Dorel Living Dylan Bunk Bed, Twin, Espresso Details:

Dimensions: 43.9 x 79.2 x 63.1 inches

Weight Capacity: 165lbs per bunk

Shipping Weight: 110 pounds

Colors: Espresso, White

Material: Wood

Pest Price Offer: Amazon

Dorel Living Dylan Bunk Bed is a fairly typical bunk bed. Nothing really out of ordinary, and the price for it isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is it expensive.

I would say that it does look a tiny bit different from regular bunk beds, mainly if we look at the sides, but that shouldn’t really be the main factor to buy it. There are bunk beds that look much better (although it’s subjective), and not only better but have a better quality.

Speaking of quality, it’s kind of a wild horse. There is a reason they don’t say what this bunk bed is made of. It’s because it is not really good. Neither could this price point really give you anything better. It’s some kind of a solid wood, and although I can’t test it for a long period of time, I really have to warn you that it might start to show some wear down the line.However, that’s not the biggest problem this bunk bed has. Assembly instructions are what it should approve on immediately. Compared to other bunk beds, with this one, you’ll lose an extra hour or two (so around 3 to 4 hours), which is completely unacceptable. On top of that, every bunk bed part is marked with a sticker, so you’ll have to take it off from each and every single one. I understand their reasoning behind it but they really should improve the instruction rather than mark material itself.

I will probably make a full and lengthy review of Dorel Living Dylan Bunk Bed, Twin, Espresso, so if you want to be up to date, follow us!

Pest Price Offer: Amazon



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