Honest Review – DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed

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I am surprised how popular ‘DHP Miles metal bunk bed, black, twin over twin’ is! Which is followed closely by the ‘silver, twin over twin’ version.

If you’ve seen any of my other DHP bunk bed reviews, you’d know that I haven’t given them ‘pleasant’ reviews, per se.

What about this one?

DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed Specifications:

Dimensions: ‎41.5 x 77.5 x 54 inches

Weight Capacity: 250lbs bottom, 200lbs top

Item Weight: 78 pounds

Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, White

Material: Metal

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress


Metal bunk beds are supposed to be sturdy. Anything less than that, and the manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves.

Fortunately, this cheap bunk bed managed to make a bunk bed that sway like a rocking chair. The lack of shaking is probably due to the design, where it doesn’t use rounded cylindrical frame parts but is using a solid square build. In fact, because it looks a bit squarish, it adds to the design. More on that below though.

It doesn’t have the highest weight capacity that metal bunk beds CAN offer, but considering the price, it’s a miracle that it is as sturdy as it is.

If you have younger children, then it will be perfectly fine for them. For adults, this DHP Miles Metal bunk bed is fine as long as the weight limit isn’t exceeded (250lbs bottom, 200 top). You might feel slight shakiness as an adult, but hey, you get what you pay for.

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For some, customization is not important. Mainly when they already like what they see from the stock options.

dhp miles metal white bunk bed

With this bunk bed, some things are customizable, and some are not. The color option, for example, is decent. The size options are also big enough to be satisfiable, should the twin over twin version not suit you.

But things like bed conversion and ladder placement aren’t present in this bunk bed.

Sometimes, you may want to convert the bunk bed into two separate beds. The reasons can be related to arguments between the children or getting separate rooms. The ladder placement can be important in case there is furniture in the way and you don’t want to rearrange.

If these points are not important to you, just ignore this.

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Although this bunk bed is made of metal, it does not mean it’s immediately strong. See my review of this Mecor metal bunk bed.

Does this bunk bed meet my expectations in the quality department? It does and even exceeds them. DHP can make strong bunk beds, and this one is not an exception. It’s very well built, the design is good, and since it’s so easy to build, there can be no mishaps from a faulty assembly that oftentimes reduces the quality of the bed (screws not tightened enough, holes not lining up).

The slats themselves are good enough to support the maximum weight. Although the bunk bed itself is fairly light, it doesn’t mean it breaks easily.

For such a price, seeing that kind of quality is a breath of fresh air.


Usually, I decide the comfort level by the amount of space there is on the bottom bunk to sit upright, the ability to climb up the stairs, and how shaky it is for the top bunk sleeper.

The shakiness, as we already discussed above, is actually really minimal and it lets sleepers sleep comfortably when they turn at night.

In terms of sitting upright on the bottom bunk, there isn’t too much space for people over 5′ 6″. The design itself is meant to be minimal, which means the height of this bunk bed is cut. It’s not immediately a bad thing, it just means it suits little children the most.

What I do wish is that they focused on making the ladder diagonal, and with wider rungs. One good thing I can say about the ladder is that it has flat rungs, which makes stepping on them less painful. But if it was diagonal as well, we would not have that ‘weak knee syndrome’ in the mornings. It happens when the legs feel weak, and it’s hard to climb down from the bunk bed.

Since this bunk bed is low height, it’s at least comfortable to check up on the top bunk sleeper, as this bunk bed is not really that high from the ground.

Assembly Instructions

Since this bunk bed is so simple, it has one big advantage – This Miles bunk bed is extremely easy to assemble.

While assembly might seem like a one-time pain, it can actually affect how well the frame is constructed. The longer the instructions are, the easier it is to mess up. A LOT of structural problems start with faulty assembly. It’s not always the user’s fault as well, the manufacturers should know better.

But with this bunk bed, everything will go super smooth. With two people, you can assemble this Miles metal bunk bed in less than an hour. It weighs only 78 pounds, so you won’t get too tired either.


The noise also comes circling back to the simplicity itself. The harder it is to assemble, the more noise bunk beds usually make.

This bunk bed is quite silent. While cheap bunk beds like this one don’t like to be silent and prefer to squeak as if a dog ate a squeaky toy, this Miles bunk bed is an exception.

The sound is very minimal, and while metal ones love to be noisy, Miles doesn’t like to be. This can be attributed to the design again – squarish, simplistic, and not a lot of moving parts.


Miles metal bunk bed defies what one would think about a bunk bed this cheap.

While I wish, they would improve in comfort and customization, I cannot deny that this bunk bed is a great pick, especially if you already like what you see. The DHP Miles black metal bunk bed is the most popular among people, followed by the silver one.

It’s best suited for younger children, and it is quite strong and sturdy, which translates to benefits in other areas as well, like the noise level.

If you wish to get this one, you have my approval.

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Honest Review – DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed
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