Merax Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin with Trundle Bed DETAILS:

Merax Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin with Trundle BedDimensions: 77 x 41 x 65 inches

Weight Capacity: 400lbs top, 400lbs bottom

Shipping Weight: 137 pounds

Colors: Espresso, Cherry

Material: Solid Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Now, Marex bunk beds are regular visitors here on my “bestbunkbedsforkids” site. I think I’ve reviewed at least 4 of them already. They are mostly circling around a 200 dollar mark, so you can’t expect much from them.

This one at least tries to be different. I’ve seen that kind of design on lots of bunk beds, but not whole lot of them stick a trundle underneath it for this kind of price range. It’s actually quite admirable.

However, that usually comes with downsides…

The material is one of them. Sometimes you buy something and you can just tell that it’s cheap, it just reeks from it (speaking of smell, that’s an issue too).Merax Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin with Trundle Bed1It is made of a regular pine wood, and if you are not familiar with it, it’s a soft wood, and softwood is almost as strong as hardwood, but they are more susceptible to scratches and liquid damage.

Then it’s also painted with a finish that just hits your head upon opening the package. However, the smell is not what alerts me at the moment, it’s the label that says that it might cause cancer. It’s glued right on the package…

One of the customers even wrote to customer support, and they said in turn that it does NOT cause cancer. So that begs the question… why put a warning label on it then? This whole situation seems (and smell) to be a bit fishy, so my recommendation would be to hold out on buying this product for the time being, at least until it’s sorted out. There are better bunk bed alternatives available at the same price, so I would advise you to check my personal recommendation out for affordable bunk beds.

I am glad, of all things, that their ladder has flat rungs at least. Many have round ones, and they hurt our legs a lot! Good on them in this part at least.

This was my short review of Merax Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin with Trundle Bed. Stick around for more information on bunk beds for kids!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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