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Looking For Really COOL Bunk Beds For Kids?

Are you looking for really cool bunk beds for kids? Tired of seeing same old box looking designs and want something that your kids will fall in love with?

When manufacturers of bunk beds are making various products and when they pour their soul into it, they oftentimes disregard the looks. The might think that the buyer can already see the quality, stability, comfort, and everything else that comes with quality – most of them cannot.

So that’s why the first thing you should know is that I don’t only look at how it looks. As a reviewer of bunk beds, I have to keep in mind the quality of the bed the most.

I will try to pick the ones that are the coolest, while at the same time are usable for everyday sleeping.

Considering how much trash there is, the filtering is needed.

So, here are the coolest bunk beds you could really consider purchasing and not worry that they fail on you:


HOMES: Inside + Out ioHOMES Houser Loft Bed

cool bunk beds for kidsDimensions:43.8 x 78.2 x 79.9 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 85lbs

Color: Walnut/Oak, White/Pink

Material: Solid wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

What you consider cool is subjective. But in my experience, a lot of people are really loving designs like this one.

The walnut color coupled with a design that looks like a house can really win over the hearts of many. Not only you, the parents, but the hearts of our bunk beds for kids 1It takes a bit more space than a regular bunk bed due to having a cross-placed lower bunk bed, but that also give itself a unique and stylistic look that you won’t get anywhere else.

It has drawers on the sides so you won’t have to buy separate furniture for that. It is 80 inches in height so make sure you have high enough ceiling for that.

Other than that, it’s undoubtedly a good and awesome-looking bunk bed to consider.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


House Double Bunk Beds with Camouflage Tents

bunk beds for 4 year olds2Dimensions: 99 x 41 x 93 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin or Full

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 375lbs

Color: Lavender

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Ever wanted to own a house when you were little? Just have your own place that you could enjoy living in?

Well, I did, and I am sure that there are many kids who would love to have a bed like that.

It not only looks awesome but it’s safe for younger kids since it is guarded with house walls all around. Covers are also used to spice it up with different colors. Right now, you can choose a camo color and different storage pockets.

As with the previous choice, it is also featured in an article about bunk beds for 4-year-olds.

But since this bunk bed is made to fit a twin sized mattress, it is a good choice for long-term usage.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Neptune Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Shelves

cool bunk beds for kids 2Dimensions: 99 x 41 x 93 inches

Sizes: Twin/Twin or Full

Weight capacity: Unknown

How much weighs: 375lbs

Color: Lavender

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair

Show me a child who doesn’t love ships.

That is actually one of my personal favorites on this list. It not only looks good but performs well over the period of time. Its material is what makes it possible.

The shelves themselves are unique and something I haven’t seen before. It is also available only on Wayfair online site so that’s why I decided to not go with Amazon this time. Considering how good it looks, it is worth it.

It is a bit on the heavy side, but all quality things have their additional weight on bunk beds for kids 3Don’t pay attention to the 5-star system. At first, I was a bit taken back by how low the rating for it was, but when I did some research I saw that there is a program where you can have an incentive to review this bunk bed and therefore give it a low rating if you want.

Which basically means, anyone can give it a bad rating, and that obviously shows that this rating system can and is compromised. Why would someone give it 1 star?

Anyways, it’s definitely worth considering. Here is the link to purchase:

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair


Lake House Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

cool bunk beds for kids 4Dimensions: 83.5” H x 58.5” W x 82” D

Sizes: Twin over full

Weight capacity: 165 lbs per bunk

How much weighs: 260 lbs

Color: Driftwood finish

Material: Solid Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair

Another bunk bed that is similar to a house.

The design is what attracts most customers when they look at furniture, and this one does the job.

Finished with a driftwood color, it really compliments any room it is assembled in. Although ladder itself is not the best in my opinion due to sharp angles, it is not so bad for young kids since they don’t feel their body weight as much as we do.

It’s also nice in a way that the lower bunk bed is separate from the structure. That way, when your elder son outgrows the bunk bed, you can easily roll out the bed and place it anywhere you want, while at the same time free up space below.

If you buy it from Wayfair, you can also get a protection plan if you so choose. That will cover you for years to come so there isn’t much worry of bunk beds breaking all of a sudden and you needing to buy new parts.

All in all, a bunk bed worth checking out:

Check it out here:

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair


Traditional Cedar Log Bunk Bed

cool bunk beds for kids 5Dimensions: 71” H x 50” W x 87” D

Sizes: Different Sizes

Weight capacity: Not Tested

How much weighs: 400 lbs

Color: Natural

Material: Cedar Wood

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair

If there is ever a bunk bed that looks strong and heavy, this is it. It is extremely stable and sturdy, it’s unique, and definitely draws eyes and looks cool.

If I ever saw this kind of bunk bed when I was little, I would ask the person to sell it to me even though I didn’t have any money.

This bunk bed isn’t only for kids either. It is perfectly suitable for adults, and considering how awesome it looks, I am planning to add it to adult bunk bed list (only for wood though).

Cedar is the material they went with. Although I haven’t seen that kind of material often for bunk beds, quick research does tell me that it’s quite good. It is thermal coefficient, which means it’s always warm, it gives a slight cedar aroma, it is always straight that in turn gives out fewer cracks, and it’s good for outdoor use if it’s ever going to be needed for it.

You can read about various cedar advantages here.

You can get it from here:

Best Place to Buy: Wayfair




Like it was mentioned, looks are very important when we buy furniture. Although bunk beds need to have a good material also for safety, we can’t skip the aesthetics. After all, we have a certain picture in our minds that we try to recreate, and it’s best if we find an appropriate bunk bed for it.

All of the bunk beds above are handpicked to be not only cool but safe and strong. They aren’t the cheapest of the lot, but they are truly worth it. Wayfair ones were picked the most this time because they have the coolest bunk beds at the moment. This list will be updated if anything changes.

This was my short post on cool bunk beds for kids. If you’d like to find the best bunk beds, check out this link. I pick your budget and try to find the TOP bunk beds there are.

Until next time!


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