The Best Mattress for a Bunk Bed is THIS:

Let me cut right to the chase.

If you are looking for the best mattress for a bunk bed, you need to be specifically mindful of the mattress height.

Since I presume, you are searching for a mattress for your kids, the material plays a big role as well.

But there are so many different mattress sizes, materials, heights, and thicknesses – it’s very understandable that searching for a perfect one can become overwhelming.

So, let me make it simple.

How big is your bunk bed:

bunk bed mattress sizes

There are 10 different bunk bed sizes. Most use ‘twin’ bunk beds.

Once the size is decided, here is my…

Bunk Bed Mattress recommendation

For the bottom bunk, use a 10-inch mattress.

To be real, an 8-inch mattress works well also, but I have heard more positive responses from bigger mattresses like 10 inches in terms of softness. There is really no point going over that (for kids’ weight), as it makes it uncomfortable.

My main mattress recommendation for bunk beds is this:

I picked this mattress because I have personally found it extremely comfortable. Everyone, who tried it from my circle, said the same thing. I bought it after wanting to check out why it has so many positive reviews – After trying it out for a long time, I definitely see the appeal.

It’s not a too expensive mattress, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized people (works for kids), it is durable, and uses memory foam.

For a top bunk, use a 6-8 inch mattress.

You don’t want it higher than that, otherwise, there is a risk that guard rails on the top bunk won’t stop you or the child from falling off.

Plus it will be a lot more difficult to climb up or climb down if the mattress exceeds the height limit. Some lower-class bunk beds can’t even handle the extra weight from those inches, so it’s best to stay within the 6-8 inch mattress limit.

The only time I would recommend going over that is if the bunk bed manufacturers themselves recommend higher than that, which they rarely do.

Additional Purchase Recommendation

I would also recommend checking out a mattress pad for the mattress itself. Depending on how old your kids are, they may wet the bed, or be ‘hot sleepers’, which will require a lot of cleaning if there is no pad underneath.

This one is my recommendation:

Of course, it’s not very important to get exactly this one, but make sure that you get at least one from the ones you prefer. It will serve you well down the line!

If you have any experience with this mattress, leave them down in the comments below!

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