Searching for kids’ bunk beds with desk underneath? Want to give your child an awesome bed bundle that your kid can use without taking too much space?

Well, you are in the right place.

First things first though, these kinds of bunk beds are better known as loft beds. Many confuse the names of them due to multiple bed floors, so it’s no big deal. But since I saw so many people on the internet confusing the correct term for it, I decided to name the title as such.

So, what are the TOP 3 beds with desks? The ones I list below are not only my personal recommendation, but they have also been chosen by other reviewers on the internet.


Furniture of America Ashby Twin Loft Bed with Workstation

Dimensions: 80″ length x 42″ width x 73.5″ height

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

How much weighs: 105 pounds when assembled

Color: Expresso

Material: Solid wood with enhancing veneers

Best Price Offer: Amazon


An absolute beauty!

Oftentimes I have to sacrifice looks for functionality, and that’s what most of us should do, but rarely do we get a chance to have everything in the same package!

This loft bed has everything you need, and more! It not only comes with a comfortable desk for study but can also be used as a place where kids can work behind a computer. It has a designated slot for a keyboard, and tons of room for an additional computer case, clocks, books, speakers, you name it. As you can see in the picture (click to enhance), it also comes with shelves that are used for space saving.

I chose this bed because we rarely get to find such beds that make kids’ life so much easier. Everything is close by, so he doesn’t have to strain himself. Trust me, it’s actually an issue. Although we, as parents, feel the unnecessary strain problems more than kids, they can have some physiological problems if their workspace isn’t made correctly. Luckily, all is good with this bed.

In terms of the bed itself, it’s fantastic. You have no idea how many beds there is that sway too much, or give out squeaky noises. I actually feel bad for parents who went to buy bunk beds blindly and then had to deal with poor material that they bought. This bed, however, is made out of respectable solid wood material, and to top it off, it has some enhancing veneers to make it even sturdier.

But what about the mattress?

As with all the bunk beds and loft beds, you have to buy it separately. What kind of mattress should you buy? Make sure it’s a standard twin size mattress, and that thickness doesn’t exceed 8 inches. This mattress is the best on the market right now, and it’s compatible with this bed. It’s relatively affordable and has been bought by hundreds of thousands of people on Amazon alone.

The only thing I wish this bed had was color choice. A the moment you can only buy an expresso color bed. Oftentimes, there are different colors available to buy, but unfortunately not this time. So hopefully you will like this color because there aren’t many bunk beds, or loft beds in this case, that are as functional as this one.

Best Price: Amazon

But if you are looking for something else, here is another good one!


Kids Loft Twin Bed with Desk

Dimensions: 43″ x 79″ x 41″

Weight capacity: 175 pounds (suggested)

How much weighs: 42 pounds when assembled

Color: White

Material: Solid pine

Best Price Offer: Amazon


It has its own unique style.

There is a reason it differs so much from the previous bed choice. Although the previous Ashby Twin Loft Bed is an excellent bed, height might be an issue for some, especially when you have a limited ceiling in terms of height.

Not with this one.

You see, in order for your kids to work directly underneath the bunk bed, or loft bed, in this case, the height of the bed itself has to be sufficient for comfortable sitting, otherwise, in few years time, our kids are going to be banging their head against the bed frame. And we all know how fast they grow!

What this bed did was make a desk stick out from the bed. This design will save a lot of space in the room! Usually, we rarely use height to our advantage.

For example, New York city does it by building extremely high buildings, and that’s because the land itself is too expensive. If we look at our kids’ room, the same principle works. Everything is close by, compact, and leaves a lot of room for additional furniture.

Are there any negative sides to this bed?

Well, as I am a reviewer of kids’ bunk beds and beds in general, I am picky. If even a single thing sticks out, I’ll mention it. At the moment, 3 things I would improve upon. First is the amount of color choice – you only have one and that’s white. Never limit your beds with color choice. I don’t know why they shoot themselves in the leg.

Although people should and do pay a lot of attention to bed quality, aesthetics are oftentimes even bigger reason for someone to buy something. If we limit ourselves to only white color, we basically disregard a huge percentage of customers who are searching for something more colorful.

The second thing I would change is the ladder itself. If you’ve read my previous articles on bunk beds, you’d know my opinion on vertical ladders. They are a bit uncomfortable when climbing down from the bed. I’ve lived with such ladder for over 15 years when I was a kid, and I do remember the discomfort. If you want a perfect ladder, the previous loft bed is a good example of how it should be done.

The last issue is assembly. Loft beds themselves take a lot of time due to a lot of parts, so be aware of that. It might take you hours to assemble it. That’s a problem that many have come forward with.

But despite all these small hurdles, you know what? You won’t find anything better.

I’ve reviewed countless of beds, and almost all of them had some kind of a hindrance – bad material, awful design, parts missing, or even some cases, desks had to be bought separately despite how it looks on the picture.

So I’d say that this bed is definitely one of the top beds that are out there.

Best Price: Amazon

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If you don’t have a mattress for this bed, check out this one!

What if you still want something different? Well, then let me introduce you to the following:


Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed

Dimensions: 80″ length x  58″ width x 72″ height

Weight capacity: 225 pounds (suggested)

How much weighs: 157 pounds when assembled

Color: Black

Mattress size: Full

Material: Metal

Best Price Offer: Amazon


It’s so good I gave this bed an exception.

“Exception in what?” – you might ask. Exception in never recommending metal-made beds. Most of them are horrible. It’s like cat ‘meowing’ in your ear every time you move, but unfortunately, it’s not a cute meow. Not only do your kids suffer from squeaky noises, but you as parents will go insane in due time.

But not with this bed. This bed is a definition of sturdiness. This bed is using every frame and built-in material to hold it all together nice and tight. No moving parts, and no swaying. Why I also recommend this bed is because of its simplicity.

Nothing overly complicated, just a good design, and safe quality. As with all the previous beds, this one is also limited to one single color, and that’s black. Many have managed to decorate it even from the inside.

How one customer made it look

As you can see, it can become quite cozy once you settle in.

Since it is so sturdy, it supports even adults, as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 200 pounds. Many that bought this bed, are students that are in their late teens even, so the worry of “kids growing out of it” isn’t here. I’d say it is perfect for students, as everything in this bed is made for comfortable study. Apart from all the shelves, it even has a keyboard tray under the desk, so we can consider computers as a match made in heaven with this bunk bed/loft bed.


Well, as with previous one, color and ladders. Bigger choice in color is always a welcome sight, so hopefully, you are fine with being limited to one color.

The ladder is also something I would personally redesign. If you are going barefooted on the top bunk, you might experience discomfort because the ladder itself is a bit too thin, so it will hurt your legs a bit. That’s why some people came up with something like this →

Vertical ladders are also something I don’t really like. Diagonal ones are the most comfortable.

But these issues are not really big considering what trash you stumble upon searching. You know what some manufacturers did? They photographed a bed with a beautiful desk underneath and then sold only the bed. When customers bought it and noticed no desk, sellers told them they had to buy it separately for $300 extra

It kinda makes my blood boil.

Luckily, these beds that I recommend here are completely safe and the issues with them are minor.

What about the mattress? This bed requires a bit bigger mattress than usual. With previous bunk beds you had to have a twin sized mattress, but with this one, the full-sized mattress is needed. If you don’t have one, check out this mattress that is super popular.

Well, here you go. This bed is great, the design is simplistic, you won’t have any noise problems, and it will serve you for years.

Best Price: Amazon

If you have anything to add, say or ask about kids’ bunk beds with desk underneath, leave it down in the comments below!


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