NE Kids Highlands Full Loft Bed with Desk in Driftwood Details:

NE Kids Highlands Full Loft Bed with Desk in DriftwoodDimensions: 71.5 x 60 x 6.2 inches

Weight capacity: 300lbs top and bottom

How much weighs: 104 pounds

Color: Driftwood, Espresso

Material: Pine Wood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Let’s steer off bunk beds this time. As soon as I saw this one, I thought to myself that I just have to to do a quick review on it.

After all, bunk beds and loft beds are considered brothers, so why not?

NE Kids is who made this product and they are the ones that not only supply you with beds like this but also manufacture all kinds of furniture to match the ones you bought.

For example, this loft bed has a lot of room for various different fittings, and as I checked, a huge variety of accessories are offered, even though you have to buy them separately.

This one has everything included, everything that you see in the picture at least, with the exception of that chair. The seat can be bought for $100 if needed. It’s not a bad thing. Most customers already have their own chair they use, so why should they pay the extra cost for something they won’t even use.

Although the title suggests it’s made of ‘driftwood’, it’s obviously not true. If driftwood was used here, you or your kids would quickly find yourselves on the first floor after climbing up (can also be bought in espresso color). No, pine is what is used here. Pine is a typical soft wood that is used for quite a lot of different chattels. As such, be careful not to accidentally scratch it as it’s easy to do and leaves a lot of marks. It’s also very sensitive to fluid damage.

Drawers are a nice touch and remove the need to buy extra storage. I almost wanted to add this loft bed to my upcoming ‘Best Beds With Stairs and Storage’ list, but then I remembered that it lacks stairs.

Yes, if that was included this bed frame would have been almost perfect. However, I can’t ignore the fact that the ladder almost suits it, in a way. It is placed diagonally which is good, and it has flat steps, so your children’s legs won’t hurt. So all in all, it may be a good alternative choice.

This was my quick overview of this gorgeous NE Kids Highlands Full Loft Bed. More is to come!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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