Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk Bed DETAILS:

Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk BedDimensions: 78.2 x 57 x 59 inches

Weight Capacity: 400lbs per bunk

Item Weight: 119 pounds

Bunkie Board: Not Required

Colors: Black; White

Material: Metal

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Coaster Home Furniture did it again! I am slowly starting to like metal-made bunk beds again despite my apparent dislike that originated from various horrible memories and experiences. Be aware though that this likable impression is bubbled only for Coaster Home Furniture for now, as they are the only ones that seem to make it right. There is a brother to this product by the code name of 460078, and I gave it an 89% rating- that’s a lot, especially for a metal bunk bed.

So how about this one? I’ll give you a fast overview.Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk BedIt’s sturdy, and thank goodness for that. Although the price is relatively cheap, it doesn’t take it away from the design. 2-inch metal tubes with a reported weight limit of 400lbs is not only well made from a design point of view, but is also surprisingly light and easy to move around despite it being full over full (if you are wondering why it’s also called Full/Double, it’s just custom for certain countries)

Changing sheets will be a breeze as you only need to physically slide it out from the pocket.

Assembly is also relatively easy and won’t require an additional person. I do have to warn you though that package will be unusually big because some parts are already welded together, which is not a bad thing since it means fewer joints, but it can become an issue if the way to your or your kids’ room is blocked off. If it’s not then there will be no problems.

When I review bunk beds, oftentimes the noise is what pushes me away from giving that bedstead a positive review. What about this one? Is this an exception?Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk BedWell, unfortunately not completely. BUT, it is hushed a lot longer than other similar bunk beds after assembly. This one may start to make noise after around 6 months of usage. Luckily, since there aren’t many connection points, only 8 of them, you can easily buy a can of spray like WD40 and apply it quickly on each joint. Should be fairly fast and comfortable.

If you are reading this post, you might think “oh well it seems to be perfect, let me take out my piggy bank”.


I am disappointed to see this bunk bed having one of the worst ladders a human can create. Not only are they made of metal, which is cold to step on, it’s so thin that you might pick your teeth with it. I guarantee you with almost 100% certainty that your kids will mention that fact unless you change something. Fortunately, you can interfere by buying some foam padding, cutting it into appropriate sizes, and then placing it on rungs. That’s it, temperature and size of those rungs battled at once.

More on Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk Bed will be mentioned here, as well as on EVERY bunk bed that is on the market. Stay tuned to keep yourself in the know!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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