Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk Bed – GOOD or BAD?

Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk Bed Details:

Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk BedDimensions: 57.09″, 60.24″, 79.92″

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Bunk Bed Weight: Unknown

Colors: White, Silver, Pink

Material: Metal

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This bunk bed should be renamed to “Unknown”. Seriously, there is so little information about this bunk bed that I am starting to truly wonder if it isn’t a customer itself buying and reselling stuff.

I did some digging into “Hansentus” company and what I found was an absolute 0 staring at my face. They don’t even have their own website for information or support. Nothing.

I checked on their Amazon page and found out they are selling the most random things I have ever witnessed, with maybe a slight curve to bicycles. Bunk beds are completely out of the questions. I think I found like two of them, this included.

That explains why it’s so poorly managed. What do I mean by that?

Assembling this piece of metal is a nightmare. I hate metal bunk beds but I give them credit where credit is due. Usually, assembly instructions are something that I can give them credit for, as it’s fairly easy to follow and build compared to wooden ones.

Not this time.

Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk Bed

As I checked how people deal with it, I’ve heard that some couldn’t even assemble it IN A DAY! Now that is unacceptable. People have been trying to contact the company behind it with little to no avail.

Considering that their catchphrase “Hansentus is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service“, it’s a little bit hypocritical of them.

Speaking of bunk bed assembly, I am launching a new program very soon that will help you with assembling your bunk bed. Many are in need of help and can’t do it by themselves, so you’ll hear about it here. Stay tuned!

So, all things considered, I would definitely not recommend going with this one. The only redeeming quality of this bed in my eyes is the choice of color, that’s it. There are tons of similar bunk beds available with trusted companies behind them. Whether they are good or bad is entirely another question. But this time, I’d recommend skipping Hansentus Metal Twin over Full Bunk Bed.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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