Kids’ Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storages aren’t hard to find. What is hard is picking the right one.

All my childhood I have dreamed of having a big bunk bed that has extra hidden storage rooms, and also stairs. The reason I wanted stairs is that my goal was to have a two-story house. Living in a small apartment for 19 years made me wish for a lot of things, and that’s one of them. Although I can’t know your level of living, I’d still bet on the fact that your kids are as imaginative as mine.


Why Get Kids’ Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage?

The BEST Top 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage!These kinds of bunk beds can give your youngsters an awesome playground that does not only look good for everyone but is a lot safer and more comfortable. You see, regular bunk beds, around 90% of them, have ladders instead of stairs.

Although not necessarily a bad thing, it does present certain difficulties like thin rungs, awkward angles, or in some cases, inability to place the ladder in custom places which leads to limiting the area you can place your bunk bed.

With stairs, these problems disappear. For example, have you ever had that morning weakness where your legs don’t fully function and start to buckle? I’ve had that a lot when I was a kid, and what I also had was a bunk bed with vertical stairs. Morning weakness and a vertical ladder is a bad combination, let me tell you that. As soon as I placed my feet on the seconds rung, I felt like I just couldn’t hold my weight and went straight down.

That can be fixed by having a diagonally placed ladder, and that’s why when I review affordable bunk beds, it’s one of the big points I keep mentioning to readers.

However, even diagonal ladders have one uncomfortable issue that I wish they fixed already. Rungs are too thin. You place your foot on that, and you oftentimes feel that uncomfortable pressure on the sole of your feet. What they need to do is flatten that surface area a bit more. Even when I was a skinny teenager I felt that slight pain.

But if we use stairs, there is no need to worry about that. On top of that, these stairs that I’ll recommend below will have extra drawers integrated into stairs so you’ll have even more storage.

Speaking of storage, bunk beds that have stairs are usually in the price range where they love to add all kinds of comforts. Adding storage is one of them.

You actually have two choices if we look at typical bunk beds at around $1,000 mark.

Either go with storage or pick a bunk bed with trundle.

Here are my TOP choices for kids’ bunk beds with stairs and storage:


Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with 2 Flat Panel Bed Drawers

The BEST Top 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage1Dimensions: 103 x 58.4 x 68.1 inches

Weight: 494 pounds

Color choices: Antique Walnut, Caramel Latte, White

Material: Hardwood

Drawers included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Customization is its greatest selling point. You can choose Full on Full, Twin on Twin, or Full on Twin. There are 3 colors available. Stairs can be placed on either side.

Usually, these customization options are in separate beds, you can’t get it in one bunk bed. Not this time though.

Oh, speaking of separate beds, you can convert this huge and heavy bed into two if the need comes. All these features make this bunk worth the price.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it based on those factors alone. Quality of material is also a huge point I have to bring up, especially when such prices are thrown around. Upon inspection, we found out it is hardwood, and that is perfect for bunk beds as our kids love to move and play around in their rooms.The BEST Top 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage2Accidental water spills or scratches may leave an undesired headache for parents, so having a material that can withstand such things is a pleasant thought-relaxer – trust me, as a parent, it’s a nightmare to keep your children in check. With this one, you won’t have to. Hardwood is known for being incredibly scratch resistant and strong, so nothing your kids do can really damage it in the long run.

The storage room is very well thought out and pulling out the extra storage underneath the bottom bunk is super easy.

On top of that, there is extra room in stairs themselves, which in turn saves you money and space in terms of separate drawers.

The only thing to keep in mind though is that this bunk bed is extremely heavy with all its parts, so I would advise reading the instructions carefully to avoid confusion down the line.

So all in all, it is a great bunk bed that is strong enough to even support adults if needed!



Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Dimensions: 98″ in length, 41″ in width, 63″ in height

Color choices: Honey (with Rich Honey Lacquer Finish)

Material: Solid Wood (Brazilian Pine)

Drawers Included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Best Place to Get: Amazon

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed me mentioning this beauty.

Not everyone manages to be so pretty and at the same time have a high standard of quality. I love it!

Actually, I love it so much that I added this bunk bed to one of my top bunk bed list that has no budget restriction. Truly a marvelous bed that does not do justice to its price.

First of all, it is made of one of the best materials ever, a Brazilian pine, which ranks quite high compared to soft and hardwoods. It’s so sought after that this material is even critically endangered in some places (not to the point of extinction of course).The BEST Top 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage4Since it is so strong, scratches are not easily applied and it holds well for the test of time. Additional coating or finish has also been applied, and that helps it to maintain its composure, beauty, and give it a protection against a scary and void thing called ‘time’.

If we talk about protection, then I should mention that it is shipped to you with quite a good care, seeing that they wrap every single bunk bed part with foam padding. That reduces the human risk of someone damaging the product even before it had arrived.

Extra storage underneath is big enough to fit everything you need, which in turn removes the need for purchasing extra drawers. Even if it’s not enough, drawers inside the stairs should do the trick!

Anyhow, I truly like this bunk bed and its design, so if it is pleasant for your eyes too, you only have my full recommendation. The fact that the price is so cheap is just a bonus, and should not be considered a factor in being cautious of this product.

Also a bonus fact: If you don’t like that extra storage underneath the bunk bed, just go with trundle; it has that option.


Bunk Bed with Stairway and Drawers by DONCO

Dimensions: 70″ high x 104″ long x 44.5″ wide

Color choices: Honey

Material: Solid Wood (Pine)

Drawers Included: Yes

Stairs included: Yes

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Sometimes you just want more space without making the bunk bed bigger. After all, the reason you buy bunk beds is to save space so it’s not much to ask.

This one was picked to be included in this list because of that reason alone. It’s a Twin on Twin (regular) sized bed that features a lot of storage room, and by a lot, I mean bigger drawers. As you can see in the picture, the first bunk is slightly elevated to provide that extra storage.

The BEST Top 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs and Storage6The company itself isn’t really well known, but I decided to not go with a typical “Bedz King” or ” Discovery World Furniture” or other similarly popular manufacturers. I decided to give lesser known guys some chance. Does it affect you, the customer?

Well, you might see some amateurishness in the way they deal with shipping or customer support. In some cases, assembly instruction might be a bit weird.

But all of that does not take away from the overall quality of the bed. It’s not hardwood, it’s a pine, therefore it will be easy to mark it with all kinds of objects. I remember when I was little, my fingernails love to dig deep into the wood. To be fair, it’s not noticeable, but if you really look into it by moving closer, you might see it.

So try not to damage it.

Other than that, it’s a very good bunk bed that I do recommend. Stairs are awesome and have more space underneath it. Stairs also help to keep this whole structure stable so it won’t sway.

Definitely worth considering for purchase!


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