DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest Bunkbed Details:

DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest Bunkbed2Dimensions: 93 x 40 x 54 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 192lbs

Color: Black, White

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Sometimes I just wish for makers of bunk beds to be innovative – to stand out from the crowd, not copy and paste the exact replica of models that have been there from the beginning of the bunk bed times…

This time it seems like Donco Kids took things into their own hands and create an alternative version of beds that have storage in them.

It has its own modern design that I haven’t seen anywhere before and it works well for me. Not only does this piece of furniture include a huge chest with drawers and shelves, it is designed to be completely flat on the ground. Basically no room on the ground.

Now, the fact that it’s on the ground is kinda debatable. Debatable in terms of how good it actually is.DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest BunkbedOne the one hand, it looks great and saves some vertical space, but on the other, it creates certain complications that you should be aware of.

Beds that are really close to the ground are typically colder to sleep on than beds that are even a bit higher. It may be awesome in the summer, but when winter comes (bless the Game of Thrones), your kids might need to get a warmer blanket.

Bedbugs are also an issue. In ancient times, people built beds that were slightly elevated from the ground and that was mostly to prevent themselves from getting bit from various earth creatures. Nowadays we might be safer but small creatures like bedbugs still roam our houses.

On top of that, mattresses need some air to breathe underneath, otherwise, mold can start to grow which is bad for health. Though it does seem that this bed is not completely on the ground and does have some space for air circulation.

Nevertheless, I am happy to see a bunk bed that is unusual. I wish more would take notes from Donco Kids. This company isn’t really known for making bunk beds; their field of expertise and fame is mostly from loft beds. This one, for example, is very popular at the moment and has tons of reviews. Them trying their hands with bunk beds is no issue for me.DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest Bunkbed1The material is something that is not really mentioned anywhere, but upon doing some deeper research I found out that it’s made out of pine. A regular pine isn’t the best in my experience, but as I’ve read, they made this bunk bed in Brazil, so there is a chance of them using Brazilian Pine for it.

In that case, it’s quite strong. It may still be susceptible to scratches, dents and liquid damage (compared to hardwood) but it’s much better than any other regular pine.

All in all, it’s a decent choice for your kids. I would love for them to make diagonally placed ladders instead, but I can let it go considering how awesome the design is.

Good job, Donco Kids, on making DONCO Kids 1600TTW Mission Chest Bunkbed!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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