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Your Zone premium twin-over-full bunk bed – GOOD or BAD?

Your Zone Premium Twin-over-Full Bunk Bed Details:

Dimensions: 78″W x 56.5″D x 63″H

Weight capacity: 200lbs top, 450lbs bottom

How much weighs: Unknown

Color: Black, White, Silver

Material: Metal

Best Price Offer: Amazon


This bunk bed is advertised as solid and sturdy. Although almost every single metal bunk bed is solid and sturdy, it’s construction that matters, and it pretty much delivers here.

It’s very easy to assemble, nothing ridiculously difficult, and once it is assembled, it will hold a respectable amount of weight without moving left and right too much. Definitely stronger than wooden bunk beds at the same price.

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However, this bed has something unique…. something that we haven’t seen before – you can purchase this bunk bed with a mattress that specifically supports this bunk bed. Although it isn’t difficult to buy mattresses separately, it is somewhat convenient for people who want everything in one package without needing to do a proper research on what kind of mattress is the best. If you want mattresses also, it’ll cost you 200 extra dollars. If you want my advice, buy them separately. Not only will you find a cheaper one, but it also might be made of better quality.Speaking of mattresses, box springs/bunkie boards are not needed. Still, I do appreciate seeing stuff like this, I wish more bunk beds made these kinds of options available.What I do NOT appreciate, however, is seeing metal bunk beds with those same horrible ladder rails. I mean, come on. Not only are they made of metal which makes it super cold to step on, they are also extremely thin, and you can probably guess what it results in – painful climbing.

That’s right, your children’s feet will hurt after time from all that ascending and descending. At least this bed is twin over full and that means that it’s much easier to climb. Still, I’d advise you to buy some foam padding and wrapping them around the rails. It’s cheap and easy to do.

More information on Your Zone Premium Twin-over-Full Bunk Bed will be on this website so follow us for more.

Best Price Offer: Amazon


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