Dorel Living Airlie Twin over Full Bunk Bed Details:

Dorel Living Airlie Twin over Full Bunk BedDimensions: 57.09″, 60.24″, 79.92″

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Bunk Bed Weight: Unknown

Colors: White, Silver, Pink

Material: Metal

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

If you are searching for Twin over Full bunk bed, it’s a good choice. The thing you should be worrying about is the quality and as far as I have examined, it is quite sturdy and respectable.

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The design is traditional and has no things that would make it stand out strongly from the rest of the bunk crowd. The only thing that stands out are the guardrails themselves as they look quite conservative. This bunk bed will fit well with traditional looking rooms and has three different colors to suit your taste.Dorel Living Airlie Twin over Full Bunk Bed1The only issue I have with this bed is its assembly as it’s a bit hard to build it, especially if you are alone. It is recommended to have at least two people that do it. One holds, and another one tightens the screws.

Once it is built, you’ll feel that slight chemical smell for few days so I would recommend you to leave the windows open.

Although the stairs themselves can’t be put on either side, the bed itself can be converted into two separate beds. That is useful if your kids need some time alone and you have nowhere else to put them.

All in all, this Dorel Living Airlie Twin over Full Bunk Bed is quite respectable in my eyes and it has a good price. If you wish to buy this one, I wouldn’t recommend against it.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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