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Best Kids’ Camping Bunk Beds of 2022 – Surprisingly Durable!

Parents, thinking of purchasing kids’ camping bunk beds? Decided to go on a little vacation and thought of using bunk beds for your kids?

Well, you are in luck because bunk beds are an excellent choice for those who want to have solid sleeping material for their children when they go outdoors. Ain’t nobody wants to sleep on a hard floor with a sleeping bag as the only cushion. You can find your kids being grumpy in the mornings due to body aches, and nobody wants that.

You might be wondering, what bunk beds are available that can be assembled within minutes and don’t weigh much …

*Updated the article for current information!

Well, here are some:

Kid-O Bunk

kid-o-bunk redDimensions when ready for sleep = 65 x 32.5 x 32 inches (5ft 5= 165cm in length)

Dimensions when folded for travel = 31 x 16 x 5 inches

How much weight can carry = 200lbs (90.7 kg)

How much weighs when travel = 34 lbs

Choice of color: Red, Navy (updated)

Warranty = 1 Year

Price = ~ $299

I hate sleeping bags. Here, I am just going to say it straight. It has even stopped me from going camping countless times when others have invited me on nature trips. And it’s not even that I hate sleeping bags per se, it’s more like because of how hard it is to fall asleep on hard rocky ground.

Add clothing under you? Nope, doesn’t help, it just moves away during sleep. Find a softer ground? Nah, isn’t an option due to self-evident reasons. IF I knew about portable bunk beds back then, I’d have no problems with going on long camping ventures. Sleeping is the most important comfort part for me, and trust me when I say, kids feel the same.

Fortunately, camping bunk beds like Kid-o Bunk fix that issue. Check the video that Disc-O Bed made (adult version):

Although it shows an adult version, the principle stays the same. They are very compact, portable, easy to build, and surprisingly safe.

They are specifically made for camping and outdoor usage (can also be used as a temporary bed indoors), and can only be used by kids as well as adults (different versions).

Imagine what problems you might experience if you used a regular assembly bed while camping in nature… The legs of the bed would just sink into the ground. If you decided to put it inside your tent, it would damage your flooring to such a degree that you might return home with a tent that has 4 holes in it. Here is where our children’s camping bunk beds like Kid-o Bunk come to save the day. It’s perfectly designed in a way that it doesn’t sink or move anywhere due to the rounded frame. The legs themselves are rounded, and even if it sinks anywhere – which is extremely unlikely – its second horizontal frame stops it from going further.

Even if you feel like it’s not enough, or you just want to get extra protection for the floor in case you are setting them up in the house, they are selling 4 non-slip footpads. They aren’t necessary really, but if you want no scratches at all, you can get them in bulk with the bunk bed itself (buy them together).

Are There Any Negatives to This Bunk Bed?

Best Kids' Camping Bunk Beds of 2018 1Well, in this situation, I am starting to nitpick on little things, since it doesn’t really have many.

If for any particular reason, you have to set it up, put it down, and do it many times in one day, the assembly part might become tiresome. For an inexperienced person, it might take around 10-15 minutes to set it up correctly. Not really a long time, but trust me, you’ll feel it after the second time. It’s just a thing you have to get used to.

Another negative could be the weight itself. It’s not 5 lbs, it’s not 10 lbs, it’s 17 lbs for each cot (set of bed level). I wouldn’t recommend kids or elders to carry it for long periods of time, especially when you go camping. Otherwise, be ready to see some angry faces at the end of the camping road.

But, it’s super good for putting it in a car, as its dimensions are only 31x16x5 inches. Perfect for car trunk.

Also, be sure that your kids are not too big for the tent itself. It’s preferred that they are under 5 foot 5 inches, otherwise, the legs are going to be sticking out like a sore thumb. If they are higher than that, I’d advise getting the adult version.

All in all, a SOLID Solution for Kids’ Camping Bunk Beds

With that price, you ARE going to get high-quality materials that are anti-rust, powder-coated steel, and can carry some solid weight. If you use it though, make sure that you are not putting mattresses on top of the bed bunk cloth. It’s really an unnecessary addition to your camping equipment, as the bed bunk itself is super comfortable for youngsters. Just have a sleeping bag, or a cushion, and cover them with a blanket. Nothing more is necessary. That’s why it’s such a good camping solution.

If you go out camping, you can split the weight by carrying two bags, each for one-bed equipment. The fact that it can be assembled so effortlessly, made it possible for the Disk-O-Bed company to add additional furniture designs to it.

If you want, you can make it into a bench within seconds. That way you can sleep at night, wake up, transform it into a bench, and enjoy drinking coffee or reading the news with your kids. Don’t want to make it into a bed bunk? No problem, just disconnect the two beds and have a separate bed for each kid.Best Kids' Camping Bunk Beds of 2018 2 I do have to say though, there are no ladders. Either you help your children up there (allowed is 1), or the kid climbs there himself by stepping on frames that are in front and on the backside.

One thing I also personally appreciate, which isn’t really a big deal, but a nice touch for overall comfort – Kido-O-Bunk bed has pockets on the sides. That allows your kid to have a place to put their water bottle, their tablet, or whatever they have in a comfortable location that doesn’t fall off.

To conclude, it’s a fantastic camping solution for parents who want bunk beds for their kids. It doesn’t take much space due to leveraging height, it’s not super heavy, it has 2 different colors (updated), and is easy to set up, you even have step-by-step instructions.

The Material is Durable

The metal parts are strong and do not rust easily, as it’s made of anti-rust, powder-coated steel. The fabric itself is durable. Over the years, I did notice some wear and tear, but it’s nowhere as bad as I expected it to be.

It won’t break under your kids’ weight and the material is waterproof, which means the weather conditions won’t affect it as much.

Plus the lower bunk sleeper will have a nice waterproof roof over its head 😉

But what if it’s too small? No problem, this is where Disc-O-Bed Large comes to help:

1 extra nice feature is that no mattress is needed. The bunk bed doesn’t cost much, and the fact that there is no need for a mattress makes it a great affordable camping bed!

What if your kid is bigger than the recommendation shows?

Another Great Bunk Bed Alternative

Are your boys or girls too big for Kid-o Bunk? Or maybe you want to sleep on it too? Well, that’s why there is Disc-O-Bed. It supports 500 lbs per level this time, so breaking the frame or bending it is entirely out of the question. I don’t know who you have to put on it to see it break.

Best Kids' Camping Bunk Beds of 2018 3In its height, it’s about 44 inches (3 foot 4 inches, 101cm)

In its length, it’s about 79 inches (6 foot 7 inches, 200cm)

So unless your child is bigger than 6ft 7″, I wouldn’t worry about “running out of space”. Heck, even parents can sleep on it without problems.

Disc-O-Bed is almost exactly like Kid-O-Bunk, the only difference is the size, weight support, and amount of color. For a bigger bunk bed version you have colors like:

  1. Tan (click here to buy)
  2. Camo color (click here to buy)
  3. Update: Available in black! (click here to buy)

Best Kids' Camping Bunk Beds of 2018 4The fact that you can get a camo color is actually quite awesome since it adds to that natural feel. It’s especially good if you and your kid, or maybe adults-only decide to go hunting.

The camo has been removed.

Blending in with the environment is a nice touch by the makers. Definitely worth checking out if that is your goal.

As with Kid-O-Bunk, you don’t have to use tools, or even screws to hold this bed together. Everything is made in a way that simplifies the procedure of assembly. Although in my eyes, it’s still not fast enough for my review standards, I can’t really take much away from them, since it’s really hard to keep up the quality, durability, compactness, and all the other factors in mind, just so that it assembles quicker. But, 10 minutes is 10 minutes, so take that into consideration. What you also have to take into consideration is the weight itself.

It weighs 71 pounds (32 kg) altogether. However, they can be split into two packages (each bed level). So if you are going out with someone, better hope that hiking is not part of your camping, otherwise it’s gonna be a long day for you. I’d recommend splitting the weight with your camping partner so it’s manageable.

If you are still unsure whether the top is going to stay connected to the bottom bunk, they have given specific straps with the bed bunk package. These straps can be used to strap both beds together so there is an even lesser chance of disconnection. To be honest, they are not even necessary but are still recommended, especially if someone heavy sleeps on top. Who knows what G’s he can pull with turning to the side, heh.

I’d like to tell you this is also one of my first articles on this website, so thank you for reading about kids’ camping bunk beds till the end. You can expect A LOT more bunk bed articles in the future, so hopefully, I can help you with some of the choices in terms of quality and design.

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