Powell Heavy Metal Bunk Bed Details:

Powell Heavy Metal Bunk Bed1Dimensions: 82.5 x 57.8 x 65.1 inches

Sizes: Full/Full; Twin/twin

Weight capacity: 300lbs top and bottom

How much weighs: 150lbs

Color: Grey (Pewter), Black

Material: Metal (Pewter)

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

When I saw this product I wasn’t sure I’ve seen it anywhere before. Not only the bunk bed itself but the company behind it.

Upon doing some research I found out Powell does have quite a lot of furniture placed on Amazon, but not all of them are bunk beds. In fact, most of them are centered around tables, stools, drawers… everything that is related to furniture.

Either way, bed frames are there and ready to be bought. You can even see that it doesn’t go the typical route; it has its own certain style that isn’t mimicked or mimicked by anyone else. It even feels downright massive, especially when we look at how thick those metal support frames are.

With that, obviously, comes sturdiness – it is superbly built and it doesn’t sway at all. Noise is also almost nonexistent, at least that’s what my experience was. Powell Heavy Metal Bunk Bed2What I also love about this bed is that it is a lot more customizable than a typical metal bunk. This Powell bed can be converted into two beds, the ladder can be placed on either side, and it has 2 color options. The last one is something that alloy bunks sometimes don’t include.

Since this bunk bed is so sturdy, it can hold a very respectable weight of 300 pounds per level. Although not the highest, it is definitely up there, and even though I tend to not believe some of the numbers that are out there, I can trust this one.

Are there any bad things about this bunk bed?

Well, as is the custom on this review site, the ladder is something I have to mention. If you, parents, want a fun drinking game, take a shot every time I mention ladders.

They are bad.

Not completely bad because I do appreciate that they made it diagonal instead of vertical, as it helps climbing up and down, but the rungs themselves are like an exact replica of every other horrible bunk bed that has those pain inducers. It is painful to step on them. One customer felt they were so bad that they installed boards on them for better footing (as shown in picture).

I can’t really understand, why didn’t they test it out themselves. Did they forget to take their shoes off when placing their foot on those steps?

Anyway, that is my only serious complaint about this bunk bed. It has quite a respectable price, not too much and not too low for the quality you get, so if it was up to me, I’d definitely consider purchasing this Powell heavy metal Full on Full bunk bed (or Twin on Twin).

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


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