customizable Foshan linerbang bunk bed

List of Most Customizable Bunk Beds for Your Needs!

If you are here to find the most customizable bunk beds, then let me cut the small talk and cut right into it.

But before listing my top bunk beds, do know that for a bunk bed to be customizable, it has to have:

  • many color options
  • conversion options
  • a variety of bunk bed sizes
  • suitability for different room corners

So, let me show you the most customizable bunk beds, that are in no particular order:

#1 – Max and Lily Solid Wood Bunk Bed

max and lily twin over full solid wood bunk bed specs

Dimensions: 81.5″ L x 65″ H x 57.75″ W

Weight Capacity: 400lbs per bunk

Colors: Grey, White, Espresso, Natural, Blue

Sizes: Twin/Twin, Twin/Full, Full/Full, Low/High

Material: Solid New Zealand pine wood

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

The reason I chose this bunk bed is for having all the necessary requirements to be very flexible. It can be customized in terms of 5 different color options (usually it’s a single color or 3 colors), it can be easily transformed into two separate beds, it has a lot of different sizes, and the ladder can be installed on both sides.

The colors (Grey, White, Espresso, Natural, Blue) are very nice. The blue one is fairly rare, but it’s also one of those that doesn’t fit into every room. So you have to be mindful of what is the atmosphere of the room.

max and lily twin over full natural bunk bed

The conversion into two beds is very good for when the kids grow up, or they just want/need to sleep in different rooms. This is one feature that many look over, yet it’s the one that I’ve found incredibly useful.

Max&Lily is a good brand that I’ve recommended to many. Its biggest boon is the price per quality ratio, so if the budget is important to you, I wholeheartedly recommend checking this one out:

Foshan Linerbang Bunk Bed

unique Foshan linerbang bunk bed

Dimensions: (on the picture in mm)

Weight Capacity: Unknown

Colors: White, Espresso, Grey

Sizes: Full/Full

Material: High-Density Fiberboard

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

This one contradicts some of the points I search for within customizable bunk beds, but since it is so unique and customizable in its own way, I’ve decided to throw this Foshan bunk bed in as well. Oh, and by the way, it’s in the list of the most unique bunk bed too.

Why I’ve added it then?

Because every single bunk bed accessory you see in the picture is a nice add-on, not a necessity. Meaning, that you can remove the trundle, the ladder, the stairs, and the shelf, and still be a functioning bunk bed.

customizable Foshan linerbang bunk bed

If you decided to keep all the accessories, then you can customize this bunk bed with your own images, books, clothes, stickers, or whatever you come up with. It has plenty of storage space that not many bunk beds have.

If you get this one for yourself or for kids, you will definitely enjoy the compact style that it has.

DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 78″L x 54.5″W x 72.5″H

Weight Capacity: 200lbs top, 600lbs bottom

Colors: Pink, Black, Blue, Silver, White

Sizes: Twin/Futon/Full

Material: Metal

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

Let me go with something different here. I usually don’t recommend metal bunk beds like that, but it truly is unique. Its biggest boon is being able to be customized into a Futon or Full-sized bed. 

I am usually quite wary of beds like that since I am not a big fan of moving parts on a piece of bedroom furniture, but after seeing the sturdiness of it, my concerns vanished. It is a strong bed that can withstand 600lbs on the bottom bunk, and that is high enough to be on the “sturdiest bunk beds” list.

Another great boon is the color choice. Having 5 different color options is not seen often, so it’s a welcome customization option for a bunk bed.

Unfortunately, the other points do fail to some degree. For example, you cannot place the ladder on the sides, on the front and back. The size is also fixed with this futon bunk bed. This means that it does not have a Full/Futon option available.

But, despite these cons, I can still recommend this bunk bed for someone who is looking for a couch to sit on during the day, and a full bed during the night. It’s a niche pick, but maybe this DHP bunk bed is for you:

Custom Bunk Bed from ‘AdultBunkBeds’

Dimensions: 78″L x 54.5″W x 72.5″H

Weight Capacity: 200lbs top, 600lbs bottom

Colors: Pink, Black, Blue, Silver, White

Sizes: Twin/Futon/Full

Material: Metal

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

Let’s add something a bit pricier and of higher quality as well. Not all metal bunk beds have to be like the previous recommendation. Some, like this one, can be extremely strong, sturdy, and stylish.

The reason the cost for this bunk bed goes into thousands is that:

  1. The quality is absurd: 2000lbs per bunk
  2. The size and the look of the bunk bed are fully customizable
  3. It has tons of accessories that you can attach to the bunk bed.

So if you are looking to get a bunk bed that is fully customizable, with many different accessories to add to your own liking, then this is the bed that I unequivocally recommend.

More information about this bunk bed is here:

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