Today I am going to teach you how to build, craft and make a bunk bed in Minecraft.

Since I am a site about bunk beds, and I personally play Minecraft also, I decided to help you out.

I am going to show you many different ways of building a bunk bed.

First things first: Here is what you’ll need for the first one:


Method 1

Things to have:

  1. Dark Oak Wood
  2. Dark Oak Stairs
  3. Snowblock
  4. Ladders
  5. Snow Slabs
  6. 2 Different color water blocks


How to Build a Bunk Bed in Minecraft

  1. How to craft and make a bunk bed in minecraftFind a place where you want to build a bunk bed.
  2. Place 1 Dark Oak on the ground. Have 3 blocks of free space and place another Dark Oak block.
  3. Now go to the sides and have 5 blocks of free space. Do it on another side also so it looks squarish. This is going to be a frame to the bed.
  4. Now build upon those blocks and have all in all 6 blocks on each tower. This is how tall the bunk bed is going to be.
  5. Place upside down stairs in-between the front wood blocks. In the middle, leave the space empty.

Following along? Probably not so let me show that through a video:



Method 2

First things first, here are the things you will need for it:
craft and make a bunk bed in minecraft1. Prepare this stuff.

2. Add a bit of additional space

3. Create a headboard.

4. Put a bed in-between the blocks.

5. Fill it with 2 blocks.

6. Place the bed on top.

7. Remove the middle blocks.

8. Make a storage around.

9. Add a ladder.


Here is a video I made for you to make it easier to follow:

There are tons of different ways to make and build bunk beds in Minecraft. These ones are just ones out of hundreds.
You should also let your imagination go loose and do whatever comes to your mind. After all, Minecraft is built so you can make whatever you want, and this isn’t really difficult considering that the gameplay is very straight forward and easy.
Some have even build memes out of simple blocks. The amount of time and dedication it takes is absolutely crazy, so making a simple bunk bed is super simple.
However, my site isn’t really about Minecraft, it’s about bunk beds only, so if you are interested in seeing different real-life bunks, feel free to browse around. You may even find inspiration to make a copy of something.
Have fun!
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