DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats, Silver Details:

Dimensions: 78.5”W x 56.5”D x 72”H

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 450lbs, top bunk 300lbs

How much weighs: 112 pounds when assembled

Color: Silver, Black

Material: Metal

Best Price: Amazon


I would love to say that this bunk bed is stable and sturdy… but it’s not. DHP does have some great products but this time something just feels off.

Upon climbing up you will notice that it moves and wobbles more than you’d expect (click here to find out how to fix wobbliness) and the noise is emitting already in the beginning. Having a stable product is important, especially when kids are sleeping on them.

Although it will not break because it’s made of metal, after all, issues may come when your children will start to play around it. Mine’s are jumping all over the place like monkeys, so I can expect yours may also, and that results in connection points becoming even more loose, especially when it’s prone to move as much. DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats, Silver Introduction2The selling point of this silver bunk bed is probably its size, looks, and weight capacity. Although it’s said to be able to withstand 450lbs on the bottom and 300 on top, I’d say it’s a little bit lower than that in this case. Around 250lbs would be safe considering how much it moves. No one is really static on the bed, it moves all the time. But, looking how big it is, I would recommend this bunk bed to adults also if they are interested. It’s not the best full on full metal bunk bed that is available for adults, but it does its job.

Compared to other DHP beds in terms of style, it differs quite a bit. For some reason, they decided to abandon the “curvy” looks and went full on with the squarish design. That can be seen when we look at at the top.

Although I don’t mind the squarish looks like it even adds a certain elegance and style to it, I do wish they would abandon that horrible ladder design. First of all, it’s vertical; second of all, rungs are thin; and the third reason is the placement. I do appreciate that there are 2 ladders though. Many are placing only one, and it can’t be moved.

More information on DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats, Silver will be on this site. Stay tuned!

Best Price: Amazon


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