up your room before purchasing this bunk bed. Also, if you decided to buy, and you see that you have a bunk bed with defects, don’t let it stop you from contacting them and asking for replacement parts. They are quite forthcoming with that.

Overall, a really great looking bed that puts safety, comfort, and looks above all else! Want to customize it? Get some ideas from here!

Best Price Here: Amazon



Top-Tier Bunk Beds For Girls

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed, Twin Over Twin, White

bunk beds for a girls room 6Dimensions: 103 x 44.2 x 68.1 inches

Weight Capacity: 350lbs for top

Item Weight: 463 pounds when shipping

Colors: White

Material: Wood

Best Price Here: Amazon

This one has a reputation supporting it. And for a good reason. Columbian beds are very famous in this niche. People who generally buy bunk beds from them are very pleased and happy. That can be seen from the reviews. Even such a high-cost bunk bed managed to get a decent amount of ratings from Amazon, and good ones at that.

Despite being a lot more popular, it is quite similar to the last bunk bed that I recommended. It features eco-friendly hardwood that is very good to prevent any health issues with your kids. Stairs can also be put on either side of the bed, which gives out a lot more options in terms of bed placement. Also, it can be converted into two beds if needed. bunk beds for a girls room 7The only thing that separates these stairs from the last bunk bed is drawers. Here you can pull them out in front of you, but in the previous one, you could only use shelves on sides. It has its own pros and cons. Although this design gives you a lot more space (don’t have to free up space on one side), you do have to be aware of closing drawers every time you use them. Otherwise, someone can forget to close them and you can step into an open drawer accidentally. Although this bunk bed is my top recommendation, I do want you to be aware of every single thing.

Apart from that, I can’t really find any cons to this bed. It might not be suitable for someone in terms of style, but since it has a pretty beautiful design, I don’t see many people having issues with it. It’s one of the best bunk beds for a girls room you can get for your money, and if you want a top of the top for your daughters, I can’t recommend this bed enough. Definitely worth the cost!

Best Price Here: Amazon


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