Sturdy Kids Sturdy Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs Details:

Dimensions: 78″L x 57″W x 61.5″H

Weight capacity: Bottom bunk 450lbs, top bunk 200lbs

How much weighs: 109lbs

Color: Black, Metal, White

Material: Metal

Best Price Offer: Amazon

Well, I don’t really like to go on a rampage inside the introductory page, but let me just tell you that the title for this bunk bed isn’t accurate, even though the bunk bed itself is called that way.

I really dislike sellers who mislead people, and if there is ever a good example of “not true”, this is it. Let’s start with the first couple words: “Sturdy Kids Sturdy” – I don’t know what was going on when they typed it but ‘sturdy’ isn’t something you could call this bunk bed.

Metal is usually known as being sturdy but upon researching it I found out that this specific bunk bed wiggles more than I’d like. On top of that, metal isn’t as thick as it shows in the picture as many have reported. Maybe that’s the reason picture is so blurred? They also say that this bunk bed comes with stairs. That is simply not true. It comes with a ladder, and the ladder is something every cheap bunk bed has. Stairs are usually with bunk beds that cost over 700+ dollars.

Another example of misleading advertisement.

Thank goodness that they didn’t photoshop real stairs next to the bed- that would have made my blood boil. I’ve seen stuff like that where stairs have to be bought separately, and that isn’t something I want to see others copy.

There are many other points I want to focus on, and since this is just an introduction page, I won’t go on a full rampage here. Stay tuned for my full review on Sturdy Kids Sturdy Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs that is coming soon!

EDIT: Full review here!


Best Price Offer: Amazon
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