Merax Solid Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Details:

Merax Solid Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk BedDimensions: 79.13″L x 42.13″W x 64.96″H

Weight capacity: 250lbs top, 300lbs bottom

How much weighs: 84lbs

Color: Silver

Material: Metal

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


When you buy metal bunk beds, there are usually two reasons why you went for that particular material. Either you wanted something affordable, or sturdy, or even both.

With this one, price does deliver, but sturdiness, unfortunately, doesn’t. It is made of metal, but it seems like it’s not the best quality metal you can find. Upon closer inspection, it feels like it’s not steel, therefore it will start to rust if the air is moist. That not only is bad for youngsters but looks bad down the line. Merax Solid Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed1It’s also unusually light despite being made of alloy materials. Although in some cases being light isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can cause complications in climbing up and down, especially when a kid is over 50 pounds. You will have to hug the bed otherwise the whole structure may fall on you. Definitely NOT a good design. That means I wouldn’t recommend this bunk bed to children over 6, despite that the weight limit is 250 pounds for the upper level. Now that I think of it, being 250 pounds and stepping on those ladder rungs is a one-way ticket to pain-town. You’ll definitely have to wrap those rungs with foam padding or something. If you still want it, you can separate those beds and that way you can sleep on it safely, but that does defeat the whole purpose of being a bunk bed.

Another unfortunate reason to avoid this bunk bed is that some parts are just plain missing. You can buy this bed, and even follow the instructions clearly, but in some cases, you will run into a problem called “somethingisnotright”, and in that moment you’ll have to either ask for customer support or buy those parts yourself.

Speaking of customer support, it’s actually quite good. There are a lot of products out there with a hollow support behind it, so seeing such helpful and friendly people working in Merax is pleasing. I kinda feel bad for writing such negative overview. Nevertheless, as a review of bunk beds, I have to be plain, so I hope they fix the issues they have with their next products.

This was a short overview of “Merax Solid Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed”. More info on various bunk beds coming up!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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