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Why to Buy Bunk Beds? Here Are Top Reasons WHY:

Why buy bunk beds at all? Are they really better than a traditional single bed that so many of us have been raised with?

You, as a parent, have a responsibility to provide your children a good living place. But sometimes we are stuck in choices as to what furniture is best for our children in the long term.

After all, we not only want something that looks awesome, but it has to be efficient in terms of space and quality.

Since I am a specialist in all kind of bunk beds for kids, I’ll be more than happy to list a number of reasons to go with the bunk bed.


Space Efficient

why to buy bunk beds1Let’s get obvious out of the way. If you have a need to save some space, bunk bed is an obvious choice.
Whether that need comes from you having more than one children, or if your idea of ideal children’s room is tarnished by beds that take too much space, it doesn’t matter – a bunk bed is ideal for it.

If in my youngster years, I’d have a regular bunk bed, my friends who visited me would have to have been relocated to other rooms, and since the fun with us usually started in the evenings, that would have ruined half the enjoyment of people visiting me.
Loft beds are also something you might look into, but only if you have one child. That way you can use the vertical space to your advantage – upper level is for bed, and lower for desk or drawers.

Both beds are a lifesaver in this situation.


Comfortable with guests

why to buy bunk beds 2When I was little, for quite some time I slept on a bunk bed alone. But there was a reason my parents went with bunk bed despite me being an only child at that time – it’s convenient!

When my friends came over, all we had to do was put on sheets or either bunk and that’s it; no need for finding that free space on the floor.

If you think that this reason is kinda small, then trust me – you’ll feel the difference. Over time, these visits stack up, and by the end of the day, you might be extremely glad you went with bunk beds.


It creates a cozy feeling

why to buy bunk beds 3Psychological reasons are oftentimes even more important than other factors. If you ever had a bunk bed in your youth, there is a big chance you covered all the sides with blankets and imagined that it’s your own personal castle.

That feeling might give your children an extra attachment to beds, which is good. I’ve had a single dual sized bed, and I was or am nowhere near as much attached and loving it as the bunk bed that I had for many years after it.

Even now that I have my own children, and am nowhere near to my teenage years, I still have my bunk bed stored in the storage. It truly creates a special relationship, no matter if your child is a boy or girl.

A shelter is where people feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Bunk bed can recreate that feeling the most, as you are typically covered by walls and bunk bed level above. If sleeping above, then with a ceiling.

Personally, I’ve never slept better after my parents switched my previous bed with a bunk bed one.


Highly Customizable for Efficiency and Aesthetics

why to buy bunk beds What do I mean by that? If there is ever a furniture that sticks out in the room, it’s the bunk bed. Mostly because it’s big and oftentimes a rare sight.

So because of that, it would be best if there were different bunk bed options that not only suit your own taste but also blend in well with the room’s overall feel.

You can change the color size, the frame design, the design of ladders, buy stairs, add trundle bed, add more storage, create different pockets… the options are truly limitless!

And what is awesome is that all these things are contributing to the efficiency of space. Those beds can hold a lot of stuff inside their storage places underneath the bed and inside the stairs themselves.

These reasons alone can sway my mind towards buying bunk beds, even if I had an only child.



Listen, at the end of the day, buy what you feel like fits you and your kids’ situation the most. It isn’t a crime to go with a single level bed, but in doing so you should know what you are missing out on. After all, I know bunk beds and have used both.

I am sad to see there aren’t more specialists on the net who could inform you of different pros and cons, but since I have experience in writing articles I decided to fill this little niche.

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