Furniture of America Concord Bunk Bed, Twin/Full, Dark Oak Details:

Dimensions: 48 x 40 x 81 inches

Weight capacity: 150lbs top, bottom unspecified

How much weighs: 160 pounds

Color: Dark Walnut, Dark Oak

Material: Solid Wood

Best Price Offer: Amazon

I really like this bunk bed. Most consumers who go into buying bunk beds notice the design and looks, and then they start to research the material.

I personally consider this bunk bed very attractive. The color choice isn’t big but those two colors that are available suit this design very well. If I had to place it then I’d say that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Curves in a way remind me of antique furniture, and on top of it, twin on full makes it look massive. Weight capacity is something I wish was bigger as 150lbs on top may suit most children, but it can fall short with some, especially when they are active and playing around a lot.Speaking of playing around, guard rails that this bunk bed has is quite unique – it completely blocks the entire side so your children have to climb “over” it. Usually, there is a small opening for easier climbing. Even though it may be a bit uncomfortable, it can provide some extra safety and easier assembly.

Assembly to this bed is quite good. If you follow the instructions carefully, it won’t take you long to assemble it fully. Be careful of not leaving any marks on the bed though as it’s made out of solid wood, and even though it’s considered strong, it can leave scratches pretty easily.

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Best Price Offer: Amazon


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