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Most Comfortable Bunk Beds to Sleep on in 2022

Comfortable bunk beds are not as common as you might think. For me, comfortable bunk beds have to include:

  1. The climbing comfort
  2. Sturdiness
  3. Minimal Sound

On the last one, you might wonder what sound bunk beds can make – it’s an annoying squeaking sound that happens when the bunk bed is of low quality and shakes a lot.

But before I recommend the bunk beds, we also have to address the most important part of the comfort:

The right mattress

I’ve slept on numerous mattresses and checked reviews on almost every single mattress that has at least some kind of popularity.

In my opinion, this is the mattress I would recommend most for comfort.

Zinus is a popular mattress brand, and for a good reason. The memory foam is designed so that it relieves pressure in certain key points in our body, reduces pain if you have them, and increases sleep quality for most.

So, with all these factors out the way, here are my personal top recommendations for comfortable bunk beds:

Twin over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Dimensions: ‎100.75″ L x 42.5″ W x 66.25″ H

Weight Capacity: 800 pounds per bunk

Colors: Natural, White, Chestnut

Material: Premium Hardwood

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

Comfort is very important for me, and I don’t pick the bunk beds lighthandedly. As we spend half of our lives on beds, it’s good to have a steady base where you can comfortably sleep without having those micro-wakeups whenever you turn sides.

I picked this bunk bed because of the:

  1. quality, which converts into comfort through a stable base and unshakeable frame.
  2. stairs, that make the “climbing” easier than ever.
  3. lack of noise, which is in part supported by the, again, quality.

It is also at a perfect height: Not too high and not too low, which makes it great for sitting. There is plenty of headroom, as long as you or your kids are under 5’6″.

As you see in the pictures, there are also drawers underneath the stairs. Since they are built from the side, and not from the front, it adds to the comfort and safety of not accidentally stepping on an open drawer at night.

I usually don’t like open spaces underneath the bed, but since it is an add-on approved frame, you can easily purchase a trundle, when you have the need and money for it. Many manufacturers sell everything at once, making the price go over a thousand. So seeing it as a separate option is actually refreshing.

“Francis Lofts & Bunks” Bunk Bed

Dimensions: ‎Custom (Twin/Full/Queen/King)

Weight Capacity: 2000lbs per bunk

Colors: 5 different color options (upon request there are charcoal, gray, white, black, and light-bronze)

Material: Aluminium metal

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

As you can see in the introduction section, some of the parts are done per request. On their landing page, you also see the price. Oh yes, they are one of the priciest bunk beds on the market right now, and for a good reason:

They are the sturdiest bunk beds you can get, as the frame itself is reinforced with aluminum. 2000 pounds of weight capacity PER bunk is not a joke. It is very rare to see, and that means there will be no bed shaking, and no sounds coming out of it any time soon.

It doesn’t have stairs, but the ladder is diagonally placed, which makes climbing down a lot easier and more comfortable.

Despite the price difference from my other recommendations, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out their bunk beds, if you can afford them. You don’t have to get this one if you solely search for comfortable bunk beds, but if you do choose them, they definitely don’t let you down.

AFI Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed

columbia bunk bed for comfort

Dimensions: 80.5″L x 58.38″W x 68.13″H

Weight Capacity: 1000lbs per bunk

Colors: Walnut

Material: Hardwood

Suitable Mattress: Bunk Bed Mattress

This is the bed we like to call the “premium” edition. It’s not as expensive as the previous recommendation, but it still delivers in terms of quality.

All parts weigh around 463 pounds… just from that fact you can be sure it’s hardwood. Hardwood, compared to softwood, doesn’t squeak and does not shake when someone plays a boat simulator on the top bunk.

columbia bunk bed inside room is comfortable

Its weight capacity is 1000 pounds per bunk, meaning it exceeds US safety standards by 2.5 times. It is literally a bunk bed that many strive for, but ultimately fail to achieve. This Columbia bunk bed does this through 26 steel reinforcement points and using a mortise-and-tension construction technique.

In the end, what makes this bunk bed comfortable is the stair design itself, as they are literal stairs compared to a ladder, and the drawers inside the stairs make it not only accessible but also visually pleasing.

The trundle, that’s included, makes life a lot easier as well, as they can usually be used as an additional bed, or a place to store bed sheets.

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