Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Honest Review – Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed
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This is an unbiased review of Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed, that’s currently very popular among many different retail shops.

As I earn my bread through reviewing bunk beds, I’ll be very straightforward and honest with my thoughts.

Storkcraft Caribou Bunk Bed Specifications

Dimensions: 42.6 x 78.44 x 58.3 inches (twin on twin)

Weight Capacity: 225lbs (unconfirmed)

Item Weight: 51.9lbs

Colors: Espresso, Gray, Navy, White

Material: Wood (Solid Rubberwood)


Let’s talk about the customization for this Storkcraft bunk bed. Usually, what I expect and want from the bunk bed is full customization in terms of color options, ladder placement, conversion, and a choice in terms of parts.

This bunk bed delivers well in most areas.

I am always happy to see many color options, as that is always something that makes the most impact when you step into the room. Since it has a good color variety, it helps parents choose a bunk bed that fits the room. For example, boys might like the navy and espresso color more, while girls tend to prefer white and grey.

The ladder placement and the guardrail style are unfortunately fixed. It’s not a huge problem, but some bunk bed shops do offer that customization as well. So if you design and plan to place this Storkcraft bunk bed in a specific corner, make sure that there won’t be any furniture near the ladder – not only might furniture create climbing issues, but it’s dangerous to have sharp objects near the ladder as well.

Storkcraft bunk bed converting

Sometimes, our kids get into a fight, and that’s when the conversion option is most welcome. This bunk bed can be converted into two separate beds. Not only is it useful for sibling fights, but when they grow up and want to sleep in separate rooms, you’ll be able to easily detach the bunks and use them separately.

This kind of design is very useful, and it’s not possible with every bunk bed. So seeing it here makes me glad.

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Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed quality

This Storkcraft bunk bed uses solid rubberwood with composites. If you haven’t heard of rubberwood before, the first thought might be that it’s a cheap elastic wobbly wood.

Actually, it’s one of the underdogs in the wood compartment.

It belongs to the maple family, which in turn makes it a hardwood, not softwood. That means it’s very strong and durable. Do these qualities transfer to this bunk bed as well?

Mostly, yes! This bunk bed is strong and it’s hard to leave dents on it. There might be problems with moisture though. If one leaves it out in the open, or if enough water spills on it, it tends to wrap. That is probably the reason why many other customers who bought this bed have mentioned cracks on the wood upon arrival.

If you are to buy this bed, make sure there isn’t any damage to it! If there are, it probably means, these Storkcraft parts have felt moisture at some point. Just contact customer support and tell them to send new parts. They are usually very forthcoming with that.

The composite part of the material means that this is engineered manmade wood. It’s usually done by mixing wood with thermoplastic resin adhesive. It lowers manufacturing costs and has lightweight properties.

That’s why this bunk bed weighs only 50 pounds. It is very light!

So to summarise the quality, don’t confuse lightness with cheapness. Pure hardwood is usually better, but it catches up well. The only problems you should be aware of are making sure that it doesn’t get wet, and that the parts don’t get fungal stains.

Apart from that, it’s a solid-quality bunk bed right here.


No one wants to sleep in a bed that resembles being on a boat, where a single movement makes you feel as if you might fall in the water.

I’ve had experiences with these kinds of beds, and while it may be fun for kids for the moment, it won’t be fun when they grow up.


This Storkcraft bunk bed is fortunately sturdy. It’s not the sturdiest there is, but it’s nothing compared to what it could have been. The swaying won’t be a bother to your kids, and even if you climb onto it, the bed should stay firm.

But, that is only achieved if you assemble it correctly. Many, who assemble bunk beds by themselves, make the mistake of not tightening the screws the right way.

To make sure everything is correct, either order assembly service (in the checkout), or make sure that you put all the screws in, and then do 3 turns for each one by one.

By doing so, you eliminate that open space for tightened screw, which appears after tightening another screw.

So, if everything is done properly, it’s a fairly sturdy bunk bed. If adults climb onto it, it will shake a bit, but with kids, it’s not that bad.

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We spend half of our lives on a specific piece of furniture called a bed. Making sure that that part of our lives is comfortable is quite important.

When I talk about comfort, I usually mean the ability to climb up, or the comfort when sitting on the bottom bunk.

storkcraft white bunk bed

When sitting on a bottom bunk, it’s best if there is some headroom, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to either study or watch TV. With this Storkcraft bunk bed, it’s not too bad for kids or even teenagers, but as soon as they grow over 5″7, it may start to give a slight “headache” per se. There are some bunk beds with higher heights, so if it is important to you, check out this Maxtrix bunk bed.

The ladder that this bunk bed has is as good as it can get (with ladders). I hate straight vertical ladders for the sole reason of uncomfortable climbing. While it may be fine while climbing up, climbing down is hell. There are no comfortable ways to get down when the ladder rungs are directly underneath you – the legs are just at an awkward angle, which heightens the risk of getting “weak knees”.

This bunk bed, however, is built correctly. On top of that, it has just enough flat surface to not hurt the sole of your feet. Your kids will definitely prefer that when they grow up.

Assembly instructions

I’ve seen assembly instructions that even lawyers would have to double-read. There are assembly instructions that make you wonder if the problem lies with you, not the instructions.

Trust me, the fault usually lies with the instruction manual.

This one, fortunately, is very easy to assemble. The instructions are clear and precise, so if you plan on getting this Storkcraft bunk bed, you don’t have to order the assembly service. It is, however, better to build it with a helping hand, but it’s manageable alone as well.

It will take you a max of 1-2 hours.


I do not like when bunk beds make sounds. That creates that feeling as if a bit more movement on the top bunk, and it falls apart. It annoys children, and it will annoy parents in the long run.

Deep sleep is very important for everyone, so making sure there are no external sounds is crucial.

Fortunately, there are no problems with this bunk bed, at least in the beginning. I haven’t a reviewer that complained about the sound, but the only worry is the rubberwood material. Pinewood can definitely start squeaking, and they are both softwoods. But, I cannot predict the future, and the current consensus among 100s of users is that there is no sound when moving the bed.

Just know that for complete assurance, hardwood is best to avoid squeaking.


All in all, it’s a fairly decent bunk bed. As you can see below in my review summary, the strong points are simplicity for assembly, comfort in usage, and the price itself.

There are many bunk beds that try to be decent at this price point but typically fail at either quality or design. While it doesn’t have the best material, it tries its best with engineered wood and smart design.

If you are just looking for something easy, affordable, and downright traditional, I can recommend this bunk bed for purchase. Just make sure that when the parts arrive, they don’t have any warp issues, and that there are no cracks (that are oftentimes painted over).

Happy sleeping!

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Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed
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