10 Cool Bunk Bed Accessories That Your Kids Will LOVE

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There are many bunk bed accessories available. Most of them are usable and very helpful.

I am here to show you what accessories exist, and which of them are the coolest and most high-quality:

#1 – Anti-Shake Tool

When I review bunk beds, sturdiness is one of the important factors, whether it gets a good rating from me or not.

bunk bed anti shake tool

I hate bunk beds resembling a boat simulator, so that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend checking out an anti-shake tool, that is primarily used to stop the shakiness.

Most use them for regular beds, but specific brands are perfect for bunk beds as well, and this is one of them:

By limiting the space between the bunk bed and the wall, there won’t be any room for wobble. It’s not the perfect solution, but it can definitely help if the bunk bed that your kids use wobbles too much.

#2 – Curtain Set

Be honest, if you were sleeping in a bunk bed with a second brother or sister, would you like some privacy from time to time?

That’s where the curtains come in. They are very customizable and they have many uses. If there is too much sunlight during the mornings, it helps with the sleep quality, and if a child wants some privacy, it’s a perfect product.

One of the advantages that bunk beds have is that they have a frame, which allows a lot of custom installations on them. Therefore, curtains are very easy to install.

I picked this curtain set:

bunk bed curtain set

It has 4 different colors (black, green, purple, and yellow). These are neutral colors, meaning even if your kids grow up, they won’t get tired of the design. However, if you do want some design on it (like a picture of a car, or flowers), just pick the one that’s suitable in terms of size.

If you do stick with my recommendation, I’d advise getting the one with 2 panels. It’ll be easier to get inside the bottom bunk bed, and it looks cooler.

The material is very breathable and easily washed, and the curtain block 95% of the sunlight.

#3 – Bedside Shelf

This accessory is not just cool, but the way kids love to drop stuff, it’s almost a necessity.

Nowadays, we don’t use books anymore to read or entertain ourselves. We use expensive technology like phones or laptops, that can fall from either bottom or top bunk bed. Especially sleeping on the top bunk bed, you are kind of limited in terms of available space. After all, where do you put the phone?

That’s where the bedside shelf is extremely useful:

I picked the one that is big enough to support a heavy load, and that has two available colors: Black and white.

By getting this one, your kid doesn’t have to climb down to get something, as he will have his own personal shelf that is suitable for most bunk bed brands.

#4 – Reading Light Stick

LED reading light for bunk beds

As bunk beds are fairly high, it can be frustrating to find a proper source of light for both the top bunk (as table lamps don’t reach illuminate that area) and the bottom bunk (surrounded by the frame).

Here is where the LED reading lights come to the rescue.

The one I picked is attachable with the clip-on, and it works with most bunk bed frames. As children study, the light source is important, especially since not everything is digital. Even if it was, it’s better for the eyes to have an area light nearby.

Due to the bendable neck design, you can point it wherever you want. This LED light does not use unnecessary wires, and it can easily be recharged with a USB.

The look itself is pretty modern and cool-looking, and it comes in white and black color. You can get it here:

#5 – Stairs

If you can avoid the ladder altogether, then please avoid it. One of the ways is by purchasing stairs.

I cannot recommend you any stairs, as there are different sizes for different brands.

If I were you, I’d check your brand name and then contact them to ask if there are any stairs available for separate purchase.

If you are to get one, it would make an awesome additional accessory for your kids, as they are not only much more comfortable but typically include extra storage space as well.

#6 – Slide

This is another really cool addition to the bunk bed, should the bunk bed support it. As with the stairs, you have to contact the manufacturer and ask them for more information on whether the slide is usable or not.

If it is, then waking up just got a lot more interesting. What I really dislike about bunk beds with vertical ladders is that they are just too awkward to climb down from. When I was little, I got these so-called “morning knees” where it’s hard to hold the weight when they are bent.

With a slide, you just get on it and slide down with some extra stomach flutters that help you wake up.

When your child is older, the slide can be easily removed.

Just remember, check with the brand to see if the slide is supported. If not and you still want a slide bunk bed, check out this article.

#7 – Trundle bed

Trundle bed can be a useful, yet cool accessory for days when there are friends coming over for the kids.

The trundle bed is fitted underneath the bottom bunk, and it can be opened by just sliding it open.

This is a great space-saver, which will eliminate the need to constantly make the bed for guests.

As with the stairs and the slide, the trundle bed should be custom-fitted for each bunk bed. So check with the manufacturer. For example, Max&Lily bunk beds have a separate trundle available to buy:

#8 – Tablet/Phone Holder

How many times have you surfed the web while in bed, and you drop your phone right on your face? I’ve had that with tablets as well. Nothing wakes you up more than a big tablet smacking you in the face.

So to spare some “trauma”, let me introduce a tablet holder with a gooseneck.

bunk bed gooseneck tablet holder

Just like the LED light, they are easily attached with clamps, and they can support tablets up to 10.5″ in diameter.

I would buy this accessory just because kids love to study, watch movies, or Youtube in bed, and when hands are free, it’s not just cool but increases the overall quality of life.

This accessory is not very necessary, but it definitely gives more freedom to kids. Plus, kids also tend to fall asleep while watching something, so if the tablet holder holds the tablet, there is a lesser risk of something falling to the ground while turning in asleep.

The fall for the tablet would be even bigger from the top bunk.

One popular gooseneck tablet holder is here:

#9 – Adjustable fan

In the spirit of clamps, let me introduce another little device, which is a fan.

bunk bed suitable fan

As bunk beds have a lot of free space to attach something, one of the accessories that can be extremely useful during summer is a fan.

There is no need for a big one. Just a small detachable fan is more than enough to cool you down during the biggest heat. It helps with sleep, it helps with thinking during the study, and it’s just overall refreshing.

One of my recommendations is this one, as it has unique legs that are suitable for metallic cylindrical bunk bed frames as well.

#10 – Bedside Organizer

If the shelf accessory that I recommended above is already filled with random items, then let me show you this one.

Bedside organizers are best for books, and other random goodies that would otherwise take up the precious space next to the bed.

The one in the picture is very easy to install, the material is strong and doesn’t leave many wrinkles, there are many pockets, and it looks cool overall.

As with all the recommendations, the color is changeable. You can choose from 8 different colors and 2 different sizes.

If your child studies and reads a lot, I definitely recommend checking it out:

Mattress Lifter

If we are talking about bunk bed, it ain’t easy to get close to stuff. Cleaning sheet or removing mattresses is a special headache.

That is where a mattress lifter comes to save the day. It acts like spoon that you fit between the frame and the mattress.

Using your fingers instead is like torture. Women lose their nails in places like that.

You might think it’s not worth buying but every time you start changing the sheets, you’ll begin daydreaming about this one little useful spoon…

I am just kidding, just figure the usefulness out yourself 😉


This is my list of cool bunk bed accessories for kids that I would recommend. As with many things I recommend, you don’t have to buy that exact version, but just make sure, like I did, that it is suitable for bunk beds.

As there are actually many other cool bunk bed accessories out there, I will be updating this article as soon as I find any other extra bunk bed add-ons.

If you have one, let me know in the comments!

Stay safe.

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