Furniture of America Genevie Twin Over Twin Floral and Heart Bunk Bed, White

Furniture of America Genevie Twin Over Twin Floral and Heart Bunk Bed, White DETAILS:

Dimensions: 80 x 42.9 x 72 inches

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Bunk Bed Weight: 179 pounds

Colors: White

Material: Solid wood and veneer in certain parts

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

There are many bunk beds available, and many of them are fairly similar. The build is the same, material is similar, the faults are oftentimes alike… but they always have something different.

With this one it’s the design. It’s rare to see sides crafted the way this one did. For that, I do applaude them for going with the original road, as it’s too common to see the same generic build in all bunk beds.

Apart from that, It’s quite a basic bunk bed. I think that custom crafted woodwork on sides is the reason that price is so high because all the other points like material or customization options aren’t really a reason to crank up the price so high. Solid wood, as stated by them, isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s also not the best. Veneer is probably only used in certain parts to make the structure stronger, and that isn’t the main reason also.

What that isn’t the reason I am tempted to get angry at this particular product. It’s the false advertisement that gets me.

Believe it or not, manufacturers, showing something on a picture as part of the bed, and then not including it quite a bad move from you. That’s right, the trundle that you see underneath, has to be bought separately. I wouldn’t really make a big deal of it if they stated that in the first part of the introduction. Some customers, although far from all of them, don’t read parts that are stated below, especially when that information is crammed into a text that looks like it’s been written by a 3rd grader.

Still, despite my obvious negative reaction to it, I am glad it looks different from the rest of the beds. It’s fairly good for people who are searching for a bunk beds for girls, as it has its certain charm that is suitable for our daughters.

This was a short overview of Furniture of America Genevie Twin Over Twin Floral and Heart Bunk Bed. More to come on this site!

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