Metal Bunk Beds for Kids – BE AWARE!

Searching for metal bunk beds for kids? Searching for something strong and sturdy while being on a budget? Well, let me help and educate you on some positives and negatives that you might encounter with metal frames.

I do not like them. I’ll be perfectly straight with you. I won’t try to tell you to buy this one or get that one. I am a parent myself, so keeping my children safe and comfortable is also my top priority. Are metal bunk beds really so bad that you can’t use them?

No, but you might run into some complications down the line. Here are some:

Noise With Metal Bunk Beds

That speaks for itself. Although some wooden bunk beds give out a creaking sound also, they are typically a lot sturdier and hence make less noise. With metal bunk beds, screws that connect metal frames with each other oftentimes get loose once kids jump and play around a lot. That may lead to uncomfortable noises during the night and also to unnecessary trouble in tightening up the screws for each bolt. Lubricating some connection points are also an option, but as we, parents, have more than enough responsibilities on our hands, spending those extra hours on bed maintenance isn’t really pleasant. That is why almost all my recommendations for “best bunk beds for kids” at every budget point include a wooden bunk bed. Only one metal bunk bed is recommended by me if you are searching for affordable bunk beds for kids. Other than that, rarely do metal ones find mercy in my eyes.

I remember when I was sleeping at my friend’s house back when I was little. Although he didn’t have a brother or a sister, he did have a metal bunk bed that was used for guests. You have absolutely no idea how much it squeaked! Unfortunately, I had to sleep on a top bunk bed, so every move in the bed made so much noise that I was sure nobody was sleeping because of it. The fact that I had difficulties sleeping anywhere outside my bed didn’t help the matter. I think I even saw wrinkles underneath my friend’s mother the next morning because of it.

From that moment, I was glad we had a good solid wooden bunk bed in our house. If you are looking to get one, I’d suggest you look into them also. It will save you time, and nerves down the line.


We, parents, don’t have much time to spend on trivial stuff. Metal bunk beds, however, might eat up your precious time. As metal is susceptible to corrosion, it is important to check up on it as rust can be very unhealthy to us.

Just imagine being a kid and seeing a new metal bunk bed. You will not care if the bed is made of metal, you will just jump around and slide yourself down while holding the metal tube.

It may be a harmless activity in the beginning, but once metal gets water on it by children having a water fight, it may rust. Children won’t notice that and will still slide down by using the metal frame, and that’s when it can puncture the skin and lead to an injury.

I don’t mean to scare parents in any way, I am just speaking of a worst-case scenario that everyone should be aware of.

All this worry can be avoided by doing simple maintenance on a bed, but come on… who really has time to do that regularly? When I come back from work, I just want to finish my unfinished business, be it a workout or something else, and then relax while watching a bit of TV.

I ain’t in the mood to do monthly checkups for something like furniture! So it’s better to invest early into +2 hour-longer assembly (talking about wooden bunk beds), than a 20-year-old investment in taking care of inanimate metal objects.

This is, without saying, the most optimal way of making sure nothing bad happens. If you have your own timeframe and will to do these bunk bed maintenance chores, then all the power to you.

You might as well pick a good affordable bunk bed for that.


Many also seem to think that metal bunk beds are safer since they are sturdier… or at least they think so. Well, let me tell you that even though metal is harder than wood, it does not provide less movement. In fact, quality wooden bunk beds can outlast metal ones, and even be sturdier when kids jump around, as long as they are not damaged throughout the years. Speaking of damage…The only weakness of wooden furniture is that it might get damaged when getting wet, and they are susceptible to fire. Although these scenarios are unlikely to happen for us, metal can still outlast in that case. But if we look at it from a regular and normal point of view, there is almost no reason to go with metal bunk beds if “strongness” is what you are looking for.


Well, that is a personal preference of course. But, let me ask you a question. Do you really prefer metal furniture over wood?

If we look at the market, most of the furniture you see is made out of wood. It’s more environmentally friendly and more aesthetically pleasing to the majority of people.

I belong in the same boat. Futuristic style, which is usually accompanied by metal-made furniture, just doesn’t really bring any good feelings. There are some good-looking futuristic-styled rooms that you can take inspiration from, but most of them are looking really bland.

Wood, on the other hand, gives you a lot more warmth and coziness. We are human beings, after all, we and our ancestors were born with wood and nature all around us. It’s familiar and relaxing. On top of all that, wood lets you have a lot more customization options. If you take a look at my list of best bunk beds, you’ll find many beds that are of different designs, sizes, and colors. Metal bunk beds are somewhat limited in that regard.

Are There Any Upsides to Metal Bunk Beds for Kids?


You can find quite a cheap bunk bed for around 100 dollars, a bit more even. Heck, even in my cheap bunk beds list I have a metal one called DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed. That is actually the only one I approve of out of all the metal bunk beds due to its design and simplicity. Metal is somewhat easier to get, so the price for it is lower. The fact that most people buy wooden bunk beds doesn’t help manufacturers to raise the price through high demand. So for now, metal bunk beds can be bought at around 100-200 dollars. Still, even at that price point, I would not recommend you get one. There is a cheap wooden bunk bed that I would suggest you look into that is at the same price, or a bit higher. If you are looking to get a bunk bed for your kids, I’d definitely recommend saving some money for a bit higher-priced bunk bed for your kids. After all, these beds are going to be serving your kids for over a decade, so investing in better-quality furniture will pay off your family in the long run.


Now this one depends on what kind of bed you buy. Generally speaking, most metal bunk bed frames are thinner than wooden ones, and that results in less weight.

Less weight means you can transport the bed a lot easier, as well as assemble it once it ships to your residence. However, with beds, it’s usually better if they are as heavy as possible. No one likes cheap materials, and lightness is usually associated with cheapness. Although it is easier to transport the bunk bed from one place to another, they will, unfortunately, move during squirming (changing position) also, and that is something that kids tend to do. I know that from personal experience. What can that result in? Marks on the floor.


Design preference is subjective, right? For example, I may prefer wooden furniture, but I know that there are some room designs that would look better with a metal bunk bed.

When they are picked and placed appropriately, they can do wonders for your room.

metal bunk bed

I can see the percentage from the bunk bed sales. Only around 20% of buyers buy a metal bunk bed. But I also have received lots of pictures of how the metal bunk beds looked when assembled. Let me tell you, I can’t remember a single picture, where I was thinking that it doesn’t fit there. It actually looked very stylish.

One just has to be careful with the cheaper metal bunk beds, as they are not only a nightmare in terms of weight capacity, durability, and maintenance, but they also squeak a lot.

Kids love to move around in bed, and those connection points tend to loosen up, which creates this seagull simulator in your household. When on a cheaper budget, pick wooden bunk beds.


I dislike metal bunk beds. That is for certain. If you are looking for a futuristic design for your kids’ room, it is up to you, but be aware of the issues that might come with it. Even if looks may not play a big role in what you are searching for, sounds that they emit may do that.

If you are worried about sturdiness, worry no more. The ones that I have suggested are completely safe, have almost no movement, and are oftentimes tested for durability. If there is an imminent threat of beds getting soaked in water, or there is a big danger of fire in your residency (which is kinda absurd), then metal bunk beds for kids may serve you better.

Otherwise, do stick with wooden bunk beds. Kids will love them, trust me. Mine do.

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