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Looking For Discount Bunk Beds? I Got You!

Discount is always a welcome sight, especially when this discount is applied to bunk beds. They are usually not the cheapest of the bunch, so it’s understandable of wanting to look for something with the discount label.

At the moment, there are many products that can be seen with discount, but unfortunately, not all of them are good for usage. I don’t know exactly for who do you want to buy the bunk bed, but I would guess it is for your kids.

There are adult bunk beds also available, but they aren’t as popular as bunk beds for kids. So, if it’s the kids bunk beds with stairs you are targeting, safety is more important than ever.

So, as a reviewer of bunk beds, this is my list of the best bunk beds that you can find, that also has a price reduction.


Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed, White

discount bunk beds 1This bunk bed has a seriously low price and not only that, the price is reduced even more. What is even more amazing is that the bed itself is really good. I mean, the quality/material is very respectable and it can serve your kids for years to come.

Some do complain about the smell in the beginning, but you actually won’t really notice it. Even if you do, just hold the windows open for a few days and it’ll be gone. Nevertheless, the material is solid wood and environmentally healthy.

You can get the bunk bed in espresso colour also but the discount isn’t as big for it as for the white colour.

The only minus with this bunk bed is that its recommended weight capacity is only 175lbs. Good for children but pushes it a bit for teenagers who are on the heavy side.

This Storcraft long horn bunk bed can also be converted into two, and all the people who have tried it reported that it is super easy and intuitive.


DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder, Space-Saving Design, Silver

discount bunk beds 2This one has a huge price cut. More than half of the price has been deducted.

Although I am not a big fan of metal bunk beds, it’s actually well designed. Sometimes you get the problem having hard edges on metal bunk beds. If something were to happen, someone could get seriously hurt. Luckily, it is designed so that all the edges are round.

Unlike the previous discount bunk bed, this one has a higher weight capacity, letting even some lightweight adults sleep on it.

The ladder itself is a bit of a hassle because it is painful to step on, but that could be fixed by covering them with foam padding or something similar.

The assembly, however, is one of the easiest I’ve seen. You will only get one box, that’s it. All the materials and objects you need for assembly are included, as well as good instructions.

It’s definitely a bunk bed worth considering, despite it being made of metal.


Dorel Living Airlie Twin over Full Bunk Bed, Espresso

discount bunk beds 3All these bunk beds were chosen because they differ from each other, and at the same time have the highest discount price.

This one is twin over full. The one who sleeps on the bottom will have a lot more room, and because of the way it is built, it is quite sturdy, so it’s not really wobbly.

What I also like about this bed is that its ladder steps are pleasant to step on. They are flat, not round, and hence it’s easier on the feet.

You can choose 3 different colours, and all of them have a reduced price, but this one has the biggest discount.


So all in all, these are the ones that have the biggest price change. There are some others but they are not really made of good quality, and since I am a bunk bed reviewer, I can’t really recommend them.

But the ones above have my seal of approval.


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