DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Black REVIEW

DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Black – is what I decided to review today. Although this bunk bed is one of the most popular beds out there, there aren’t many lengthy reviews of it to my surprise.

I have a lot of experience in finding, testing and reviewing various bunk beds for our kids, and since I am a parent myself, safety and comfort is a familiar trait that I seek in every product.

Is this DHP’s black twin over twin metal bunk bed worth it for you and your kids?

Well, it certainly can help certain people, but it’s not without its cons. If you are a parent who is currently on a tight budget, this bed may serve your needs. Although not the best affordable bunk bed on the market, it does its job… but not without some complications. Let me go into details about this bunk bed, and then all the pros and cons that come with it!



DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Black Specifications

Dimensions: Length 78″ x width 45″ x height 72″

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 225lbs, top bunk 200lbs

How much weighs: 86 pounds when assembled

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Warranty: One year

Best Price: Amazon



Advantages of Having a DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed


There is so much trash on the internet. If you’ve been searching for a while, and seen some of those horrendous designs that they offer, you’d know it’s a big pain in the bottom area to find a good quality bunk bed for an affordable price.

And even if you think some of them look solid… trust me, they are probably not.

The advantage that this bed has is that it’s pretty decent for its price point. Although there are better affordable bunk bed options available, it does its job well and doesn’t fall apart. DHP is a trusted company within this area, and they do make safe bunk beds.

So if the price is a top criterion for your bunk bed, I can approve this choice. Although I do recommend to check out some other points below, especially the “cons” so you know what you are in for.


Ease of Assembly

Some bunk beds take SO LONG to assemble. You’ll grow a full beard before they are finished. Why does it take so long?

Material and instructions. The material is either wood or metal. Wood takes longer, metal does not. Unless the manufacturers decided to create a puzzle with instructions – a lot of them do – metal bunk beds take no time at all.

If you follow instructions properly and with care, it should take you around 1 or 2 hours to assemble DHP bunk bed. Some wooden ones take at least 3 hours, so in that regard not only is this bunk bed cheap, it also provides an easy manual for you.


Sturdy For This Price Point

I won’t say it’s one of the sturdiest ones because it’s definitely not. Although many think that metal provides sturdiness that’s just not the case with metal. BUT, compared to some other metal-made bunk beds that are available for around 100 dollars, this DHP twin over twin bunk bed holds its own.

That is also one of my most important criteria when I review bunk beds for kids. You do not want to go blindly into buying some beds that are out there. Some are not even certified to be safe, so as we, parents, do everything to keep our children safe, quality has to be top notch.

Luckily, it doesn’t move much… at least in the beginning. Over time some bolts do get a bit loose, and that will create the following problems that many metal bunk beds share:



Cons of DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Black


You think it won’t be that bad? Oh, you just wait. Even if in the beginning this DHP twin over twin bunk bed does not squeak, just from continuous movement on the bed, you or your kids will start to notice the slight noise, and that will keep getting louder and louder till you have to interfere.

How do I know it? I slept on it. Not a pleasant experience.

It’s actually fixable – what you have to do is to find the source of that squeaking, and then either tighten the screws and bolts or remove everything and lubricate them with specific products. Here is a fantastic article on how to fix the noise that metal beds emit. All this, however, will take time, and as we, parents, are already busy with everyday life, we can’t spread our attention to so many little things all the time.

Metal bunk beds can be quiet, but unfortunately not at this price point. If you want a good example of a strong, quiet and sturdy bunk bed (or loft bed in this case), check out my last recommendation for bunk beds with desk underneath. Since I really dislike metal bunk beds, it is rare that they get on my good side, but that one was so well built that I had to include it.

But this one just doesn’t pull it off.


Ladder is Painful

I’ll just say it how it is. If you step on it barefoot, your kids will probably start to experience discomfort. We always climb up barefoot, and when these metal rungs are so thin and so poorly designed, you do start to wish for something better, especially when you get heavier with age.

I actually don’t understand what went through their minds when they designed some of the parts of this bed. You just have to sleep on it yourself to experience some complications. Was it really that hard to test it out? Or make the surface of rungs a bit flatter to spread the surface?

Fortunately, there is a fix for this stupid issue. What you have to do is get some pool noodles, cut out the middle part, cut it into an appropriate size, and then zip tied it to secure it. Pipe insulators are also something that comes to mind, but many that have tried it said that after few weeks of continuous use it started to wear off. So pool noodles are better for this issue.

Here is how one customer made it look →

It’s another metal bunk bed but has that same stupid issue.


No Separate Bed Support

By that I mean – you can’t convert them into 2 single beds.

“No big deal” – you might say, but actually it’s something that many search for when looking at bunk beds. If your kids haven’t yet fought with each other, they might when they get older. Although my kids are young, they have “argued” numerous times, and what I had to do was disconnect the bunk beds and place them in separate rooms. Luckily, my bunk bed has that support, so if you are looking for it in this bed also, you won’t find it here.

If you do want to have that kind of bunk bed, check out Storkcraft Caribou Wooden Bunk Bed in my “affordable bunk beds for kids” list. That bunk bed is not expensive and is made out of wood that provides many positive things for kids.



Conclusion For This Review

If you’ve seen my previous articles, you’d know my stance on metal bunk beds. Although this black DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed is…. decent considering its price point, I do recommend to save 50 bucks and go with something that I recommend here.

Your kids can sleep on this DHP bed, it’s easy to assemble in the beginning, but in due time it will bite you back, and the main problems come from the material itself.

I remember when I slept at my friend’s metal bunk bed. The noise was so horrible that I was sure dogs were barking outside because of us sleeping on that bed. I have no idea how my childhood friend managed to sleep on it for years. This bed has the same problem since many have reported the same issue.

I do appreciate some things about this bunk bed, and that is assembly instructions and ladder placement. I am not talking about how the ladder is built, but more like how it is diagonal instead of horizontal. The vertical ladder is something that I had to endure for more than 15 years…. Trust me, it isn’t easy to climb up and down with it. It’s just too unnatural due to how your legs bend. With this diagonal ladder, you can have more balance at least.

If you’d like to see more images of this bed, I created a slideshow from different angles:

By the way, as with almost all the bunk beds, the mattress has to be bought separately. If you don’t have one, these ones are suitable. Do remember though, lower bunk bed supports up to 8 inches, and top one 6 inch mattresses.

So in conclusion, do I recommend DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Black? Well, if you can afford to spend a bit more, then no. All in all, I give it 2.7/5.

DHP can do better.

Best Price: Amazon


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