Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed Details:

Dimensions: 98 x 57 x 63 inches

Weight capacity: Not specified (personal recommendation is 200)

How much weigh: 267 pounds

Color: Merlot Dark Brown (also white in the link below)

Material: Pinewood

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This one is another Discovery World Furniture product – a company that makes a lot of different bunk beds. Because of that, it’s fairly similar to other bunk beds of the same price category.

Stairs are fairly common and good overall. Stairs have drawers integrated into sides, and not on the front. That limits the risk of your son or daughter stepping on an open drawer.

There are some “unusual” things with this bunk bed, and that’s guard rails and delivery service. Let’s start with delivery service.

For some reason, you have to give them your phone number so you can set up an appointment for delivery. Although not uncommon, it’s still a bit weird. You can typically do it through emails.Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed1Since it’s a custom shipping, delivery service might be a bit of a hassle. They’ll tell you to be free on a specific day, and that means you won’t be able to go to work that day. I’ve heard that in some cases they didn’t even call customers beforehand before bringing the bunk bed to their resident.

But, it’s more of an RNG, some are lucky, some not. But moving on. When it comes to you, you’ll have to assemble it. Is it easy?

Surprisingly it is! I am saying surprisingly because beds at this cost, and with so many parts usually come with instructions that are similar to a maze.

This one has assembly instructions that are not only easy to follow, but it won’t take much time to put it together – typical time is around 2 hours.

So overall, it’s a decent bunk bed. Like I mentioned, guard rails are also a bit weird. They are just too low. If a mattress is 8 inches or higher, rails are starting to disappear, so I am really confused as to what they were thinking when making it.

In terms of material, it’s also nothing amazing but not too bad. It is made of solid pine wood, and that means it is inclined to scratches and susceptible to liquid damage. At least it is solid, and that means there are no hollow points which in turn reduces the risk of breaking somewhere randomly.

I’d give it a decent 7.1 out of 10.

This was a short overview of Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed- Follow us to stay tuned!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon



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