REVIEW – Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

Today I am going to be reviewing Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed that is Espresso color.

Don’t ask me why espresso…

Over the course of my reviewing career, I’ve seen a lot of trash. Some bunk bed makers were scamming their users, some were misleading. Others had good intentions, but the design just fell short.

I know what kind of beds are best. Definitely not the ones where feet start to hurt from climbing up and down the ladder. Does this bunk bed have that issue? Unfortunately yes, but first, let me give you a brief introduction to this Walker Edison bunk bed:


Dimensions: 79 inch W x 42 inch D x 65 inch H

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 225lbs, top bunk 200lbs

How much weighs: 112 pounds when assembled

Color: Espresso, black, cherry, gray, honey, natural, white

Material: Solid pine wood

Who is it For?

Kids are the most valuable beings for us as parents.

I know that you want the best for your kids, and that’s why I am here to help you.

Is this bed suitable for your kids? Compared to other bunk beds, it’s rather simplistic.

A lot of beds out there have some kind of… personality, or touch, I should say. Some are curved in certain places, others have a unique color. Even the position of the ladder itself can make it unique. This one is a Toyota Prius of bunk beds. The most common-looking bed that you can find. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing… after all, simplicity is something that many are searching for.

But if you want something extravagant, this one might fall a bit short.

But, it makes up in quality itself! That’s where it shines the most. Personally, I would say it’s one of the most important traits you should look for when searching for bunk beds. It is made out of solid pine wood, and because of that, it is incredibly sturdy, especially for this price.

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Usually, this kind of level of sturdiness can be seen in bunk beds that are over 500 bucks, and I was wondering why it was so cheap. A simple design couldn’t have been it…. neither is popularity an issue. But then I checked its weight…

Why Should You Get it?

Let me tell you now – Although the weight for it is surprisingly low, too low I might even say, it is unusually sturdy. These two things – low weight and sturdiness – don’t really mix very well, at least as far as my experience goes.

I’ve had many bunk beds that looked cheap, felt cheap, and were cheap and shaky, but this one manages to eliminate all the cons that low weight bunk beds usually inherit, and give you a solid bunk bed option that your kids may safely sleep on for years to come. After thinking for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion: They either tampered with the wood material itself, or the design and final assembly are so well thought out that it eliminates all the unnecessary movement. I guess it contributes to the simplistic design that I so harshly critiqued before…

But, the fact that it’s so simple, doesn’t mean that you are limited in terms of customization! Thank goodness for the number of color options this bunk bed offers. You have no idea how rare it is to have so many options in color. Even the most expensive bunk beds that I review are not blessed with color variations.

Don’t ask me why they don’t include it. Considering how many different room designs there are, and how much color plays role in what customers buy, one would think that color choices would be included… but nope.

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At least some here have common sense. What Walker Edison company also has common sense in is making proper assembly instructions. I’ve once read such a horrible bunk bed manual that I was sure it was some kind of an encrypted letter that would reward you with hidden treasure, should you crack it.

Fortunately, I’ve had no problems with understanding what was written. Everything was clear and concise. I could find some points where they could improve upon, but the overall writing doesn’t take away the time it takes to build it. You will be able to finish it in a couple of hours after the shipment arrives.

Why You Should Not Get This Bed

Why….. why oh why are vertical ladders still a thing? I know that adults are rarely sleeping on bunk beds for long periods of time, but they really should replace their own beds with bunk beds, at least for a month. Then they would realize how much of a pain these ladders are.

First of all, getting off the top bunk bed is a nightmare. I’ve slept on a similar bunk bed for 15 years, and the pain to figure out how to get down easier led me to jump off the top bunk bed without even touching those stairs. That’s why I am a big advocate for properly made ladders.

On top of its rotation, or position per se, I would make ladder footing a lot flatter and wider. Why? It hurts your feet. Now, we do know that children are a lot lighter and don’t feel as much pressure, but this bunk bed can be used for years to come. When they grow older, that might become an issue.

If you are still interested in getting this bunk bed, which is not a bad idea, I’d advise you to get a soft foam and wrap it around the ladder rungs, so when they step on it, it’s pleasant. I’ve come to this idea by seeing some customers suffering from the same problem. When I saw their solution, I was amazed. Here is how it looks →


Apart from the ladder problem, I do approve of this bed. I wish it had more personality in terms of design since I am not really into simplicity, but as it is completely a matter of preference, I can’t really downplay it too much.

What matters most is how it performs. Does it break easily? Are there any sounds? What about swaying? The answer to those questions is no, it is made well. It can make some noise down the line, but I was pleasantly surprised to not hear many sounds coming from the key points.

You can get this Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso on Amazon, should you wish to purchase it. Happy sleeping to you and your kids!

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