Introduction - Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood

Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood – GOOD or BAD?

Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood Details:

Introduction - Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood1Dimensions: 77 x 41 x 61.6 inches

Weight Capacity: 400lbs top, 400lbs bottom

Shipping Weight: 137 pounds

Colors: Espresso, Cherry

Material: Solid Pine Wood

Best Price Offer: Amazon

I am starting to get angry again. This is an apparent showcase of not being fully transparent with your information. If you read the first introduction part, you may have noticed the “400lbs per bunk” written as the official weight capacity for this bunk bed. DO NOT trust it. There is only one bunk bed I could give the 400 mark title to, and that bed is not made out of wood.

Wooden ones can hardly withstand such pressure, let alone a wooden bunk bed that fits into ‘affordable’ bunk bed list. Unfortunately, I cannot test this bunk bed truly out yet as my company is too small for that, but if in the future I am lucky enough, I’ll definitely take on the opportunity to truly test its sturdiness.

Judging by my previous experience, I would say that its weight capacity is around 200-250lbs max, and that’s being generous.Introduction - Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid WoodYou know what the funny thing is though? They stated that this twin-over-twin bunk bed is made of solid hardwood construction…

Uhm, no it’s not.

It’s made of pine, and pine is soft wood. The only things that are made of hardwood are slats themselves, and that’s it. It’s like saying I drive on a Mercedes because I have installed a car part that’s commonly seen on Mercedes card, even though the car itself is Honda Civic (no offense to Civic drivers). It’s just not how it works. It was obviously put there to look better, and sadly it tricks people because there is no thorough reviews or information on the product. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to interfere.

Despite that rant… it’s decent. I wouldn’t give it a high rating, but considering the company itself they might be either new or just small and don’t know what’s what yet. It’s decent in the areas like being sturdy enough to hold its ground when people are moving on the top bunk bed. As it’s a soft wood, it can start to show some problems down the line, but that might be countered if you take good care of it and don’t let your kids jump on it too much.

Keep in mind that you can’t place the ladder on another side. You have to find the corner where the ladder is going to be obstruction free.

As with many bunk beds that are under $300, you can convert it into two beds if the need comes – a bonus that is unusually rare with expensive bunk beds. Longer review for Merax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood is probably in the queue. Follow us to be up to date!

Best Price Offer: Amazon


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