Best QUEEN Over QUEEN Bunk Beds For Adults

Best QUEEN Over QUEEN Bunk Beds For Adults in 2022!

Searching for Queen over Queen bunk beds for adults? Finding that full over full bunk beds are a little bit small for you?

Well, don’t worry about that because I have the best queen over queen bunk beds listed and ready for you down below, with one little separate duckling that I would also recommend.

Queen over Queen bunk beds aren’t the most popular ones, and therefore they don’t make many of them. The ones that are can be a bit expensive. For example, you might have seen the Haak Designs website, and the bunk beds that are listed there have prices that reach up to 13,450 dollars.

For most, that kind of price is way too high and they would like to get something that has quality, as well as a decent price.

Well, let me help you with that. Here are my top queen over queen bunk beds that are perfect for adults:

Maxtrix Queen High Bunk Bed with Stairs

maxtrix queen high bunk bed with stairs natural

Let’s start with my favorite choice.

I picked this one because Maxtrix bunk beds are notorious for having a very high weight capacity on each bunk, as well as having a lot of customization options. These are the points you HAVE to look out for if you are an adult.

This bunk bed uses a patented Rock Locks system that makes sure that the wobbliness is reduced to a minimum. It supports up to 400lbs PER bunk. It says 800lbs on the website, but I asked for clarification and they responded that it’s for total weight. 400lbs is VERY high for bunk beds, and it is perfect for adults. It’s very hard to find a higher weight capacity nowadays.

The material is also very high quality, as it uses hardwood (like maple, birch, aspen) – Hardwood is known as a very strong wood that does not leave dents, even if you pound it with a metal tube. Most bunk beds out there only use softwood, so this bunk bed is one of the premium ones.

The customization is also very appreciated. Apart from having 3 color options (natural, white, chestnut), you can

  1. Move the stairs to either side.
  2. Separate the top bunk and have them as 2 separate beds.

The stair placement can be critical for many, as we always imagine our bunk beds in one position, so it’s good that you can customize it just as you see it in your head. The stairs also have storage drawers on the steps. I would actually prefer them to be on the sides, so there is less chance of someone stepping on an open drawer – After all, I am a reviewer, so I have to mention everything.

As you can see in the picture, the bed frame can be separated. The separation option can be good if you wish to sleep separately in the future. Never put your eggs in one basket only.

So overall, this queen over queen bunk bed is very strong for adults, has a lot of customization options, and is comfortable as well. I specifically picked a bunk bed with stairs instead of a ladder, because adults are heavy, and stepping on a ladder with thin rungs will get annoying.

You can get it here:

Foster Queen over Queen Bunk Bed

This is a bunk bed that not only is strong but looks like it also.Best QUEEN Over QUEEN Bunk Beds For Adults Its dimensions are 66″W x 87″L x 71″H and it can easily fit two people on either level. Full-on Full bunk beds are nice and big but they may be a bit small, and this bunk bed eliminates these problems altogether.

If you want, you can add a separate twin trundle that goes underneath the bed, or go with storage drawers. In the end, the choice is yours.

This bed is most suitable for people who are on a budget and can spend around 1,000 on a bed.

If you think it’s the only color then don’t worry – it also comes in blue, dark, black and white colors.

All in all, it’s a great choice for people who want more space, or if you are with your significant other. It truly stands well and is good for long time usage.

Best Place to Buy: TheBeanBagStore

Traditional Cedar Log Bunk Bed

This bunk bed just looks massive! It weighs around 500 pounds and its dimensions are 71” H x 72” W x 92” queen over queen adult bunk bedsNot only did it get on this list, but it’s also on the list of coolest bunk beds that are available right now.

I mean, look at it. It looks like medieval times have returned and we are using all the raw materials to build a piece of furniture. Since I am into massive, and at the same time natural, things, I really wouldn’t even mind buying this one once I have the need for it.

The reason I chose this bunk bed is that it truly can withstand the weight of adults with ease. Many bunk beds say they can do this and that, but in the end, they always fall short.

You can buy it from Wayfair as they also sell a protection plan that even covers stains, and also offer personal assembly if you need it.

Definitely, check it out.

Traditional Cedar Log Bunk Bed


Now, this is the one I’ve been talking about. I don’t have much love for metal bunk beds, but this one won over my queen over queen adult bunk beds It looks sexy, it has style, it is super strong, and it is made with quality in mind.

Now, over the course of my bunk bed reviewing, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of trash. Some look good but don’t have the quality to back them up. Some are vice-versa.

This one is a whole package. BUT, it has one little drawback that might push you away. It is Full on Full. Now, before you leave, hear me out. There aren’t many bunk beds that I would blindly recommend purchasing just like that, but this one deserves special treatment.

It can withstand weight up to 400 pounds on EACH bunk, which basically means you and your wife or husband can sleep on it without problems.

A full-size bunk bed is only 5 inches shorter than a queen-sized, so is this really such a big deal at the end of the day?Best QUEEN Over QUEEN Bunk Beds For Adults When I was reviewing it, I actually convinced myself to buy it for my own summer house. It is great not only for you but for any quest that comes and visits you.

If it’s not a big deal for you, definitely consider it! It’s also the cheapest one on this list, so you’ll get your bucks’ worth.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

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