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Top Tier Bunk Beds For Kids With NO Budget Restriction!

Searching for THE best bunk beds for kids? Want to give your children top-of-the-line beds regardless of how much they cost?

Well, I am not going to hold myself back then. I specialize in bunk beds and have gone through many products, not just for review purposes, but to get my own kids bunk beds they’ll be happy to sleep in.

I’ll show you top bunk beds that will not disappoint you, or your kids at night! You literally won’t find anything better than that.

The ones I list here are not only good in my critique-filled eyes but are popular in the eyes of the public.

These ones will have no budget restrictions, apart from not going over $5,000.

Let’s start with this bunk bed:

Merax House Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 80.8″ in length, 78.7″ in width, 82.3″ in height

Weight: 165.34LBS

Weight capacity: Bottom – 300lbs, Top – 175lbs

Color choices: Antique Gray, Antique White, White, Grey, Light Grey

Material: High-quality Solid Pinewood

The slide included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Say hello to this big boy right here. You know, before I go into bunk beds of higher quality, let me show you this Merax bunk bed. After all, does our child really cares about the color choices, or if it’s made of hardwood?

No, it cares about the fun. Our children’s imagination will go wild with this one. I can just imagine how many different castles I could have created with this bunk bed when I was little.

That’s why I am sure your children would love it!

Let’s talk about customization. Since it is a big bunk bed, you can opt for something smaller, like having only twin bunk beds, or removing the slide. Remember that this is 80 inches in length AND in width. That means it has to fit inside the room with other furniture.

Here are the full measurements:

There are quite a few color choices as well, but unfortunately, there isn’t any native brown color. If grey or white suits the style of your room, I would say that this bunk bed is definitely in my top recommendations.

Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. Many have reported that this one is hard to assemble.

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed for Kids

Dimensions: 103″ in length, 44″ in width, 68″ in height

Weight: 468 pounds

Color choices: Walnut, White

Material: Hardwood

Drawers included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Best Price Offer: Amazon 

Why is this bunk bed on this list? Quality and customization. But let’s start with quality:

Oftentimes, the heavier the product is, the more valuable it turns out to be. With this bunk bed, things are exactly the same.

This Columbian bunk bed should be an example of great quality.

Its material is made of eco-friendly plantation-grown hardwood, and due to that, it is incredibly sturdy… and heavy. If you order it, it will come to your place separated into 9 packages. Each weighs around 50lbs.

If you can’t carry it, I’d recommend asking someone for help. If it wasn’t so heavy, its material would be of something cheaper like pine, and that would lower the value of this bed. I consider the heaviness of it to be its greatest asset.

You have no idea how many times people complain about beds breaking or having too many defects.

That is why I consider this bed to be one of the best you can find on the market. The material does play a huge role in it, and this bunk bed nails in that department.

But what else does this bed has to offer?

Stairs. They are freaking great! These are the most comfortable option for your kids. Horizontal ladders are super uncomfortable (know that from experience), and diagonal ones are a bit clunky, although a much better option than horizontal. With stairs, you and your kids won’t run into any problems. Going up and down is easy. On top of that, these stairs have drawers in them that can save you space even more. A lot of people are praising the makers of this bed for such good bed design, and rightfully so. It even has stylish rails everywhere. The only thing I would prefer is if they build drawers that open from the sides, not from the front. It’s more of a safety concern so the kids who sleep on top don’t step on an open drawer.

You know, you could find beds with the same stairs, and for an even lower price, but you know what I found? Most of them don’t even include stairs… And I love how they casually just mention it somewhere secretly, hidden on the last page. To get stairs from them, you had to go to a separate page and pay $500 extra. I don’t know what went on in their minds but that would have made me mad. Even IF, you found a bed for a cheaper price, the bunk bed itself is oftentimes worse in quality, and that can affect you and your kids down the line. That is why I put so much pressure on the quality of the products.

However, with this Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed, everything you see in the picture is included. Do you want a different color? It has different colors – Walnut (as in the picture above), Caramel Latte, and White. Caramel Latte is my personal favorite ⇓. If you have 2 kids, going with twin over twin bunk beds is good. But, if you want, they offer you ‘twin over full’ and ‘full over full’ options. Those are great if one of your kids is bigger than the other, or if you plan to invite their friends over.

Speaking of guests. If someone comes over, this bed offers something better. A full-size trundle bed! It opens effortlessly with quiet gliders underneath your bottom bunk bed. Recommended mattress thickness for trundle bed is around 8 inches. But if you don’t want to have a trundle bed underneath, you can use it as a drawer. I’ve heard some have even used this bed for the third child, but I wouldn’t advise it as such for long periods of time. Read this instead, if you have 3 kids and you want a bunk bed.

All in all, it is a great choice for those who want THE most durable bunk bed that also has other features in terms of storage. Oftentimes you have to pick one or the other when looking for a good bed, but this one is an exception. Be aware though that price differs depending on what size you pick, and also on color.

If there is any bed that your kids and going to be pleased with, it’s this one.

Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 98″ in length, 41″ in width, 63″ in height

Color choices: Honey/Caramel

Material: Solid Wood

Drawers included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Best Price Offer: Amazon

Now let’s go to a bed that is a bit cheaper. Does it mean it is worse? No, not necessarily. Although you won’t get as many choices in terms of design with this bed, it holds its own surprisingly well.

I chose this bunk bed for kids because it delivers in every area you need to see delivery. I am talking about respectable material, sturdiness, warm color, great stair design… all of these factors I have to take into consideration when listing products in this article.

And fortunately, I gave a checkmark in almost every category of critique.

Let’s start with stairs. These stairs are actually quite hard to find at such a price point. I’ve seen companies write that they support stairs, but they are often not included in the package. With this bed, everything you see in the picture is included. Only mattresses are not. They sadly never are. (My recommendation are these).

The reason I prefer these stairs over ladders is not only because it looks good, or because they are a lot safer for your kids… no, it’s the extra space you get by using drawers on the sides of those stairs. You can either use a trundle underneath the bed or use drawers for whatever you want. That way you save space and money by not purchasing additional dressers or cupboards. In some cases, even children fit in there. ↓

Another great asset of these stairs – something that is quite overlooked by the way – is the fact that they have drawers on sides, and not on the front. Oftentimes kids forget to close drawers, and when someone comes down from the top bunk bed, they might stumble. It won’t be a big fall, but still uncomfortable in many situations.

However, do remember that you have to take room size into consideration that way. The bunk bed is 93 inches long + an added 30-40 inches for comfortable access to drawers. Luckily, this bunk bed supports stair placement to either side, so it makes your room design work a lot easier.

In conclusion, I’d say this bed is perfect for those who like its style and color of it. Everything else in terms of quality and safety is not just passable, it also belongs to ‘one of the best categories. I know how it is to sleep on cheap bunk beds when I was a kid, and this one eliminates almost all the problems you might encounter on the lower-end beds. If you are still not convinced, check it out on the seller’s website. It has a high rating while being quite popular.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 98″ in length, 57″ in width, 64″ in height

Weight: 287 pounds

Color choices: Expresso

Material: Solid Wood

Drawers included: Yes

Stair included: Yes

Best Price Offer: Amazon

You know what? I hate when I climb onto a bunk bed and everything shakes as if an earthquake has passed by. I am not even that heavy and it fills my head with all kinds of worries. Never would I want my kids to sleep on a bed that is unsafe for everyday usage.

Why did I pick this bed?

Apart from having its own unique style, it’s extraordinarily sturdy. Even if you, a parent, would climb up to a top bunk and shake yourself a little, this bed won’t even move an inch (provided you assembled it correctly). It’s so sturdy you won’t even hear it squeak.

And trust me, the sound is a big issue with lower-end bunk beds, especially with the metal ones. If dogs won’t wake you up at night, your children wiggling around at night will. I think I even drove my mother a bit crazy with all the climbing around I did. Sadly, we had a cheap bunk bed so I couldn’t get away with it.

But with this bed, children moving around in the bed won’t bother you. I know it sounds silly but sturdiness is something I actually take very seriously when reviewing bunk beds. I’ve seen and heard stories of bunk beds giving up just because companies weren’t adequate to sell proper beds. This one, however, will have no such issues.

Apart from being made of great material, it has some additional pockets for books or tablets. Not really necessary, but a nice touch to a good-looking bed. I’ve noticed my kids stepping on their phones or tablets way too many times, and if we had a similar-looking bunk bed, I wouldn’t worry about broken tablets as much.

Everything you see in the picture is included, which is surprisingly rare (mattresses excluded, click here for my recommendation).

Stairs are fully assembled upon shipping and can be placed on either side, so the only thing you have to assemble is the bunk bed itself. It doesn’t take longer than usual, so if you do it alone, it will take approximately 2 hours. Not a long time considering beds are staying still for years, if not decades.

At the moment, it has perfect 5 stars on Amazon with great reviews. Choosing this bunk bed will certainly be worth it in the long term. It looks great, and it performs great.

So there you have it. All of these kids’ beds that were mentioned here belong to “the best bunk bed” category that is without budget restriction. Finding better bunk beds will be difficult, but as time goes on, I’ll be reviewing more and more bunk beds that are on the market.

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