Get Wooden Bunk Beds For Your Kids – Here’s why:

Why should you get wooden bunk beds for your kids?

Let me tell you about myself. I specialize in bunk beds. I am also a parent. Giving children the best that they can get is a top priority for me. I would never want them to sleep in beds that are made of cheap material and that are unsafe and uncomfortable.

You don’t think these kinds of beds exist?

Oh, they do. And there are plenty of them. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when searching for a new bunk bed for your kids. Although as a customer you might not pay attention to some of those details, you, as a parent, do care about the overall quality of the bed. That is why I exist here – with my help I can educate you on some of the downfalls that you might experience IF you do not choose a wooden bunk bed for kids. It’s not just a personal preference (except for maybe design), it’s also something that many are quite vocal about it on social media, forums, and on videos.

Here are the top reasons to choose wooden bunk beds for kids over metal ones:

Wooden Bunk Beds Are Quiet

If you had an unfortunate opportunity to sleep on metal-made bunk beds when you were little, you’d know that the sound they emit when moving around is… annoying to say the least. It sounds like someone is playing a broken violin every time you change your position in bed. Considering that your kids have to sleep in beds for almost half their childhood life, it is important to keep these things in check.

Even for you, as parents, it may get bothersome at night.

Now don’t get me wrong. These issues are sometimes present in wooden bunk beds also, or in any bed in this case. BUT, they are most often linked to metal frames, and since a lot of the metal bunk beds that are out there are made with poor design, the sound will become an issue. In the beginning, you may not hear it, but after a while, bolts and connection points become a bit loose, and that is what will create that awful sound. To fix it, you’ll have to do a maintenance round for the bunk bed, and as parents, our hands are already full of everyday life tasks.

Wooden bunk beds, the ones that I recommend, do not have that issue. They are very comfortable and emit no sound.

Durability is Great!

Many think that since metal is harder, it is more durable and safe. Well, not with furniture. We can even go back to the 19th century and find wooden furniture that is still in working condition to this very day. Be aware though that I am talking about “hardwood”, not “softwood”. Generally speaking, hardwood is always a preferred choice, and since it is so good, hardwood bunk beds are the only ones I recommend on this site. I’ve seen some of the beds that are out there… trust me, you do not want to go blindly into buying some of them.

I am even embarrassed to see select companies selling those kinds of products. I mean, what are they even thinking when doing stuff like that? That is why I only recommend top-of-the-line, durable, and comfortable bunk beds. If you are worried about the price, then don’t. I listed the best bunk beds for every budget level.

I truly believe in wood being superior furniture compared to others. Even though metal is used in some areas of construction, furniture (in this case, bunk beds) gets more benefits from being made out of strong oak or pine. Speaking of pine, there have been tests done that compare wood and metal in certain areas. Results showed that wood had a 20% higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to metal.

So if you have a choice, stick to wood.

Design is More Pleasant

Now that is something I thought of maybe not adding here, but since it plays such a huge role, I’d keep it as one of the reasons.

Now we all know that people have different tastes. One prefers one thing, and another disagrees. My marriage in a nutshell. Although I love my partner, we disagree on many things when it comes to design. Luckily, it’s only based on color, so we don’t have to stress over material too much. But I would understand if you prefer futuristic-looking rooms over wood.

Personally, my whole family loves wood. Almost all our tables, seats, shelves, beds, closets, and so on are made out of wood. Even if something looks totally awesome and it is made out of metal, we generally skip it. If we look at what other people say, then I’d say that around 70% of people agree with us. Wood just brings something comforting and familiar to the household that is both relaxing and easy on the eyes. I love the smell of it, and the color. My wife prefers darker-colored furniture, I usually go with caramel light-colored wood.

Design shouldn’t really be a top reason to go with one thing over another, but in this case, we had to include it.

Environmentally Healthy

Here I will not only mention how wood affects our planet but also how it affects us and our kids psychologically.

I am a big advocate for wooden products. One of the reasons is that I literally feel myself being less stressed around wood. Kids react to it the same way. In fact, it’s even more important for our children to be around wood since it has been proven that wood lessens the feeling of fatigue, stress, and feelings of inefficiency. You sleep and recover from stress a lot faster. That is probably why you see so much wood in schools and universities. Wood truly has extraordinary effects on our minds.

Now if we talk about the environment around us, then wood is also preferred over metal. We all know that we live in an era of global warming. What causes it and how dangerous it is, is another topic, but we do know that there is too much carbon in our atmosphere. Here is where wood comes to save the day. It absorbs carbon more than any other material. As tests show, wood is 50% carbon.

So not only is it great for our psychological health, but it also helps us physiologically by lessening carbon emissions.

More Options

It’s often overlooked, but in the end, this is what people look for. People don’t just want lots of options with the same design. They actually want variety in how the bunk bed actually looks. I get notified when people purchase a bunk bed, and what I noticed was that 80% of the time, they go with the wooden bunk bed.

And the reason is not just because it’s the wood, or that wooden bunk beds are durable; they purchase them because there is a bigger variety to choose from.

Most L-shaped bunk beds, triple bunk beds, or any customized bunk beds are made of wood. There is just a bigger chance that you will stumble on something that you prefer more over metal bunk beds.

Wood is just easier to mold into different shapes, easier to acquire, cheaper to produce, and it just gets better reception. No wonder the options are limitless.

Blends With The Room

We have to admit that most of us use wooden furniture for shelves, cupboards, closets, and tables.

If the bed was made out of metal, it sticks out more and it may not fit in with the overall theme of the room. That’s why wooden bunk beds are mostly chosen by buyers.

There is no deficit of colors either, so you can definitely find something that pleases your mind. If you have trouble choosing, you can also hit me up with an email, and I’ll help you as soon as possible.


The ones mentioned above are not the only benefits you get from choosing a wooden bunk bed for kids.

  1. Renewable material is always preferred these days, and wood makes it super easy compared to metal.
  2. Wood is also a great insulator if you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of heating.
  3. Wooden bunk beds are oftentimes sturdier. It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about metal bunk beds being wobbly.
  4. Wood is cheaper in some cases. I wouldn’t really use this one as a benefit because metal bunk beds are also cheap, but you can find wooden bunk beds that are in the same price range. And considering how many positive things wooden furniture brings, I’d say it’s a great trade-off. If you are looking for cheap and affordable bunk beds for your kids, check out this article.

All in all, you can sleep in both beds, no matter the material. Heck, even I remember sleeping in a metal bunk bed when I was visiting my childhood friend. Did I like to sleep in there? Well, I didn’t really complain because my mind was somewhere else, but now that I look back at it, I see how big of a discomfort it actually was.

Many of you readers might have had a chance to sleep in different bunk beds. If you have any thoughts regarding the topic of wooden bunk beds for kids, feel free to comment below!

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