Top Kids Bunk Beds With Slide and Tent That You’ll Love!

Bunk beds with slides and tents are one of the most awesome things you can buy your kids. Their imagination is wild and full of play, so getting them a bed that corresponds to their playfulness is always a plus in everyone’s eyes.

I do have to though that by bunk bed you probably meant a loft bed.

There aren’t many bunk beds that come with a tent that has a built-in slide on it.

It is my job to review these kinds of beds and I want to shield you and your kids from the trash that is out there. Trust me, there is a lot of that. One time I found a product that promised a whole lot in the title and in the picture, but once you got the bunk bed it turned out that not only was it in the worst condition I’ve ever seen, but it did not have all the parts it was advertised with.

If there is anyone deserving of a ‘false advertisement’ title, that’s the one.

Anyhow, here are the best bunk beds (and loft beds) that have an awesome covering as well as a ‘slide and glide’ option.

Max&Lily Twin-Size Low Bunk With Slide + Curtain

This is my first choice if the bunk bed is what you are looking for. 

I am actually very stern with most of the bunk beds I review. I hate when manufacturers cut corners in areas that make the bunk bed uncomfortable for kids.

This bunk bed stays away from that – It has a tent-style that uses curtains, which are not only easily accessible but easily washable as well. The material for the curtains is 100% cotton, and they can be easily unattached and reattached with a hook and loop strip. They only have 1 front and 1 side curtain, so make sure that the bunk bed is in the corner if you want to total lower bunk to be hidden.

What I love about this bed is that it’s very customizable in terms of color (3 wood colors and 4 curtain colors), ladder, and slide placement, as well as being very kid-friendly. At the height of 50 inches, it means that even if your kids do fall from the upper bunk, the fall is minimal.

The slide should be used by kids with a maximum weight of 106 lbs (48kg). Once they are over that, the slide is removable in 2 seconds (just like the ladder). 

The material is new-Zealand solid wood. It’s not the best material there is, but it’s very user-friendly and solid. That is confirmed by the fact that the bed holds up to 400lbs per bunk.

The last reason why I recommend it to you is the ladder placement. I am frankly tired of seeing bunk beds with vertical placement, especially with rungs that are designed to induce pain with each step. This bunk bed did the ladder design the right way and placed it at an angle, as well as made the rungs flat. If it would not bother your children at the beginning, it would start bothering them when they get heavier.

Coaster Home Furnishings Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide – Camouflauge

It’s ‘camouflage’, not ‘camouflauge’. I know, it’s completely off the topic but I decided to be a bit of a grammar geek right now.

bunk beds with slide and tent 2

That doesn’t steer me from the fact that this camo tent loft bed is awesome! It can withstand around 300 pounds of weight, it weighs only 132 pounds, its metal is not cheap at all, despite what you might think, and because of that, it won’t have any problems with swaying.

It is rather large so you won’t be taking it with you camping, even though it has a camo tent 😉

In fact, it’s rather big even so to take the dimensions of it seriously when thinking of where to place it – 115″ length, 100″ width, 50″ height. As you can see, the width and the length aren’t small at all, so make sure you have enough room.

Speaking of camo tents, it does remind me of one particular product that is mostly used for camping. In one of my first articles on this site about kids camping bunk beds, I saw this one (in the picture). I am glad the manufacturers are making so many awesome designs. This camo tent suits it well. On this loft bed, it is also detachable so you can either remove it or even buy it separately if you wish. If I am not mistaken, the price for the tent, which is made of a vinyl cloth, was only $150.

In terms of the slide itself, I have no real gripes with it. It is a tiny bit ‘boxy’ for my taste, but it doesn’t really make anyone’s life uncomfortable, so your kids can use it with ease. After all, who didn’t love slides when they were little?

Definitely check it out here:

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Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide

bunk beds with slide and tent 1

I chose this one just because of how adverse it is in color options. At the moment there are colors like blue, camo, pink, red, and zebra. So whether you have a boy or a girl, it doesn’t even matter because it has a variety of choices – for each gender, at least two different suitable colors.

It is also made of wood which I approve of and frankly, prefer. I was never a big fan of metal bunk beds due to how cold the frame gets and the noise it sometimes emits, how unaesthetic it looks (subjective of course), and the sturdiness itself. Not all metal bunk beds are bad, but there are a lot of horrible ones.

For example, this one was designed so horribly that it’s downright dangerous to sleep on it.

So because of that, I am grateful to see a bunk bed that has a slide AND it is made out of wood. Usually, the ones with slides are completely made of metal. The material is solid pine for it, so that means it is a bit susceptible to scratches, but if you are going to be careful, that won’t be an issue.

The tent is obviously much different from the previous option that I suggested, so it doesn’t extrude outwards. The height between the floor and the bed is around 28 inches, so it’s perfect for younger kids.

See it here:

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Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

bunk beds with slide and tent

Who says girls don’t like tents? Turn on the imagination and you could make some really awesome bunk bed designs with tents and slides.It actually looks like a fort. A castle that has a princess in it. Although we are past the age of playing around, our kids can do it themselves, and this fort bed is ideal for it.

It has a protective dome covering the bunk bed (or loft bed in this case) and it gives it the feeling of a shelter where you can hide should something happen.

When I was little, I was definitely using my bunk bed to play as if it were a place of safe haven. I covered all the sides in the lower bunk and was imagining that someone was out to get me, and I am completely hidden and protected from them with my bed.

Although I loved my bunk bed at that time, I wish I had a slide like this one has. You can smoothly and easily come down, as the slide itself is smooth and sturdy. What better way to wake your girl up than by feeling those butterflies every time you go down.

Another huge plus for slides is that you don’t have to deal with the ladders. Stairs are comfortable but they cost too much, but slides aren’t very expensive (somewhere in the middle in terms of price), and they are a lot more comfortable with getting down. Ladders cause this awkward angle that you have to create when climbing down, and that can sometimes lead to falling.

Trust me, been there done that.

So, don’t hesitate to see it for yourself. You can get it right now:

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