Looking for Woodworking Plans For Bunk Beds With Stairs?

There aren’t many woodworking plans for bunk beds with stairs available on the internet. Most of them are made either for regular beds or bunks with desk underneath.

I am going to be honest though… unless you are experienced in woodworking, I wouldn’t advise you to use a bunk bed plan as your first furniture build.

Making a safe bunk bed is one of the most important things, and if parents are not careful, someone might get hurt from poor design.

If you are looking for a solid bunk bed, check out my articles on the best bunk beds that your kids can enjoy sleeping on.

However, if you are adamant about building your own, we did find one good woodworking plan that is quite solid in terms of attention to detail.

Check out this one:

There is quite a lot of details in this one, coupled with a solid plan for the stairs. You could call it a ladder, but since I know how awful most of them are, this one is well thought out. No pressure on your legs and no horizontal builds.

If you don’t have any materials or tools, it might cost you over 200 dollars. It depends on what kind of wood you use, and what you already have at your disposal.


Should You Actually Build a Bunk Bed Yourself?

Absolutely, as long as the cost doesn’t exceed a regular price for the bunk bed in retail stores. Another reason to go with your own custom bunk bed is customization itself. Sometimes your room design limits your choices, other times you have something awesome in your head for your kids, but can’t find that specific bunk bed online.

If these are the reasons, be sure to have the following:

  1. Enough strong material for different bunk bed designs
  2. Skills in woodworking
  3. All the necessary tools

If we talk about the material, then it plays more importance than one might think. If you would build a cupboard, the material could be made of anything you wish since it doesn’t really move much, neither does it have to carry much weight.

With bunk bed, however, there is a lot of kinetic movement that requires your bunk bed material to be top notch. Even some bunk bed manufacturers are foolish enough to use awful wood quality, and in the end, the customers are the ones who suffer. It starts to squeak, break down, get easily damaged…. too many problems for such an easy fix – buy better material.

Another useful attribute to have is having enough woodworking skills. That comes with time, and although it might seem like an easy job, attention to accuracy and details has a huge role. If you are new to this, I’d advise you to check out this woodworking subreddit.  They have some awesome posts ranging from all kinds of furniture. Oftentimes they even have post-by-post pictures that explain how they made their beds. Read more about woodworking foundation here.

Other than that, sure you could build your own bunk bed. In terms of price, you do save some money, but with every route, you’ll have to spend a certain amount.

Good luck with woodworking bunk beds with stairs! If you have time, check out this awesome video about building bunk beds and how much effort it takes:

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