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This is my unbiased review of the Mecor bunk bed, which was released in 2020 and got popular due to its cheap price.

See, I rarely find a bunk bed that has all the components that I hate stuffed into one product. But low and behold, I am surprised.

I am astonished by how bad this bunk bed is, so without further blabbering, let me cut to the chase.

Mecor Metal Twin Bunk Bed Specs

mecor metal twin bunk bed specs

Dimensions: 77.79 x 41.65 x 68.7 inches

Weight Capacity: 440lbs bottom, 330lbs top

Item Weight: 51.9lbs

Colors: Espresso, Gray, Navy, White

Material: Wood (Solid Rubberwood)



Metal bunk beds shouldn’t be like that. Although this is no secret that I strongly dislike metal bunk beds, I cannot deny that sturdiness should be one of the strong suits.

This bunk bed cannot even deliver that.

It is too shaky and wobbly, and even if you tighten up all the screws and bolts to the maximum, it still somehow manages to give sleepers a car ride. At least you won’t have to rock the cradle – it does it by itself.

One way to get rid of that much shaking is by using an anti-shake tool accessory, but even that has limits.

And this bunk bed pushes the limits in a negative direction too much for my liking.

If peace and quiet is the goal, which it is for most sleepers, I would steer clear of this bunk bed.

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Customization is important since not everyone like the same design. By having many options, users are more inclined to buy from certain brands.

That is what this Mecor company tried to do and somehow failed. See, Mecor shows to have only one color, which is ‘mint green’, but if we surf around the Amazon, we’ll find the exact same bunk bed on the list, but with a different color.

My theory is that due to the low rating they usually get, they are trying to do a ‘fresh reset’ to their average customer rating. It works for many, but not for them. It takes work to do a reset and still get a bad rating.

Mecor metal twin bunk bed customization

Another customization option is for the frame itself – it can be converted/separated. Usually, it’s a good thing, and for the bed itself it is, but I don’t understand why do they have to advertise that their ladder or safety rail can be easily removed. I’d get it if the ladder could be placed on the right side instead, but it can’t.

Who in their right mind would purchase a bunk bed because it says that the ladder is removable? Is it for the athletes who would enjoy jumping on the second bunk? I just don’t get it.

If you can remove crucial parts of the bunk bed and call it a perk, I retire from bunk bed reviewing.

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Like I said before, I dislike metal bunk beds but I cannot deny the fact that they are very strong.

YET, Mecor messed it up again! How in the world can you create a bunk bed where a huge portion of the users that tried it report breaking it?

It says it uses alloy steel with a weight capacity of 330lbs upper and 440lbs bottom, yet there are numerous complaints of it bending after a 100lbs person sat on it? That begs a question, what kinds of weight capacity testing did they do? Put the weight on, and then immediately remove it before something happens?

I am seriously surprised that this cheap bunk bed is so damn expensive.


What about the comfort of this Mecor metal twin bunk bed? If they fail at sturdiness, customization, and quality, maybe they can win my heart back with the comfort of everyday usage?

Mecor metal twin bunk bed ladder

If you know my previous reviews, you know the answer to that: Absolutely dreadful.

I’d be dreading going on that bunk bed, especially if I would be sleeping on the top bunk. The slats are bending, the frame is shaky, which already would make me question whether I’d survive the night, and then the ladder rungs look like they are designed for someone who enjoys pain.

When we go to sleep, we don’t wear footwear, and when your child steps on those thin cylindrical rungs, it ain’t going to be fun. It’s not that bad when kids are very young, but in due time, the weight and the gravity will do their part. Not only are the rungs in a rounded shape, but the steps also are not even diagonal.

When I give marks to the bunk bed, I always look at the ladder design. And somehow, this Mecor bunk bed fails at every checkpoint…

Assembly Instructions

You know things don’t look promising when the expert assembly service costs more than the bunk bed itself.

However, the person who decides to buy this bunk bed is in luck, because the assembly itself is actually easy.

If we can give points for something, it is from the assembly instructions. They are clear and simple, and it won’t take you much time to assemble this simple piece of trash – maybe 1 or 2 hours max.


If you wish to get a natural alarm clock for your mornings, say no more – this Mecor bunk bed squeaking will keep you up all night long.

It does not matter if you tighten all the screws, it’s just that the design is poorly built from the beginning, making this bunk bed underperform in many areas, such as noise, sturdiness, and strength.

If by any chance, you still purchase it, you have to do weekly/monthly maintenance to it by oiling up all the connection parts. Otherwise, every night will be hell not only for your kids but for you as parents as well.


I rarely have to review bunk beds with the quality that I’ve seen, but this one takes the cake. I’d rather sleep on Plymouth rock than endure this one.

There are minuses in almost all categories that I take into consideration. The only positive thing that I’ve found is that the assembly of this “piece of art” is relatively quick and easy.

If I were you, who is looking for an affordable bunk bed, I’d save a couple more dollars and check out this bunk bed list.

But for now, stay safe and happy bunk bed hunting!

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