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BEST Inexpensive Bunk Beds For Kids!

Looking for inexpensive bunk beds for kids? Are you on a tight budget currently, and want something affordable for your twins?

Well then, search no more. I specialize in bunk beds and have been reviewing, and using them for years.

Let me say this first though: There is a lot of trash out there! Don’t go blindly into buying whatever you can get. Although some look aesthetically pleasing and relatively cheap, they are absolutely horrible! Back in when I was just starting to be a parent, I bought my kids a bunk bed that I thought was going to do the job and please everyone. Well, it did do the job, but it was far from a pleasant experience. Not only for children but for us parents also.

You see, if we are looking at inexpensive bunk beds, we have to avoid some hurdles at all costs. One of these hurdles is terrible material. Material not only dictates how our sleeping foundation is going to look in few years time, but it also gives immediate results like:

  1. Level of sturdiness
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Quality of sleep
  4. Sound

I’ve taken all these factors into consideration, and have listed you the best inexpensive bunk beds that your kids can enjoy sleeping on – beds that aren’t expensive and avoid problems that cheap bunk beds inherit.

Storkcraft Caribou Wooden Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 78″ in length, 42.6″ in width, 58.2″ in length (198cm in length)

Choice of color: Black, Cherry, Expresso coffee, Gray, Navy blue, White

Warranty: One year

Material: Solid rubberwood

Best Price: Amazon*

I’ve mentioned this bunk bed before. It has been listed in the “budget” list of bunk beds, and for a good reason.

It’s durable, sturdy, simplistic, and yet stylish.

Let’s start with style. Holy bacon, do you have to search for good bunk beds that have customization options! It’s absolutely unbelievable how boring some of them look. No personality, just plain old material with a plain old color.

With this bed, you can at least have 6 different colors to choose from. It’s a pleasure that not many can experience, even some of the most expensive and good looking bunk beds are stuck to one color only. I’ve no idea why it is so. Many choose bunk beds for their kids just by color alone and limiting yourself that way limits your profits.

Anyhow, the amount of colors is one great side of this bed. Another one is the ability to configure itself into two different beds. Noticed your kids arguing with each other? No problem, just separate the beds and place them in different rooms for the time being. It’s super easy to do and doesn’t take any time at all. That is also something that not even top bunk beds include.

I’ve personally have been able to enjoy that function many times, as my bed also has that option available. Saved me a lot of nerves in the end.

How about the material itself? Is it durable?Yes. That is if we compare it to other similar priced bunk beds. I’ve seen bunk beds break before. Not in my house, but when I was serving my country. We had metal bunk beds that were made for adults. The frame itself was so thin that just by sitting on top bunk bed gave you that eery feeling of something going bad. They looked similar to kids’ camping bunk beds. When a healthy and strong 240+ pound man went on the top bunk bed, we saw the frame itself ever so slightly. Didn’t think much back then, but when we woke up, it was already halfway bent.

There are awful bunk beds on sale, and considering that your kids are going to be sleeping on them for ages, getting a decent quality bunk bed is number one priority, no matter how it looks.

Luckily, this one is safe. It feels incredibly sturdy, doesn’t sway much, and the material itself is pleasant to look at. On top of it, it’s not made out of metal.  If you know me, you’d know that I like to go on rants about how most metal bunk beds are the most awful things that anyone ever created on this earth. Not only in terms of looks or anything like that, but in terms of its effects on children. Check out my article to get more information on why you should avoid metal made bunk beds.

Overall, a decent inexpensive bunk bed that is definitely worth checking out.

Best Price: Amazon

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 61.5″ in height, 56.5″ in width, 78″ in length (78″ is 198cm)

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 450 pounds, top bunk around 200 pounds

How much weighs: 98 pounds

Choice of color: Black, Silver, White

Material: Metal

Warranty: One year

Best Offer: Amazon

I don’t recommend metal bunk beds, that is an honest truth. BUT, considering the price point and overall effectiveness of this bed compared to others, it’s a pretty decent choice for those who are looking for something inexpensive.

Why I recommend this bed =

Nr. 1: Price

Nr. 2: Has its own modern style

Nr. 3: Sturdy

Nr. 4: Fast assembly

Price is always a huge factor when people are looking for something to buy. Unless we are rich, we cannot skip that point. At this current moment, this specific bunk bed is #1 Best Seller on Amazon. That is not something to dismiss. The company name can only get you so far with sales, and there are many great companies out there that aren’t selling even half as well as DHP.

Reason?A few, but let’s start with style. This specific bunk bed isn’t a regular looking one. Typical bunk beds are twin over twin – meaning bottom bunk is exactly the same size as top one. So why is this bed built like that? Well, it has its benefits, as well as downsides. The downside could be that it requires more room. Not many can afford the sacrifice of that extra space consumption, so if 56″ in width is troublesome for you, skipping on this bunk bed might be a good idea.

But, on the other hand, you get to have heavier people on the bottom bunk. Our kids don’t weigh the same, and if one of them weighs more than the other, bottom bunk is perfect for him as it supports up to 450 pounds. That is an absolutely crazy high number compared to other bunk beds.

In fact, you can even have 2 children sleeping on the bottom, or even parents, but as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 450lbs.

If we look at color, then it’s also limited to 3 simple different shades: Black, white and silver.”Well, it’s not much” -you might say. And you are kinda right, but even the most expensive bunk beds don’t have 3 color options. For some unknown reason, only affordable bunk beds let you have the biggest choice in color. It’s quite weird.

Another great benefit you might get from buying this bunk bed is ease of assembly. Usually, I recommend people to get wooden bunk beds, and although they are great, assembly difficulty and time consumption are on the high end. With this DHP bunk bed, you can assemble it within an hour. That is crazy fast.Another great benefit you’ll gain with it is transportation from one room to another. You won’t have to disassemble everything to how it was, just certain parts of it. That will allow you to move the bed from one bed or house to another, and rebuild it in 30 minutes. That’s a luxury not many beds have.

What about downsides?

Well, there are few. I’ll focus on two of them. First is ladders themselves. The ladder on this bunk bed goes against everything I stand for when reviewing bunk beds. The positioning of ladders (they are on both sides) is not great since you’ll have to sacrifice room on either side of the bed.Otherwise, your child won’t get up on the second floor. Then there is the ladder itself. The frame, or rung as they call it, is too thin. It will hurt your legs once you step on it.

Design of beds themselves plays a big role, and when mistakes like that slip through, it kinda makes me angry, especially as I am a parent myself.

To fix that issue, you can purchase some pool noodles and place them on the ladder for more comfortable footing. Here is a picture →

Or you can look into bunk beds with stairs option. They are more expensive though, so be aware of that.

What this bunk bed also suffers from is noise. In fact, almost every bunk bed suffers from it. I won’t go into this topic too deep, you can read more about it here, but the fact that it exists may become an issue when someone is trying to sleep without any external noise.

Overall though, this bunk bed is decent. Even with all these downsides, the price is what makes this bed really worth it. It’s sturdy enough to support children of all weight classes and doesn’t sway too much.

Definitely check out these inexpensive bunk beds for kids!

Best Offer: Amazon

COODENKEY Upholstered Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 61.41″ in height, 41.33″ in width, 77.16″ in length (196cm)

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 400 pounds, top bunk around 400 pounds

How much weighs: 81 pounds

Choice of color: Grey

Material: Steel Metal

Warranty: No information.

This is another bunk bed that uses metal material. I am not a big fan of it, but we’ve got to use what we can. Considering how much it costs, this one is not too shabby ofr reasons below:

It is extremely sturdy due to squarish design.
The weight capacity exceeds even the more expensive bunk beds.
It has its own unique style due to a combination of cloth material on slats, which in turn brings warmth to otherwise cold design.


I do not like the stairs that they use. As with the bunk bed above this one, I have to recommend making a hack with foam, which you place on the rung of the ladder. Otherwise it will be painful to step on them. It may be fine for kids at the beginning, but when they get heavier, it gets more painful.

The assembly is more or less as easy as usual. The pictures are a bit small, but that is a small issue.

Overall, for metal bunk beds, it’s actually quite decent. The price is cheap, it doesn’t squeak as much, and it has a certain charm due to cloth material.

You can find this bunk bed here:

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