Out of 22 Different Types of Bunk Beds – WHICH TO GET?

Yes, there really are tons of different types of bunk beds out there, and it can get a little confusing.

So to make it easier to understand, let me, as a bunk bed reviewer, list all the types of bunk beds, and then I’ll add a description as well.

If you have a specific keyword, just press ctrl+F (or command+F in MacBook) and type in what you look for.

So let’s start with the most popular one:

Different types of bunk bed materials

different types of bunk bed materials

#1 – Wooden bunk bed

wooden bunk bed

What is a wooden bunk bed?

It’s made entirely of wood and they have lots of pros compared to metals. Currently, wooden bunk beds are the most popular ones.

Who are wooden bunk beds for?

If you like a more natural feel, it’s a perfect fit. It draws us back to nature and is very kid-friendly not only in terms of safety but also in terms of psychological effects.

There is softwood and there is hardwood. Softwood is cheaper, but it may break more easily as time goes on. Hardwood is more expensive, but you get that premium feel, as well as a stronger material altogether, which translates to less shaking, fewer bumps, and more weight capacity.

#2 – Metal bunk bed

metal bunk beds

What is a metal bunk bed?

The frame is entirely metallic. Metal bunk beds are popular since many of them are cheap and robust.

Who are metal bunk beds for?

If you are low on money, but you want a bunk bed that is fairly strong as well, you can definitely find a nice bunk bed. In the 200-400 dollar range, the wooden bunk beds are definitely a hit or miss, but with metal, you might actually get something decent. Not all of them are good, but they do exist.

There are also higher-priced bunk beds that usually look quite modern, and are very good for adults, but the price is quite high, as I’ve seen some metal bunk beds reach 3,000 dollars.

Different types of bunk bed sizes

diffirent types of bunk bed sizes

#3 – Twin over Twin bunk bed

twin-over-twin bunk bed

What is a twin-over-twin bunk bed?

This is the one that everyone thinks of when they hear the word “bunk bed”. It is the most popular size, since everything else is either ‘unequal’ in terms of your two children, or it’s actually meant for grown-ups. “Twin” is also called a single bed, and is usually slept by one person only.

Who are twin-over-twin bunk beds meant for?

It’s best if you just have 2 young children in one room when you want to save space and add some flavor to the room design.

If you think that sleeping on top is better, it’s not the case. Just put the older one on top, and be done with it. When I personally got a bunk bed when I was little, I immediately wanted to sleep on the top bunk. But the more time passed on, the more I found myself wanting to be in the bottom bunk.

Twin-on-twin bunk beds also work for a single child. I was a single child, but I still got a bunk bed, and I loved it. It’s good when friends come for a sleepover, and it’s good when a child wants to build a fortress out of a bunk bed.

I’ve done the last one many times.

#4 – Twin-over-Full bunk bed

bunk beds email

What is a twin-over-full bunk bed?

Twin-over-full bunk bed basically means that the top bunk bed is standard-sized, which is suitable for one person, and the bottom bunk is full-sized, which is good for two people.

Who are Twin-over-Full bunk beds for?

It’s very good if you:

  1. Have 3 children.
  2. Have one child, but you as parents want to sleep in the same bed.
  3. 1 child is bigger than the other.

They are available in wood and metal material. Unless you fit in these mentioned categories, twin-over-full is not that necessary.

#5 – Full-over-Full bunk bed

full-over-full bunk bed

What is a full-over-full bunk bed?

Both bunks are 54 by 75 inches, and that means that this bunk bed can fit two people on it.

Who is a Full-over-Full bunk bed for?

It will be a tight fit, but two people can sleep on a bunk, meaning 4 people/children will fit on it. Some bunk beds are strong enough even to fit 4 adults on them, although it will be a tight fit. Just be mindful of the weight capacity.

The higher the price, the higher weight it can support.

It’s perfect for children who want to sleep vertically, diagonally, or however way they want.

#6 – Queen-over-Queen bunk bed

What is a queen-over-queen bunk bed?

A queen-over-Queen bunk bed is similar to Full-over-Full, but it’s slightly bigger.

Who are Queen-over-Queen bunk beds for?

It’s definitely more suitable for adults. Full-over-full is a good step toward being adult-friendly, but you will always have to be careful when you turn around, otherwise, you hit your partner.

With queen-sized bunk beds, there is usually enough room to sleep together, and if there are guests, they can use the top bunk.

It’s a niche situation, I understand, but it fits that need quite well.

Different types of bunk bed styles

#7 – Rope Bunk Bed

rope bunk bed

What is a rope bunk bed?

Rope bunk beds don’t have the in-between frame like regular bunk beds, as they only rely on bolts and the rope itself.

Who are rope bunk beds for?

They aren’t the most practical pieces of furniture, but they do look quite cool. As most bunk beds are already made out of wood, it kind of enhances the natural feel, the feel as if you are disconnected from the technology.

It’s a great so-called “grounding”, so if you wish that you or your kids get more connected to our world, this gives that feeling quite well.

Not many companies offer the orders, so it needs to be either self-built by the safety standards, or you need to search for a professional.

#8 – L-Shaped Bunk Bed

l-shaped bunk bed

What is an L-shaped bunk bed?

L-shaped bunk beds are meant for corners, and can usually fit 4 people on them. They look like 2 regular bunk beds are glued together.

Who are L-shaped bunk beds for?

It’s best for families with 4 children, or 3 children and an extra bed for friends.

Out of all “quadruple” bunk beds, this is the one I recommend the most. The ones that are stacked on top of each other are rarely as safe as I’d like for my taste.

L-shaped bunk beds, however, can be bulky in a way, but they save lots of space if a parent wants children to sleep in one room.

#9 – L-shaped Loft Bed

l shaped loft bed

What is an L-shaped loft bed?

An L-shaped loft bed is similar to the one above, but the difference is that it only has 3 beds, with the free space being occupied by a desk/couch.

Who are L-shaped loft beds for?

If you have 3 kids, it’s also recommended by me to buy a loft bed like this, as it’s very safe, saves space, and adds a cozy room for a desk, for study, or a computer.

Triple bunk beds are better than quadruple bunk beds, but I’d still recommend an L-shaped loft bed for families with 3 children since the height can become an issue with a standard-sized triple bunk bed.

#10 – Loft Bed

loft bed

What is a loft bed?

A loft bed is usually separate furniture, but since many associate loft beds with bunk beds, I added it to the list. It’s like a bunk bed, where the lower bunk is removed and replaced with a desk.

Who are loft beds for?

If you have a single child, or if you live in a small apartment alone, a loft bed is for you.

Loft beds can satisfy the bunk bed fantasy that many of us have without having an extra bed for no real reason.

That’s where the loft beds are showing their strongest side. Even adults wouldn’t mind sleeping on an elevated bunk bed and then coming down to do some work underneath the bed.

#11 – Futon Bunk Bed

futon bunk bed

What is a futon bunk bed?

A Futon bunk bed is a bed where the bottom bunk is replaced with a convertible couch.

Who are futon bunk beds for?

Futon bunk beds are best for people that want an option of a traditional bunk bed but also wish for an option for the couch.

They are not hard to convert, and all-in-all, save quite a lot of space. If you live alone and have a lot of friends coming over, it’s good to watch some TV on the opposite wall, and when the night comes, just transform the bed into a full bed.

#12 – Triple Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed

What is a triple bunk bed?

A triple bunk bed is three beds stacked on top of each other.

Who are triple bunk beds for?

I usually don’t recommend triple bunk beds. The main reason is safety. Typical triple bunk beds are just too high, and there are too many safety concerns.

However, if you were to get a bunk bed that has the trundle space removed, it’s low enough to be just slightly bigger than the regular bunk bed. Sleepers won’t have enough space to fully sit on the bunk beds, but it definitely saves space.

If you do have space, I would recommend an L-shaped loft bed.

#13 – Low Bunk Bed

low bunk bed

What is a low bunk bed?

Low bunk beds are oftentimes without the trundle space, meaning the height is severely lowered.

Who are low bunk beds for?

Low bunk beds are best for younger children, as the bottom bunk is on the ground, and the top bunk is at chest height.

I wouldn’t recommend bunk beds for kids under 4 years of age, but the fact that a “low bunk bed” is lower minimizes the injury risk by a significant amount.

#14 – High Bunk Bed

high bunk bed

What is a high bunk bed?

A high bunk bed refers more to the increased headspace for the bottom bunk than the actual bunk bed height.

Who are high bunk beds for?

Since high bunk beds have increased headspace, it’s very useful for teenagers or adults who would like some headroom when they sit up on the bottom bunk.

They are also useful for using a bottom bunk as a couch since your neck won’t be crooked during sitting. Basically, you can use your bunk bed as an inconvertible futon bed.

#15 – Built-in Bunk Bed

built in bunk bed

What is a built-in bunk bed?

Built-in bunk beds are oftentimes already built inside walls during the construction period. They blend in well with the room structure.

Who are built-in bunk beds for?

It’s best used for people who are in the building phase and want to make their room unique and cool by building such bunk beds.

It also saves a lot of room and creates that minimalistic feel that is quite trendy nowadays.

To make one yourself, you need to consult with a professional to see what options you have.

#16 – Treehouse Bunk Bed

treehouse bunk bed

What is a treehouse bunk bed?

It’s a style of bunk bed where the upper bunk is uniquely styled in a form of a treehouse (with windows and roof) or in a form of a castle.

Who are treehouse bunk beds for?

As they are very kid-themed and lower than usual bunk beds, they are perfect for younger children (between the ages of 4 and 12).

Not only do they have different themes available, but they also love to include slides. It all depends on who you buy the tree house from.

#17 – Log Bunk Bed

log bunk bed

What is a log bunk bed?

A Log bunk bed basically means that its frame is made entirely of logs.

Who are log bunk beds for?

Log bunk beds are strong and sturdy, which means they can accommodate children and adults more often than not.

They are used in summer houses a lot, and they fit well with the natural look that many people search for. It has this down-to-earth look that has that calming effect that is really needed in our fast and busy lives.

#18 – Trundle Bunk Bed

trundle bunk bed

What is a trundle bunk bed?

A trundle bunk bed is a bed that has a trundle space underneath it. It is usually hidden until you pull it out. It has wheels.

Who are trundle bunk beds for?

Trundle bunk beds aren’t usually called “trundle bunk beds”. They are just regular bunk beds with trundle space included. If you find that you or your children have guests coming over very often, you can look for a bunk bed that either already has a trundle (seen in the picture) or can be additionally purchased (by putting a checkmark on it).

They add about 200-300 dollars to the overall bunk bed price.

#19 – Vintage Bunk Bed

vintage bunk bed

What is a vintage bunk bed?

Vintage bunk beds are usually made out of metal and have stylized guard rails representing wealth and style. Often seen in older vintage movies.

Who are vintage bunk beds for?

Although they have their unique look, I wouldn’t really recommend these dinosaurs. They are very outdated, and the frame itself is usually not very strong for decades of usage.

Metal bunk beds, especially the tubular ones have a lot of compromising points that will probably end with breakage.

#20 – Modern Bunk Bed

modern bunk bed

What is a modern bunk bed?

Modern bunk beds aren’t as fixed on metal as the vintage ones, but ironically there are a lot of metal bunk beds just because of the fact that it fits in that squarish and minimalistic design.

Who are modern bunk beds for?

If the room you want to fit your bunk bed in is modern, meaning it has a lot of minimalistic designs and uses lots of black and white colors, it will fit in quite nicely.

Modern metal ones are quite robust and straightforward in design, whereas wooden ones have more elegance and smoothness to them. It’s a matter of taste which one you want to choose.

#21 – Rustic bunk bed

What is a rustic bunk bed?

Rustic bunk beds use a special wood that represents barns and farms.

Who are rustic bunk beds for?

Although they are not personally my taste, they would fit quite nicely in farms or hotels that use that kind of theme.

#22 – Camping Bunk Bed

camping bunk bed

What is a camping bunk bed?

Right now, camping bunk beds are quite monopolized by the company called Disk-O-Bed. They can be assembled in 5-10 minutes, and are quite light.

Who are camping bunk beds for?

As you guess from the name, they are taken with you camping. They fit inside the car, weigh as little as possible, and are easy to put together.

I’ve done a review of them, should you wish to check them out.

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