Today it’s time to review Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed that is Gunmetal color, just as I promised before.

Although my site is mainly focused on bunk beds for kids, I’ll throw in an adult one, just because of its popularity.

So how is it? Is this metal bunk bed really worth it?

I’ve been involved in bunk bed business for years, and most of the metal bunk beds I see aren’t really worth spending your money on. Find a good alternative to wooden bunk beds is quite hard, especially when most high tier priced bunk beds are made out of wood.

But, this time I was pleasantly surprised.


Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed, Gunmetal

Dimensions: Length 82″, Width 61″, Height 65″ (Full on full)

Weight Capacity: At least 400lbs on top and bottom, otherwise you won’t even challenge it.

Shipping Weight: 265 pounds

Colors: Dark gray “Gunmetal”

Material: Metal

Best Price: Amazon (discount)

This bunk bed is so good that I’ve listed it in my official “best metal bunk beds” list. There are many reasons why I actually did it, so let’s start from the beginning.


Who is This Bed For?

It’s not made for kids. This bunk bed is perfect for adults. Kids can also sleep on it, but since the weight capacity is unusually high, adults are the ones who will benefit the most from it. If you are looking for something for your kids, check out these bunk beds.If you are on the heavy side, and you’d like something strong, this one is definitely for you. Or maybe you are looking for a bed that can carry the weight of 4 people. I have a friend who purchased this bed for his summer house. He and his girlfriend were sleeping on the top bunk bed, while friends or guests were on bottom one. Plenty of room for that since the mattress size for each bunk is “full” (standard size for one person is called “twin”). If you don’t have or don’t know what kind of mattress to get, this one is the most popular one that is a perfect fit for Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 bunk bed.


It is unbelievably strong. The stronger your bed is, the less noise it makes, it’s less susceptible to outside damage, and it won’t move around as much when you climb up.

Have you ever noticed someone preferring to sleep on the lower bunk bed? One of the reasons is because it feels unstable. I had a bunk bed for 15 years in my room, and almost all that time, I really wanted to sleep on the bottom. Not because I was lazy to climb, but because whenever I changed position during sleeping, my bed started to sway in all directions which resulted in me waking up.

You see, my bunk bed was quite bad. This bunk bed is not. According to manufacturers, the weight capacity is 400lbs for each bunk. That is completely unheard of. You could place 2 people on each bunk, and it would still stay sturdy. Now that is what I call a good design.Yes, material plays a big role in sturdiness, but the design is just as important. It is made in a way that completely eliminates any movement and stays completely silent. The metallic noise that many metal bunk beds suffer from, comes from 2 metals grinding at each other. You can counter it by oiling up the noise emitters, or by tightening up the screws. All that takes effort, time and nerves. We don’t want to go through a maintenance every 6 months just for the bed. We want to buy something that is reliant and doesn’t need an extra care.

This bunk bed delivers it.

However, it couldn’t be possible without a good design. Poor focus on design can really damage the product in the long run. Since this bunk bed has a cross-build with an enhanced metal structure, it doesn’t let it move back and forth, left to right as much as other bunk beds. This 460078 design is really unique – there are almost no similar bunk beds, and since wooden beds can’t be designed this way, it can benefit from areas that others can’t reach.

What Should This Bunk Bed Improve Upon

Although, as previously mentioned that this design makes it very sturdy and strong, it can lead to difficulties in being practical. Most bunk beds are using sides as an exit or entry, but considering that the metal frame is occupying those roads, going through back or front will be the only comfortable way to access the bed. I am saying “comfortable” because if you want, you can go through sides, but people are of different sizes – some will fit through, some will not. It can be manageable the first time, but when you do worm crawling every single morning, it can become bothersome. But, it’s more like nit-picking on small details.

Getting on a top bunk bed is only possible through side ladders. Unfortunately, ladders are placed diagonally. If you’ve read my previous articles, you’d see my burning distaste for such ladders. I remember when I was little climbing down from the top bunk bed. In the mornings you have that morning weakness where muscles don’t really want to comply and are weak. That day I had it in full effect. As soon as I awkwardly placed my legs on the top rail, I couldn’t hold my weight at that angle and went crashing down. If the ladder is vertical, it gives you much more space and comfort in going up and down.
Also, do keep in mind that these exits and ladders mean that at least one side and one way, either in front or back, has to be free. So you can’t place any furniture next to the bed unless it’s on one of the sides. Perfect place for the foundation would be at the corner. Since it has no pillow holder, having a wall is very important. Otherwise, your pillow is going to be falling down often, especially if you are a tall person.


I rarely give metal bunk beds good ratings. Since there are so many low-quality beds out there, it made me think that there is no salvation for metallic beds. Today I was proven wrong.
Personally, I would place that x frame on back and front, as well as have the ladder at a slight angle, but apart from that, I more than recommend this bed to everyone. Kids can sleep on it, as well as adults, no matter their weight.
It’s one of the sturdiest bunk beds I’ve had the fortune to review. Not only is it strong, it looks really great (at least for my taste). This “gunmetal” color is dark greyish so keep that in mind. In the picture, it looks a bit lighter. → Here is a good representation of its true color under realistic lighting.
If you purchase this Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed, Gunmetal, you probably won’t have any issues, that I can say.
I give it my seal of approval!


Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed, Gunmetal REVIEW!
Huge weight limitSturdyStylish
Ladder placement
89%I was pleasantly surprised.
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