Coaster 400302, Triple Twin Bunk Bed Details:

Dimensions: 44 x 78.2 x 76.8 inches

Weight Capacity: 400lbs per level

Shipping Weight: 219 pounds

Colors: Cappucino

Material: Solid Pine Wood

Best Price Offer: Amazon

This bunk bed is quite a unicorn. Triple bunk beds are quite rare, and seeing them on the market makes me want to be gentle with it in terms of the review.

However, sadly I don’t get that kind of luxury, so I’ll be fully transparent. Having 3 beds on top of each other can cause some issues, mainly it being quite big despite being called a “space saver”. There is a reason this triple bunk bed is advertised in a huge room like this:Introduction - Coaster 400302, Triple Twin Bunk Bed1 Ceiling is recommended to be at least 8 feet, preferably 9 feet or higher, otherwise your child is going to be hitting his head way too often. Speaking of stats, it says that it can withstand 400lbs of weight for each bunk… that’s 1,200 pounds. As awesome as it sounds, I would definitely lower that number to 200-250lbs. Only metal bunk beds are strong enough to comfortably withstand that kind of weight. I already gave my previous bunk bed heat for that, so hopefully, I won’t be seeing that often.

The reason it can’t is because solid pinewood, which they tend to love to advertise vigorously for some reason, is a typical softwood, which is sturdy enough for softwoods but isn’t the best for long time usages. It can serve you well for years to come if you take care of it, but not if we type 400lbs as max weight limit… better to be safe with numbers than sorry. Softwood also means that it can leave dents and scratches, so be careful when assembling, or when your kids play with the bed – it can leave marks.

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Best Price Offer: Amazon


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